Prepare Your Summer Pool Lounger with These 15 Design References

If you have a private pool, then preparing your pool well during summer is a must. Besides cleaning the pool and making sure that the pool works well, you should also provide a pool lounger so that you can really enjoy your summertime there. In this case, your pool won’t be perfect without the lounger. Anyway, the lounger comes in varied designs from the one with the pad or simply the wooden lounger without the pad. Here, we do recommend you the waterproof ones so that you won’t get into trouble with the wet lounger. The references that we provide here will show you the choices that you can adopt for your summer pool to make it really functional and cozy.

Summer Tropical Vibes

Pool loungers that you can choose in summer are those that have the right style and color. For example, you can choose it with a combination of pink and green colors that can blend perfectly. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a throw pillow with a tropical plant pattern that looks fresh. This umbrella with a striped pattern also has a suitable color and is able to protect you from direct sunlight reflection. Ferns and monstera plants become natural decorations that can blend with nature more perfectly.

Simple Look Summer Pool Lounge

The shape and color are very simple, this lounge chair is very comfortable to use to enjoy the rays of the sun during the day. When you use it you may never want to wake up. To give color and not to be too plain, you can add texture and color through the use of throwing bolsters and umbrellas that have color and pattern harmony. The striped pattern with a combination of red and white is the best choice you can try. With this, your lounge chair will look more colorful and of course can emphasize the summer theme instantly.

Summer Macrame Lounge Chair

With a wooden frame covered with macrame material, this recliner will add a cool touch to your pool area when you are outdoors. This macrame material is more comfortable to use because it has a fairly smooth and soft material. Use more than one recliner so that it can be used simultaneously with your partner. In addition, macrame material is also often used in the summer and is ready to be used as a relaxing area in the sun.

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Bright Pink Pool Lounger

Pink is one of the colors that is suitable for use for summer themes, both indoors and outdoors. Currently you can try to use this color in the use of the pool lounge which can be used as a relaxing area after you do swimming activities. The back of the lounge chairs are also equipped with striped towels which have a combination of white and white. The pattern on this towel also provides texture while making the surface of this lounger less plain.

Relaxing Iron Pool Lounger

If you need a relaxing area after swimming or before swimming, the lounge chair is the best choice you can have. Because it will be placed outdoors, you can choose a pool lounger with solid black iron material which has a harder material. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine it with a side table made of harmony. Next, you can emphasize the summer theme in this area by using throw pillows that have a tropical pattern and are dominated by splashes of bright colors such as yellow.

DIY Wooden Lounger Chair

This DIY wooden lounger chair that is placed outdoors can be folded when it’s finished in use to save floor area. To present a summer beach theme, you can add a canvas as a more comfortable sitting surface when used. This canvas material also has a striped pattern which is dominated by a combination of blue and white that can work well together. The main frame of this lounge chair also looks simple and you can make your own with the wood you have around your house.

Floral Pattern Pool Lounger

This pool lounger which has a blooming flower pattern looks very stylish and looks attractive. Besides being very useful for you, the existence of this outdoor furniture is also very suitable to welcome the summer of this year so that it becomes more leverage. You can relax on this canvas lounger comfortably because it has a softer and smoother surface, besides that you can also enjoy a glass of drink by your pool. The existence of several umbrellas will protect you from direct sunlight.

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Repaint Wooden Pool Lounger

When you use a pool lounger made of wood, the thing you can do now is to repaint it in a bright color that is suitable for summer this year. We recommend that you use acacia wood so that it is not easily porous when exposed to extreme weather changes outside the room. Blue is a very appropriate color choice to try. Throw pillows with floral patterns also emphasize the summer theme instantly, you can try it better and maximally. No need to worry when you use the wooden pool lounger, because the surface is also very smooth and comfortable to use in the sun all day long.

Colorful Slim Pool Lounger

The bright colorful touch of this modern lounge chair will be present in your backyard or more precisely in the pool side area. The design of this lounger is made with maximum style and comfort. Just apply it on the side of the pool neatly and of course with a distance that is not too far away so that it can be used as an outdoor focal point that looks interesting and fun. The colors that can be selected and combined are light purple, dark purple and orange. The three are a combination of contrasting colors that are ready to make the backyard not easily boring.

Reclining Chaise Lounge

On top of this pool lounge you can lie down while enjoying the food that has been provided. Or you can also read magazines here with a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. The surface of this lounger has a waterproof material so it can be used to relax after you swim. No need to worry about being easily porous and damaged because the frame of this lounger has teak wood without repainting so it looks very natural and can blend with nature more perfectly.

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Set Lounge Chair with Side Table

Simple DIY pool lounger comes along with a small side table made of wood and iron. Both of these materials have a hard surface and are not easily damaged when applied outdoors. This wooden pool lounge can be covered with seat cushions to get a softer surface. The greenery and flowers placed around it accentuate the summer theme instantly. Apply this lounger in a fairly shady area so you can stay comfortable when lying down during the day.

Outdoor Chaise Pool Lounger

After or before swimming, of course you need a comfortable sitting or lying area. Therefore, the procurement of chaise pool loungers is highly recommended outdoor furniture. You can have more than one so that it can be used simultaneously with your partner. This low pool lounge can be placed right next to the swimming pool at a distance that is not too far or too close. Just choose and use it with a color that is dark enough so that it doesn’t get dirty easily when used for a long time.

Farmhouse Style Pool Lounger

This pool lounger design with a solid wood frame becomes a waterproof cloth holder and is not easily porous even when outdoors. There is no need to repaint this pool lounge for a more natural look and can blend with nature more perfectly. In the middle of the two lounge chairs there is a small table that can be used as an area to put the food or drinks provided. This wooden table can be folded when it is finished in use so it saves more floor space.

Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

Adjust the comfort of your chaise lounger chairs according to your needs. You can adjust it on the back of this lounger with several iron holes that you can adjust easily and practically, here you can sit or lie down according to the rules of these lounge chairs. A set of lounger pool is also perfected with an umbrella as a shade accent which is very appropriate to use during the day. The surface, which is made of leather tufted, will be very comfortable to use and will not tear easily when used for a long period of time.

Modern Style Pool Lounger

There’s so much good value behind a modern-style recliner. In addition to never going out of fashion, the style also looks sleek and easy to match with some other outdoor furniture around it. Just apply this pool lounger on the threshold of the pool. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also choose it with a splash of neutral colors such as plain white. Use two to four pool lounges to be shared with your family or partner.


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