Best Bedroom Color Schemes You Can Use

There’s no doubt that picking color is one of the most important tasks when decorating a bedroom. Every color you choose will set the overall bedroom tone and surely affect your mood.

Keep reading, we’ll uncover 4 perfect bedroom color schemes to help you decorate your bedroom into whatever you want. Let’s check them out! 

1. Terracotta and Dusty Pink

Both terracotta and pink are two trend colors which gain popularity in recent years. This bedroom color scheme is the perfect option for a rustic, bohemian, or Mediterranean style. You can choose terracotta and dusty pink as the bedroom primary hue. You can also use terracotta as an accent color by adding some accessories and furnishings like plant pots, cabinets, or pendant lamps.

No need to add too much terracotta color, you just need to put it on one of the pillowcases that are used on the bed. The rest you can use a combination of dusty pink and white colors for the idea of ​​a combination of paint on your wall decor. The color of the wood on the chair and nightstand is an additional color that has an earth tone color so that it is easier to combine with the colors around it. Terracotta touch pillowcase from idealhome.

Another option for the idea of a dusty pink color combination with terracotta in your bedroom decor is to apply it evenly throughout the room. You can start from using the dusty pink color which is applied to the wooden slate walls and bedding. For terracotta colors, you can try plain rugs, clay ornaments next to the nightstand and one of the pillowcases used today. Terracotta bedroom interior in dusty pink from bhg.

You can get a touch of boho in bedroom decorations easily, one of them is by using terracotta bedding colors with cotton fabric that has a smoother surface. Dusty pink velvet headboard is a choice of color combination that does not damage the color tone of the room, you can neutralize the tone color in this bedroom by using a wall molding that is repainted using plain white. Terracotta bedding with dusty pink headboard from mydomaine.

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2. Gray and Beige

If you’re a fan of neutral color, you’ll love the gray and beige combination. Often called Greige, this bedroom color scheme can be applied for different design styles, including modern, traditional, country, or even romantic style. What’s great from this versatile color scheme is, it is simple yet elegant and can help you turn your bedroom into a relaxing area.

The combination of gray with beige that is applied to the interior of the bedroom usually has a modern farmhouse theme and style. These two colors each have a neutral impression so they don’t make the room seem tacky. A table lamp with a touch of gold gives a luxurious impression to the room without overdoing it, you can try it easily without spending a lot of money because you use the furniture you already have. Modern farmhouse gray and beige bedroom from homebnc.

If your walls have been painted using gray color, then next to enter the beige color you can try it through the use of blankets that are applied over the bed. These two colors are perfected with a little splash of white on some of the surrounding interiors. Table lamps and chandeliers are lighting that can be used simultaneously at night. Gray walls with beige bedding from hgtv.

Tufted gray headboard combined with beige patterned bedding is a harmonious combination that you can apply in a farmhouse-style bedroom decor. Complete these two colors with the use of a white melamine nightstand that looks modern and shiny. Avoid using flashy colors in this room. Tufted gray headboard with beige pattern bedding from hgtv.

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3. Blue and White

Although blue and white is the classic color combination, this pairing is still popular today. Most importantly, this bedroom color scheme works with different styles, from minimalist to eclectic. So, why don’t you explore this pairing to get your liking atmosphere? You can set a calming tone with coastal blue and white combination, create an elegant and sophisticated look with navy blue, the possibility is endless. 

Bedroom wall paint with a combination of two different colors is a favorite decoration option that you can try. Blue wall paint combined with white is an elegant combination that you can try, match the interior colors in this room according to the wall paint color so that there is no contrast in the color tone of the room that will seem tacky. Blue paint wall with white from home-designing.

Bedroom walls that are repainted in blue and white will be an elegant combination while giving a modern and minimalist impression. Adjust the color of your furniture with your current wall color so that it blends in more perfectly. Install and hang paintings of beautiful women on the empty walls as decorations while making the room feel more artistic. Modern bedroom with blue and white room from home-designing.

4. Pink and Gray

Another best bedroom color scheme you can try is pink and gray. While pink creates a happy, cheerful, and fresh environment, gray comes with neutral, calm, and inviting feel. You can use pink as the wall color and gray as accents, or vice versa. Even though pink and gray combination is mostly used for the girl or nursery bedroom, you can experiment with this scheme for your master bedroom too.

In the headboard of this bedroom you can apply gray, the rest on the wall is a splash of soft pink which is suitable for decorating a teenager’s bedroom. Complete the look of this room with two long chandeliers and a bunch of flowers applied to a glass vase above the nightstand. Look, doesn’t this bedroom decoration look contemporary and not boring. Gray headboard with pink wall paint from home-designing.

The combination of pink and gray in this bedroom decor brings a more minimalist feel to the room, try applying patterned pink on some walls of the room and some with a slightly dark gray color. Don’t forget to use a white ceiling platform which is perfected with a glass ball chandelier that looks luxurious. Match the color of the curtains with one of the interior colors used. Pink patterned walls with plain gray walls from home-designing.

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Those are 4 stunning bedroom color schemes you can use to redesign your bedroom. So, which color scheme suits your bedroom style most?   


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