Garden Path and Walkway Ideas for Backyard

Besides the greenery, the garden path is really important to have and designed in such a pretty way for your best backyard garden. There will be some advantages for the garden path where the main function is to be your stepping way to walk around the garden. By having the garden path, you will definitely have good access to your garden without ruining your plants and grass. Moreover, your footwear won’t be littered with the soil and other dirt in the garden. To give you consideration, here are some materials that are possible to use to build the proper garden path.

Stone & Pebble Material

Between stone and pebble, both will be the durable material for a garden path. You can absolutely combine those two materials for sure to create the pretty design you want. Then, since there are some different stone and pebble materials that have different colors, then those two materials could be used to create a certain pattern in an artistic look. Moreover, stone and pebble can also create different styles such as rustic, classic, and farmhouse. Check out the following design examples.

So that your feet don’t step on pebbles with a larger size, then you can combine white stone as a garden path design idea that is comfortable when stepped on or rather doesn’t make your feet hurt. This garden path idea is perfect for decorating the backyard with a modern or minimalist style, make a garden path according to your ground level to the garden. Big pebble with a white stone path from digsdigs.

There is a natural stone path to decorate your backyard. Choose and combine this garden path stone material with a splash of pebble which has a darker color. The combination of these two materials becomes a garden path design that attracts people’s attention, besides that this material is also very cheap and easy to find around your home. Combination of natural stone with dark pebbles from digsdigs.

Some of the stone materials in this garden path design have different color splashes so they look more colorful, in this path you can apply mosaic pebbles together with an attractive design. The advantage of using this garden path is that it has a surface that is not easily slippery when exposed to splashes of water when watering the green plants around it. Colorful stone with mosaic pebble path from digsdigs.

So that your feet do not step on the pebble, then you can use some stone steps with a smoother surface. This stone path is the right choice for those of you who want to display a more natural backyard decor. Choose from a variety of stone shapes and sizes to make your footing more challenging. Different sizes and shapes of the garden path stone from digsdigs.

Slate stones that have a wider surface are a garden path idea that looks elegant and modern. Thus, choose and combine with pebble a variety of colors. Don’t forget to give a reasonable distance from one stone to the next so you don’t jump when using this garden path. Slate stones and pebble garden path from digsdigs.

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Wood Material

Although wood won’t be as durable as the stone when applied to the outdoor, it is worthy for sure. In this case, as long as you can find the wood material that has good quality, then you can use it for a long time. Moreover, wood will be easier to be formed in any design that you want comparing with the stone as it is more malleable. The other interesting thing is that wood can be produced in several different forms whether in slices, beams, or even the pallet. In case you want another touch, paint it in colors is also allowed as long as it matches your garden design concept.

Apply a reclaimed wooden walkway between rows of green grass and trees. This vintage reclaimed wood material is the focal point of a simple-looking backyard. Some of the trees in this garden make your path more beautiful and of course a shade from excessive sunlight during the day. Reclaimed wood garden path from shelterness.

So that the soles of your feet are more comfortable when going to the backyard garden, then you can line this cobblestone path with a hardwood garden path that has a splash of earth tone color. You can install this hardwood garden path in the close overlap. Build this path with an L shape according to the backyard design that will be built. Hardwood garden path from shelterness.

Pallet wood that is used as a garden path is a natural touch that you can try to decorate your backyard garden. The garden path is surrounded by some greenery which instantly enhances the appearance of this path. Apply some hidden lights for lighting that helps your trip at night. Pallet wood garden path from shelterness.

The view of the garden in your backyard will look more different from the wooden slice garden path that has a round shape. These wood slices have different sizes so that they attract more attention. Combine this garden path with a reclaimed wooden garden bed planted with vegetables or fruits. Wooden slice garden path from shelterness.

Make your garden path more attractive with stepping wood that is perfected with white gravel and round green bushes that seem elegant and neat. This garden path is applied among the green grass that looks fresh, you can try it easily. Stepping wooden garden path from shelterness.

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Brick Material

For you who want to have good durability and affordability at once, then brick can be the best choice for you. Just like the other materials, it can also be arranged to form several different path designs. Then, combining it with other materials is also allowed and worthy for sure. For example, you can combine it with pebbles, paver, or gravel. Paint the brick again if you want to get the sleek impression, or you can just let the brick in a weathered look to get the other aesthetic impression. Here are some possible brick garden path designs.

The red bricks that are repainted to be the main ingredients of this garden path will look cleaner and shiny so you should try it easily. This garden path is equipped with green plants on the right and left sides so that it looks more pleasant and of course a view of your trip to the garden. Repainted red brick garden path from bobvila.

Your weathered brick garden path will be shadier during the day when combined with a wooden arbor enhanced with green vines that look lush and fresh. With these arbors, you will be more daring to walk into the garden during the day. In addition, weathered brick material also adds a classic and vintage impression. Combination of path weathered bricks with arbors from hgtv.

The winding red brick road is an option that you can try to decorate your backyard garden. This brick path is weighed down with the beauty of green grass and some very inspiring greenery. In addition, this road also presents a classic impression of your garden decoration. Winding brick garden path from hgtv.

To emphasize the cottage style to your backyard décor, then try using a red brick garden path surrounded by towering tropical plants. On the side of the garden path is also equipped with a set of outdoor chairs that can be used to relax during the day. Combine this garden path with a gray stone edging. Cottage red brick garden path from hgtv.

If you have a backyard decoration with limited space, then you can use a red brick garden path with a straight shape equipped with various types of green plants around it. To get to the garden, you will pass a patio filled with vines so it will feel cooler. Straight red brick garden path from hgtv.

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Hence, basically, the garden path is not only presented to be the stepping way but it can also be used to beautify your garden design as well. Especially when you can provide the one with a good design and proper material. In this case, choose the material whatever it is, in high quality is really recommended. It is because you will apply it outdoor as if you don’t provide it in a good quality you have to restore it again and again. Anyway, with those three basic materials that we have conveyed, simply choose the one based on your garden concept and your capability in providing the design you want.

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