Modern Sliding Barn Door Ideas for your House

When you think about sliding barn door, the first thing that comes in your mind might be something outdated. Probably it could be from the countryside. The swinging door typically needs 9 feet or more space to properly function. And in space-starved house build, every foot of space saved is a foot to gain. Combined with the low cost needed to build a functional barn door, allows barn door to enjoy its popularity currently.

Need some inspiration on modern sliding barn door design? Read on.

1. Non-fussy, simplistic barn door maximizes functionality

This barn door allows more modern chic with one barn door. The classic shape also offers breathing space so the room doesn’t look very cramped.

The attractive barn door in white makes the appearance minimalist and looks slimmer. The installation of this barn door makes the room wider and more elegant. You can use it to separate rooms from one another. The white color scheme also gives a room that is airy and bright. White barn door from nextluxury.

Small narrow sliding barn door for your room divider. The choice of white on the barn door will match the white color scheme on the walls so that it presents an attractive appearance and looks wider. Choosing a sleek door is the right choice for your small home design. Small narrow sliding barn door from nextluxury.

2. Industrial barn door that screams “modern”

With metal plates wrapped around the wooden piece, the industrial-looking barn door screams “modern” without even trying. It is functional, cool, and eye-catching.

Barn doors with natural colors from a combination of wood and iron plates are very simple and minimalist. This can help you to give a neat and spacious room divider. You can use it as a divider between the living room and kitchen. This white color scheme and oak flooring give the room a warm and spacious touch. Wooden and iron barn door from decoist.

Classic themed decor, you can choose a barn door with a combination of wood and metal plates. the function of this barn door can be as a room decoration. This brick wall adds an industrial touch to your space. This large pipe in the ceiling symbolizes industrial style into your space. Wooden industrial barn door from decoist.

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3. Classic barn door meets modern, cozy small office

Equipped with a small window on top of the door this barn door design allows the chic modern vibe. The window also offers some breathing space so that the office does not look very cramped.

In a modern small office design, you can install white barn doors. With transparent windows can create a spacious room and look brighter. These windows will offer some breathing space so the office doesn’t look too cramped. Combined with the white color scheme also gives a bright look. White barn doors small office from decoist.

Choice of two sliding barn doors with zinc material to make your small home office look more aesthetic. The best effort for decorating a modern and classic look you can add large windows that will give a touch of a spacious and bright room. Letting sunlight into the room will give it a bright look. Zink two sliding barn doors from decoist.

4. Teal pop barn door is simple and cute

If you like cute things, you will love this teal pop barn door. It looks modern and cute, befitting a house made for newlyweds.

The barn door is placed in the living room. make this living room more elegant by placing a teal door made of wood. It gives you a soft pop of color decor in a festive colorful living room. You can add glass to give it a unique look for you to try. The white color scheme also gives a wider and brighter look. Barn door teal barn door from diys.

Minimalist decor with barn doors made of wood with a teal feel is more pleasant far from tense. Especially, the white walls make the barn door look more stunning. This makes for a stylish home decor and will catch the attention of many people. Minimalist teal barn doors from diys.

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5. Chalkboard barn doors add functionality to the door

With a chalkboard that can be written by anyone this barn door adds functionality as a communal hub. And easily blends with the design of any home.

The charming idea of installing a new door with a chalkboard installed in the pantry gives a different and certainly more elegant look. Fabulous sliding chalkboard pantry door on rails in kitchen. This adds functionality as a communal hub. Combining it with a white color scheme and wooden floors will result in an attractive and stylish room design. Chalkboard barn doors from decorpad.

The sliding chalkboard kitchen pantry door in the basement kitchen hides an interesting blonde wood storage shelf for you to try. You can try it to give the room a stylish look and steal the attention of many people. Placed in an open dining area it provides the perfect look for your home decor. Choosing floor-to-ceiling pantry will give a different look to your home decor. Sliding chalkboard kitchen pantry door from decorpad.

All those modern sliding barn doors look nice in your house and add some personality. So why don’t you try implementing them?


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