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3 Ways to Bring the Warmth into Your Living Room

Sometimes people neglect the fact that a good living room design really can bring additional aspect…

Living in a cold place, people should know better how to preserve warmth. All the things that will keep their warmth are well-prepared and well-organized. Fireplace and woods are always side by side. Sofa, blanket, and rug too are always around. But, sometimes people neglect the fact that a good living room design really can bring additional aspect to the room beside of the warmth itself. It is about the convenience ambiance that is being sought. Simple design and maximizing the space are also two things to make the room more warmth and comfortable in a cold weather. Here are some ways to bring the warmth into your living room.


This domestic fire is a vital facility to have for you who live in 4 seasons or in cold area. This facility can be the heart of the living room. A determinant of people’s happiness. They won’t be happy if they are freezing. They will be very happy to celebrate Christmas in a warmth room with a warmth heart. So, that is why, there are some small effort to make this fireplace become more trendy and can follow the age. So, check the pics below.

This living room features white armchairs and a modern fireplace mounted on a brick-accented wall with a wood mantel with black canvas. This idea will give extra warmth and will create a natural impression in this living room. This wood finish gives it a natural look. Don’t forget to add recessed lights for a dramatic glow. Modern fireplace mounted from homestratosphere.

The white living room features a fiddle-leaf-accented fireplace, sofas and sleek armchairs adding a refreshing vibe to the room. In this coat you can add a framed painting so that it will become the main attraction of your living room. The hardwood floors are complemented by this soft rug to provide extra comfort and warmth to the entire room. Fireplace living room decor from homestratosphere.

This living room boasts a white fireplace lit by wall sconces and a dark wood sofa table filled with books and candles. Adding this fireplace gives extra warmth into your living room so you will feel at home for a long time in this room. The white color scheme and wooden floors give the illusion of a warm and spacious room. White fireplace living room from homestratosphere.

Install the fireplace right in front of your furniture, as this will protect you from the extreme cold. Adding a TV set above the fireplace brings some entertainment to your traditional living room. The bottom rug also provides extra warmth. A rectangular brown leather coffee table and patterned chairs with a round side table in the middle give the room an attractive and comfortable look. Fireplace and Tv livng room from homestratosphere.

Cozy living room with stone fireplace clad in rustic wood mantle and glass-paneled windows overlooking serene outdoor views. This is a comfortable living room design and gives a warm impression to the whole room. The wooden beam accents on this ceiling give the room a cozy rustic vibe. Stone fireplace from homestratosphere.

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This rug also become a determinant to preserve the warmth of a room. You need to put something under you feet. You really don’t want your feet touch the cold floor directly. So, this rug is another important thing to be place in living room. Moreover, there so many kinds of rug, its designs and its material. The choices are not only from favorite color but also favorite pattern. Those can be adjusted based on the room’s design. Wool material can be a best choice to have, since it make your feet warmth and add more convenience.

This layered rug has a different design that will create a comfortable room and provide extra warmth. Combined with this rough wooden floor, it also emits a neutral impression into the room. Paired with a leather sofa complete with several pillows, this gives a meaningful look for you to try. Layered rug living room from realhomes.

Faux fur rugs are one of the items that can add warmth to your living room. Choose a neutral color with a geometric pattern so that it can be a statement in your white living room. Putting a rug under this table and chair set adds warmth to your living room design. Large geometric rug from realhomes.

Combine the color of the sofa with your carpet to get a matching decoration that adds an elegant impression to your living room. Choosing a soft fur rug combined with this rough wooden floor provides extra comfort into your living room so that you feel at home for long in this room. Place a small coffee table in the middle to complete the look of this mini living room. Gray rug and sofa from realhomes.

Enhance the comfort of your living room by laying a patterned rug on your hardwood floor. Choosing this black and white striped rug gives the room an attractive appearance. Placing a rug under this table and chair set will add extra comfort to your space. The white color scheme on this wall gives this living room a spacious and bright impression. Black and white striped rug from realhomes.

If your living room is smaller, adding to the comfort of using a long fur rug is the right choice. Treat your feet with the super soft rug and soft underside. With a geometric pattern this rug maintains a modern look that is softer, relaxed, with a boho feel. Pair it with an inviting brown leather sofa and plenty of cushions for a warm, layered feel in a neutral color palette. Geometric pattern rug from realhomes.

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Throw Blanket

This one is a must to be placed in a living room in a such cold air or in winter. This blanket will complete your mood, having a lazy time, during this weather. Again, for its style and material depend on what you like or depend on what mood you have. But, surely you need blanket that not to heavy and made by soft material like wool. Since this material is not too heavy, this wool blanket is easy to handle.

With a dark green lounge chair, light blue sofa and bright orange blanket, this modern living room design is full of color and texture. Throw your blanket on the sofa so it will add extra comfort to your living room. Choosing a material from wool is easy to hold and not too heavy. Orange wool blanket from

Choose a blanket with a soft texture with wool to warm your body. You can use an elongated sofa for a relaxing area when you come home from work all day. This blanket will provide extra warmth and comfort. The wood panels on the floor and walls of this storage give a natural feel to this living room. Wool blanket from elledecor.

Bright and spacious, this modern interior features two curved sofas and on each sofa you can add a faux fur blanket and a wool blanket. Combined with geometric rugs, and this purple abstract artwork gives a room design that catches the eye of many. Each sofa is decorated with beautiful throws, one bright yellow and the other made of fur. Faux fur blanket and a wool blanket from elledecor.

Throw a blanket in your plush ottoman as a warming accent while in this living room. Disguise the blanket in the same color as the chair so that it blends well. You can also add pillows to make the room cozy and inviting. The large carpet under the sofa provides extra warmth to your feet. Throw a blanket living room from elledecor.

If you’re looking for a way to make your living room warmer, consider adding a faux fur blanket. Here you can curl up in a comfortable blanket all day long. You can put it on the sofa and combine it with a sofa and some soft pillows. This wooden coffee table also gives a natural impression into your modern living room. Faux fur blanket from elledecor.

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Those are some important things to have in your living room while the temperature is really low. You must need something that will keep you warm. If you have your own time like a lazy time, you really need those things around you. But, don’t forget to adjust those style and its color because you need to make them in-line with the living room’s design concept. See more at Things to Provide for a Living Room !

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