Different Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Complete Your Kitchen

Having the cabinet is such a must for a proper kitchen design. It can be really useful to store your kitchen appliances, food stock, or even herbs. To make the kitchen cabinet doesn’t have a boring look, you can design it into several design styles with an aesthetic look. Here, you just need to maintain the rack arrangement to create the difference. Anyway, there are two different kinds of cabinets those are the open cabinet and the closed cabinet as we are going to talk about below.

Open Cabinet

The open cabinet will fit well for you who have a well-protected home design where the rat and dust won’t come easily. It is an important consideration because you need to make sure that your kitchen things save for your health needs. This kind of cabinet although it might be can’t protect your things well but it’s still really worthy. Imagine that you can find anything you need easily since all are exposed well. Moreover, if you can arrange everything in a pretty way then you can absolutely utilize it to beautify your kitchen.

Change the look of your kitchen by adding an open floating cabinet for extra storage in your kitchen. Open cabinets are the right solution for storing your small kitchen because they will make your kitchen look neater and less cluttered. Use white in your open cabinet so that the kitchen looks more spacious and of course has color harmony with your kitchen island and walls. Floating open cabinet from housebeautiful.

Use an open cabinet for decorating your minimalist kitchen to make it safer and more comfortable to store some tableware as well as beautiful decorative ornaments. In addition to making your kitchen decor more attractive, this open cabinet also makes it easier for you to store and find the items you need. An easy way to create an open cabinet for your minimalist kitchen is to use a few pieces of rose gold pipe for the frame and some longboards for the main body of the cabinet. Rose gold pipe open cabinet from housebeautiful.

Present a masculine and minimalist feel by using dark gray paint and an open cabinet that sticks to your kitchen wall. An open cabinet that blends with the wall will save floor area so that it seems more effective and efficient. Use open cabinets to store utensils or crockery to make it easier for you to find them quickly. Use a matching color in an open cabinet with the color of the room to make it look more harmonious. Built-in open cabinet kitchen from home-designing.

Take advantage of the empty kitchen walls to hang open kitchen cabinets which are very useful for effective storage ideas. You can make this cabinet with plywood as the main material so that it has a smoother surface, besides that this cabinet also comes with several different parts of the room so that you can organize all kitchen equipment according to their functions and needs. Plywood kitchen cabinet from home-designing.

If you have an all-white kitchen for your minimalist modern kitchen decoration, it will be very suitable if combined with an open cabinet that will make your kitchen look more minimalist. Open cabinet with several panels that make it easy for you to separate items according to type. The white color that matches the color of the walls makes this open cabinet give a different sensation to the items stored in it like floating. Minimalist white open cabinet kitchen from home-designing.

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Closed Cabinet

In otherwise with the open cabinet, you can really make sure that your things can be protected well by providing the closed cabinet. But here, you might be can’t easily find your things since you can’t see them directly where you need to open them first. However, you can still apply the trick to make it visible by installing the glass door for the cabinet. Although it might be won’t maximum as if you apply the open cabinet, but it is quite worthy it.

In addition to using an open cabinet, you can also use a closed cabinet to decorate your modern farmhouse kitchen. Cabinets equipped with glass doors and chicken wire will still make it easier for you to find something. A closed cabinet will also better protect all your items or needs in the kitchen from annoying dust and dirt. Combine this closed cabinet with several pull-out drawers that will make your kitchen storage more spacious. Combination of glass with chicken wire door cabinet from housebeautiful.

Try to bring a classic impression to your modern kitchen decor by using a black closed cabinet standing with glass panels on the door. Use this closed cabinet to store your unique ceramic collection. You can also use this closed cabinet to fill the empty space in your kitchen. so that it can be of better use. Standing cabinet with glass door from housebeautiful.

You can also install a closed cabinet by hanging it on an empty wall. With this floating closed cabinet, you will save more space so that your kitchen will look more spacious. Apply glass doors to this floating closed cabinet so you can find the items you need more easily. The simple appearance will still make your kitchen atmosphere comfortable. Floating closed cabinet from housebeautiful.

Try to add a vintage look to your home kitchen by adding closed cabinets for smart storage. Complete this closed cabinet with transparent glass doors to further help you find items quickly. Use colors in this closed cabinet using colors that match the color of your kitchen interior to make it more harmonious and fun. Vintage closed cabinet with glass door from housebeautiful.

You can apply this closed kitchen cabinet design with transparent glass doors to the corner area of the kitchen easily without the need for professionals. You can use this cabinet to store fragile ceramic tableware to keep it safe and avoid dirt, dust, or insects that can enter. This cabinet is the best choice that is very secure. Corner cabinet with transparent glass door from housebeautiful.

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In choosing the right cabinet style, make sure that you are not only considering your taste and decoration need but also your home condition. Remember that the quality of your kitchen really influences your health since it is a place that is closely related to health. Don’t stake yourself to have the open cabinet while your home is not saved from the rate and dust. You can simply decorate your cabinet door to have the pretty look.


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