Apartment Balcony Furniture Ideas for A Perfect Look

An enjoyable outdoor space for your occupancy which is in a big city is like a dream for some people. Here, the balcony is the right place to make it true, no matter how small its space. Especially, for those who live in an apartment, having a balcony is a plus point. It is not only for a place to get relaxed, but it also the place where you enjoy your spare time with family or friends. Thus, to make it a cozy place, you had better consider opting for some furniture to as both functional and artistic reasons. Hence, the following information will present some furniture ideas for your apartment balcony. Now, check them out!

Adopt Scandinavian Furniture for Simple Look

Scandinavian is one of the decor styles that gives an incredible and informal touch. To adapt it to your balcony, it seems a good idea then. In spite of putting some potted plants, this interesting style allows you to add cushions and throws for a more comfortable feel. Also, folding chairs are the appropriate choices, especially for a tiny space. Get two to three chairs for a round table to enjoy the fresh air and morning view in your apartment balcony.

This Scandinavian balcony design is equipped with a folding table and chairs that will provide a spacious room. In addition, folding chairs are the right choice, especially for a narrow room. Complete with a folding round coffee table, it will give the perfect appearance of the room. Scandinavian balcony design from architectureartdesigns.

Choosing a folding chair on this Scandinavian balcony gives an attractive room decoration and steals the attention of many people. Equipped with a folding table will also produce a minimalist room. Don’t forget to add some pillows to add extra comfort to the room. Small folding chair from digsdigs.

Comfortable with Sofa

To design your apartment balcony, you can consider having it as a dining room or living room spot, or maybe both if your balcony space is enough. But, for those who decide it for a living room, try to provide the comfy seats for the balcony. Because seats are the main focus of a living room balcony, the sofa can be the alternative. Get it with some patterned cushions to make a plain sofa more perfect. Then, provide a coffee table with some centerpieces like candles or a vase of flowers so that you can enjoy this minimalist apartment balcony style.

Designing a comfortable balcony by adding a rattan sofa complete with several soft cushions will make a warm balcony design for you to try. Complete with this wooden pallet coffee table it will also give a rustic look to the space. Don’t forget to add a large floor rug and some greenery to make the room warm and fresh. Rattan sofa from digsdigs.

This wooden sofa complete with soft pillows and several tribal patterned pillows creates a comfortable feel throughout your apartment balcony. Adding this nesting wood coffee table will also save space and give it a unique look. Some greenery and this black and white checkered floor makes for an attractive and airy look. Wooden sofa from apartmenttherapy.

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Using Furniture in Natural Color

Once again, a balcony is your amazing outdoor space to relax. If it is designed well, you will love spending much time there. One of the ways to make your balcony cozier is by having furniture in a natural color. For example, make a beautiful apartment balcony with some wooden or rattan furniture. Their natural color will guarantee you a relaxed and enjoyable ambiance both day or night. Add a candle or lantern for a dramatic night view in the balcony.

This L-shaped wooden sofa on the balcony will give a comfortable and inviting impression while creating an attractive appearance on your apartment balcony. Equipped with several pillows will create the appearance of a warm and comfortable room. Combined with the coffee table and greenery in this pot, it creates an interesting space for you to try. L-shaped wooden sofa from architectureartdesigns.

The balcony is a great outdoor space to relax. One way to make your balcony more comfortable is to have furniture in natural colors. By using a sofa and coffee table made of rattan, it gives a unique and attractive appearance to the design of the room. You can also try adding a rattan basket to make it easier to store blankets easily and will complete the look of your balcony. Rattan outdoor furniture form architectureartdesigns.

Save Space and Tidy Up with Storage Benches

On the other hand, for a smaller apartment balcony, it must be more challenging to set it up. You have to find the most appropriate furniture to save space. To solve this problem, consider storage benches for your small apartment balcony furniture. This kind of seats can play both as unique yet comfy seats with a rustic touch and smart storages. Save some magazines or newspapers inside the benches so that you can make your small space tidy.

You can overcome the size of a small balcony by using extra storage furniture. Choosing a sofa complete with storage underneath provides a neat beam design and avoids clutter. This type of chair can serve as a unique yet comfortable chair with a rustic touch and smart storage. Wooden bench storage from digsdigs.

This rattan sofa has storage underneath. Equipped with several soft pads will also produce a comfortable balcony when you are on the beam while enjoying the air. This pink blanket also complements your balcony decoration. These wooden deck floors and colorful runner rugs add extra warmth to your apartment balcony. Rattan sofa storage from digsdigs.

Make a sitting bench out of a wooden plank that combines the storage space in it and voila you have extra storage on your apartment balcony. At the top of the bench you can add an open shelf to store watering tools so that your balcony doesn’t fall apart. Some of these potted sharks also give the room a fresh design. Seating bench storage from digsdigs.

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Relaxation Area with a Rocking Chair

Prepare for a relaxing moment in the balcony for the next summer or spring? Dress up your apartment balcony with a rocking chair. A rocking chair is a cozy seat that will make you get a more enjoyable moment in your spare time. You can lay down on a rocking chair while reading, listening to the music, or just do daydreaming. Complete it with cushions and get a stunning rocking chair design like rattan, classic wood, Acapulco, and so on.

This rocking chair complete with a small round coffee table will complete the look of your apartment balcony. Picking from wood and painting it black this will last any weather. Adding some greenery and blooming flowers in a vase makes the room feel fresh and natural. Black rocking chair from balconygardenweb.

Choose Lightweight Rattan Furniture

If you are trying to conjure up your balcony into a comfy outdoor space with natural furniture, rattan can be your reference. Any rattan furniture will make you amazed with its artistic detail and comfy feel. Get the ones that are lightweight so that you can move them easily. As well as, you can move them at any time you get bored with the arrangement. Two rattan seats and a rattan coffee table are perfect balcony furniture indeed.

Choosing a sofa with rattan material gives the room an attractive appearance and will attract the attention of many people. Choosing a rattan, which is painted black complete with patterned padding, creates an eye-catching bohemian balcony look. Don’t forget to complete the decor with a wooden floor and some green plants in pots for a fresh and natural look. Sofa with rattan material from architectureartdesigns.

Sealin has a rustic look this flat lounge chair is easy for you to move because of its lightweight material. The wooden deck floor complete with greenery in this vase gives a room that is fresh and has a natural feel. This patterned runner rug also makes an interesting look for you to try. Rattan lounge chair from architectureartdesigns.

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Liven Up with a Colorful Rug

Nothing great than putting a rug for your apartment balcony. A rug can ground the floor. It also can add a beautiful look for the balcony. A patterned rug can be the first choice to add an artistic touch. A more colorful rug gives a pop for your balcony. In contrast, a plain rug will make a small balcony looks bigger and warm. There are hundreds of kinds of rug you can have, like furry, oriental, tribal, striped, and many more.

This gray and white tribal rug gives a pattern to the design of your apartment balcony. Equipped with an L-shaped sofa and a round coffee table, it provides extra comfort on your balcony. These potted green plants also provide a fresh and inviting look. Gray and white tribal rug from architectureartdesigns.

This layered carpet with various patterns and colors gives the room a cheerful look and looks more attractive. Putting it under these sofas and chairs will produce a comfortable space for your feet. This orange chair also gives a touch of color to the apartment balcony so it will look more stylish. Layered balcony rug from thespruce.

Unique Pendant Lamp for Rustic Furniture Touch

Moreover, the role of a lighting fixture cannot be forgotten in designing your apartment balcony. Gorgeous lighting will add romantic and dramatic ambiance. Pendant lamps become the most popular lighting to a balcony. It can be modified to be a unique balcony lamp and is available in various shapes. In addition, for a more perfect night relaxing moment, add a touch of candles.

This rattan chandelier adds a rustic touch to your apartment block space. Combined with this white color scheme, it will also give a spacious room design and look brighter. The rattan chair set provides a comfortable and inviting look. Rattan chandeliers from architecturaldigest.

When decorating an apartment balcony it is very important to pay attention to the furniture used. Picking the right furniture can be solutions to get a perfect look of your apartment balcony.

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