8 Ways to Create a Modern Living Room Decoration

A family room that radiates warmth can be felt from the modern design living room chosen by its occupants. In this room almost all family members spend a lot of time gathering, relaxing, and chatting together. So the family room must be designed to be comfortable and relaxing. This modern concept is suitable for you to apply to small or narrow-sized houses. The combination of colors like black and white is a choice that is often used. For furniture, you can add furniture with geometric shapes.

Multi-Functional Coffee Table

In designing the living room, the arrangement of decorations and furniture is an important thing that you should pay attention to. In this case, the selection and placement of coffee tables must be correct. In this case, choosing an effective multi-functional coffee table is the best choice. Moreover, arranging the living room coffee table should be adjusted to the theme of the room. Glass coffee table is one of the best choices for room decoration. The flexible concept makes it easier to blend into the design of the room. Moreover, with wooden elements legs that give a natural and natural impression.

Choosing a modern coffee table using a white coffee table and equipped with storage underneath will make a neat and attractive decoration. You can complete the decor with a soft gray fur rug and a gray sofa that will give the room a warm and cozy decor. In the corner of the room you can add greenery and storage cabinet stands that will complete the look. Multifungsional modern coffee table from home-designing.

This slip on coffee table provides a unique modern living room decoration for you to try. This coffee table is also equipped with a book storage at the bottom to make a neat and clutter-free living room decoration. This white and yellow carpet color scheme makes for the perfect decor. The flexible concept makes it easy to blend into the design of the room. Slip on coffee table from home-designing.

Industrial Touch

Industrial interiors look very masculine which will be awesome to have the modern-industrial living room decoration. Its iconic unfinished style, metal, and iron furniture, walls to exposed roofs, make the industrial style very popular. You can also use this design as the main interior scheme of a family room. Industrial design is perfect for displaying impressive and attractive family rooms. Industrial-style family rooms make the area look more unique and different.

Using a concrete wall by interspersing it with wood and slate will make an interesting living room decoration for you to try. This texture-packed apartment keeps it simple by using only browns, greys, blacks and greens in its color palette. Track lights make the perfect lighting for you to try. This wooden pallet coffee table will add a stylish look to the room. Industrial modern living room from home-designing.

Make a fire in the center of your lounge. This lounge uses brown and gray wood with a sprinkling of bricks to house an innovative modern fireplace. You can add copper pipe railings to maintain an industrial feel, while the one-piece S chairs, Turkish rugs, turquoise L chairs and chandeliers bring elements from the 70s. Brick and wood walls will bring an industrial impression into your living room. Metal fireplace on industrial living room from home-designing.

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Black and White Color Scheme

The family room is expected to be a comfortable, beautiful, and beautiful room for both residents and guests. This we can get with modern interior design. The combination of black and white can attract our attention. Which of course you can combine with modern interior design. This design varies with the brightness of black or white. Some of the most frequently encountered are combinations of black and white furniture in combination with leather or fabric.

This living room combines shades of black and white in this decor. This room looks stylish with a monochrome feel that looks more spacious and understated. The black marble accent wall behind the modern fireplace is a unique touch. While the expressive paintings on the walls make the room look attractive. Hardwood floors subtly enhance the monochrome color with a hint of contrast. This unique floor lamp provides dramatic lighting that you can try. Black and white modern living room from home-designing.

Simple Ornament

Paintings, flower vases, statues, matting, and other handicrafts we often place in the living room. But there are some things you need to consider when choosing a living room ornament. You must adjust the selection of artwork with the theme of the room. For example, for modern-style interiors, you can add abstract paintings and avoid using frames with intricate carvings.

This large abstract painting on a yellow background will make the perfect focal point in your modern living room. Placed behind the sofa will steal the attention of many people every time they enter your living room. The white tones and wooden floors give it a warm and spacious feeling. A large window on one of the walls provides perfect natural lighting and will create a bright glow. Large abstract painting from home-designing.

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Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is the best sofa because the sofa with genuine leather upholstery gives the impression of luxury and prestige for the owner of the sofa. This sofa is the choice for most people to be placed in the living room. Leather sofas have their own charm when compared to other sofas. In addition, leather sofas can also be used as one of pride because it is identical with the elegant taste and the price is relatively quite expensive.

Look at the picture above using a leather sofa will create a cool look for your modern living room design. You can combine it with a photographic print for this eclectic living room interior. Monochromatic art collections are not too complicated to work with, easy to adapt to any style. A unique floor lamp will give a bright and stylish room decor. Heringbone wood flooring brings a natural touch to this modern living room. Leather sofa from home-designing.

Simple Chandelier Design

The living room needs a comfortable atmosphere so that the moment of gathering with the family becomes more memorable. In this room, you can use decorative chandeliers as a source of lighting at night. Using chandeliers in the living room is an elegant and chic way to unite the whole room together. Try not to put or install decorative lights in places that can cause reflections on television screens and glass tables.

The geometric chandelier provides the perfect lighting for this modern living room decor. You can place it on the sofa which will make the perfect decoration in this living room. The black color scheme and wood accents will give a unique and warm look for you to try. A patterned rug and a gray sofa will make for the perfect room decor. Green plants in the corner of the room give a touch of nature and fresh air. Geometric chandelier from home-designing.

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Not-Patterned Rug

The color of the carpet should be adjusted to the interior design of the living room. Especially if the minimalist modern-themed living room. For example, you can use a brown theme without a pattern. You should choose the color of the carpet that is one gradation with the color of the sofa chair, wooden walls, and brown curtains. Or other colors that suit to the concept of the room.

Choosing a gray carpet color that matches the color of the sofa will present the perfect room decoration. With this gray color scheme it will provide the perfect contrast. The window on one wall and the greenery provide an attractive decoration of the room and bring a fresh and natural feel to this room. Gray carpet color from home-designing.

Glass Feature

What happens if your house does not have glass? Surely if you are in it will make you feel stuffy, right? Glass is one type of material that must exist in a home or building. Glass is usually used as raw material for windows, tables, doors, ventilation, and so on.

Choosing a glass material for your home window decoration ideas will create the perfect look and will make your room brighter and let the sunlight into your home. Mixing it with a white color scheme and wooden floors will result in the perfect room decor. A white sofa, armchair and unique chandelier will complete the decor of your room. Glass large window from home-designing.

Having an inviting living room will bring a satisfaction for the home owner. One of way to make it happen is by applying a modern style for the living room decor. These ideas hopefully will inspire you.


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