Cheap DIY Projects for Living Room Mirror

Making things on your own gives you ultimate satisfaction. Dealing with the living room, you need to make it more personal and comfort the people that live in the place. The cheap DIY projects using a mirror is a good starting point.

The living room mirror is a magical thing to make an openness impression on that room. It is shortlisted to plan the mirror cheap DIY projects using unused stuff in your house. Let’s take a look!

1. Classic Modern Mirror

The classic modern concept is a way out of the unattractive nuance in a living room. It gives the accent but not too overwhelming. Pick a classic modern frame for the mirror.

Keep other things monotonous to balance the looks, and there you have a 70s look in a modern way.

The built-in mirror that is attached to the fireplace molding area has a classic modern style that fits well with some bold colored furniture. Sunlight that enters this room will be reflected by the mirror so that it makes your living room seem wider and brighter of course. Use candle holders and crystal chandeliers only at night to save your electricity. Built-in mirror on fireplace molding from decoist.

Use a mirror with a classic gold frame to still bring a classic modern feel to your living room. The large classic mirror mounted on the wall will be the center of attention that never goes out of style. The mirror will also make the lighting in your living room more optimal, this is because the mirror reflects light spread throughout the room evenly. Gold frame classic mirror from decoist.

Not always with a large mirror to display a classic modern style in the living room, you can also use a small mirror combined with a classic frame equipped with beautiful carvings. Or you can also install it on the side of the door that leads to the outside so you can tidy yourself up before leaving the room. Small frame engraving mirror from decoist.

If you choose to make the living room a classic modern style that is all white, it would be nice if you choose a decoration that is in line. You can use a large mirror mounted on the wall of the room or rather above the fireplace with a gold frame that will make your living room get a modern classic impression perfectly. Gold frame mirror above the fireplace from decoist.

Complete your classic modern living room decor with a mirror frame that has a similar style. This mirror frame has a square shape that is quite easy to attach to any wall area including above a black marble fireplace with a white splash pattern. This frame has the same color as the painting frame so that it looks more luxurious without being too much. Square frame mirror modern classic from decoist.

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2. Mosaic Mirror

There is nothing more comfortable than the cheap DIY project with the mosaic concept. The ornate frame is something that you can make with some affordable material. Let’s say metallic paper, carton, and other things you can find easily in the bookstore.

First thing first, you can buy a mirror with a basic frame. Then, cut the papers into pieces, brush with paint, and glue them to the frame. You can also use stronger materials such as mica.

Pour your creative ideas into mosaic works that are applied to the mirror frame in your home. In addition to having its own artistic value, the mosaic frame will also provide satisfaction when the results can be enjoyed. You can use unused CDs to make this masterpiece. Prepare cardboard and stick the prepared cassette pieces according to the pattern, then the mosaic mirror frame is ready to be installed. Cassette CD mosaic frame mirror from lushome.

You don’t need to use expensive materials to have great art, you just need metallic paper that has a glossy surface. You can use irregular metallic paper to make a mosaic mirror frame as a unique decoration in your home. In addition, because of the uniqueness of this mosaic mirror frame, it can also be a new focal point in your home. Metallic paper frame mirror from digitalaloy.

Take advantage of the remaining ceramic pieces that are around you to be used as a mosaic mirror frame that has high artistic value. Determine the basic pattern with a unique shape for the place to attach the prepared ceramic pieces. Arrange the ceramic pieces to form a flower pattern of various sizes and attach the mirror to the center of the DIY mosaic frame. Mosaic flower pattern frame mirror from diyncrafts.

Not always with ceramic pieces or cassettes, you can also use several small mirrors to be arranged into a unique and very eye-catching mirror mosaic. You can install this mosaic mirror in the living room, this can also save you energy because the mirror can make the lighting in the room brighter. Install this mirror right above your linen sofa as a decoration as well as a wall decor. Mosaic mirror from architectureartdesigns.

You can also make mosaic mirror panels to give a different impression to your home decor. This mosaic mirror panel is made of several mirrors of various sizes that are made into one frame. This mosaic mirror frame can also be used as wall decoration and lighting support to make it more leverage. Mosaic mirror panels from architectureartdesigns.

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3. Wooden Mirror

A living room is the heart of a house. Hence it would help if you made it a comfortable space that describes you and other family members. If you love the calm vibes and you want to embrace a rustic nuance, do not hesitate to use the wood as the mirror frames.

You can cut the wood on your own into some thinner pieces, but you can buy the small and light wood that are already varnished and ready to use. The wooden mirror effortlessly warms the house.

Reuse wood that is not used for a DIY mirror frame that looks simpler and cheaper. This wood material brings a vintage feel to the all-white living room decor. To add color to this room, you can use several indoor green plants that have different types. Try it easily without spending a lot of money. Repurposed DIY wood frame mirror from hgtv.

You can choose wood with a slightly thin surface texture to get a big impression on the mirror you use. Place a wooden mirror in the corner of the room to make the room look wider. The application of a wooden frame mirror by leaning against the wall of the room is an easy way that you can try without needing the help of others when installing it. Mirror wood frame with thinner texture from shelterness.

Let the wood frame on the mirror show its original color, because with that the natural impression will be more pronounced in your living room. Standing mirror facing the sofa will reflect sunlight so that the room looks brighter and wider. Keep this mirror away from children to avoid messing up the mirror and causing it to break. Standing mirror with wooden frame from shelterness.

Mirrors are one of the important accents that are suitable when placed in any room, including in your living room decoration. Currently you can use a round mirror with a wood frame that has been re-polished so that it looks more shiny and more modern. After finishing polishing, then you can hang it on an empty part of the molding wall. Round wood frame refinishing from shelterness.

Match the color of your wood frame with the interior that surrounds it. Black paint is one of the best color choices to give the impression of a room that is cooler and more masculine. Place this mirror in the corner of the room to avoid the mirror falling and causing it to break. Standing rectangle mirror becomes an instant room brightening accent. Black matte wood frame mirror from shelterness.

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Whatever cheap DIY project of mirror you opt, make sure that it follows the theme of the living room. It is easy to make an affordable decoration idea using a mirror, and other good news follows is that the mirror is always useful.


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