20 Ways to Bring the Warmth into Your Living Room

Living in a cold place, people should know better how to preserve warmth. All the things that will keep their warmth are well-prepared and well-organized. Fireplace and woods are always side by side. Sofa, blanket, and rug too are always around. But, sometimes people neglect the fact that a good living room design really can bring additional aspect to the room beside of the warmth itself. It is about the convenience ambiance that is being sought. Simple design and maximizing the space are also two things to make the room more warmth and comfortable in a cold weather. Here are some ways to bring the warmth into your living room.


This domestic fire is a vital facility to have for you who live in 4 seasons or in cold area. This facility can be the heart of the living room. A determinant of people’s happiness. They won’t be happy if they are freezing. They will be very happy to celebrate Christmas in a warmth room with a warmth heart. So, that is why, there are some small effort to make this fireplace become more trendy and can follow the age. So, check the pics below.

One of the best ways you can do to warm the living room decor to the maximum is to use a fireplace design with materials that are in harmony with the theme of the room. When your living room is dominated by a rustic or vintage style, you can use a fireplace with natural materials such as stone which has a more solid surface and is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Turn on and use the fireplace when you need a warmer room temperature. There is no need to repaint this fireplace stone material to have a natural touch that is environmentally friendly. Natural Stone Fireplace Design from @verandaestatehomes

The built-in fireplace mounted on this wall has a modern minimalist style that is suitable when applied in a room that is dominated by a combination of black and white. Look at the design of this fireplace, isn’t the layout very appropriate? Because it is surrounded by sofas, coffee tables and a rug made of faux fur that will make the surface of the feet feel warmer and more comfortable. This low-key layout supports the warmth of the room to the maximum, then the combination of black and white gives an instant monochromatic theme. Minimalist and Modern Look Fireplace from @marta_kop_home

The high marble fireplace that is applied to the living room decoration is one of the interior rooms that can give a warm feel. The black color that dominates this marble fireplace has a little splash of white which makes it look more elegant because it is patterned. It’s not enough to stop here, the marble fireplace design is also perfected with built-in wall shelves that are applied symmetrically, here you can use the open shelves to put some colorful ornaments. Use this fireplace when you need a warmer living room temperature that will accompany your relaxing time while in this room. Marble Material Fireplace Design Ideas from @sol_interiors

Arrange the layout of the fireplace in your living room decoration so that it has the right application and can provide warmth to the room as a whole. Here you can use the fireplace design on one part of the wall that is still empty. Then you can surround this fireplace with some important interior or furniture such as sofas, chairs, rugs and coffee tables made of natural wood. On this sofa you can rest more relaxed with a supportive room temperature. This living room decoration is also perfected with the use of geometric furry rugs and high curtain wool which can provide double warmth to the room instantly. Apply Fireplace in the Right Living Room Area from @ivywellinteriors

Do you need warmth in living room decoration? If so, then the use of a fireplace is a smart idea that you can do right now. Just design this fireplace with mosaic stone material which is dominated by solid black so that it can have a color combination with a white sofa that is able to present a monochromatic theme. This fireplace design is perfected with built-in shelves that you can use as a firewood storage area so that it looks neater and makes it easier for you to get this firewood without having to take it far. Use a Fireplace Design from @ekbatan_carpets

You can choose a fireplace design according to the living room theme that is currently in use. For now, you can use a vintage fireplace design that is dominated by plain white shades. It doesn’t end here, you can also change the look of an empty fireplace mantle with some vintage paintings and two wall scones with a gold touch. The outer surface of the fireplace which is coated with transparent glass material allows you to see the flames when the fireplace is turned on. Place two chairs symmetrically to the right and left side of the fireplace so that it can be used as a comfortable sitting area and of course a warm conversation area. Vintage Style Fireplace Design Ideas from @alisonkandler_interiordesign

You can apply different fireplace designs directly to your current living room decor. Try using a fireplace rectangle shaped design that is dominated by neutral colors so that it can be combined directly with other interiors that are around it more easily. The wall area just above the fireplace can be used to hang a TV as an entertainment idea that makes this living room decoration more comfortable when used throughout the day. Fireplace fuel that can be used is wood, because wood fuel is easier to find around your house without having to buy it, isn’t it cheaper and environmentally friendly. Rectangle Shaped Fireplace Ideas from @our_middleham_home

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This rug also become a determinant to preserve the warmth of a room. You need to put something under you feet. You really don’t want your feet touch the cold floor directly. So, this rug is another important thing to be place in living room. Moreover, there so many kinds of rug, its designs and its material. The choices are not only from favorite color but also favorite pattern. Those can be adjusted based on the room’s design. Wool material can be a best choice to have, since it make your feet warmth and add more convenience.

The color harmony of the faux fur rug with the wall paint that dominates the decoration of this living room gives an elegant and open impression that you can try on a modern, minimalist or contemporary style room theme. The purpose and purpose of using a faux fur rug in this room is to make the surface of your feet warmer when the air temperature in the room feels colder. Here you must have and buy a vacuum cleaner so that the surface of the rug remains clean and free of dust. The warmth in this living room is enhanced by the fireplace design attached to the shiplap wall which is perfected with a beams wood mantel that can be used to put some candlesticks on the top surface. White Faux Fur Material Rug from @redstoneinteriors

In addition to making your floor surface feel warmer and softer, the presence of the rug in this living room also provides patterns and colors so that it makes the room look more attractive and colorful as a whole. Just choose and use a rug design with a bohemian pattern that is dominated by marroon red. Just install this rug right around the sofa, coffee table and bench that you use in this living room so that it will function better and optimally. The use of this bohemian rug is also suitable for displaying a room with a little vintage touch, you can try it now. Bohemian Pattern Runner Rug from @companhia.do.campo

Look at the designs and patterns of the rugs that are used in this vintage modern living room decoration, doesn’t it bring a festive theme that you can get easily? Yes, you can use it and choose it with wool material so that it has a warmer, softer and easier to clean surface. The dominating pattern of this rug is greenery and blooming flowers with splashes of pink. This rug design is dominated by several striking colors such as pink, green, blue and a little black, all of these colors will work well to make this living room seem more fun. Tropical Pattern for Wool Rug Design from @unfinished_reno14

Don’t just focus on the pattern, for the selection of the rug you can also focus on the choice of materials used. When the first goal you want to get is warmth, then a thick material is the right choice that you can use right now. This rug is ready to make your footwear feel more comfortable and warm during the day in this room. The yellow and black that dominate the design of this rug are also ready to be a room statement because they have quite a contrast of color splashes. This geometric rug is also usually used in a modern or contemporary style living room decoration, you can try it now for a simple new look. Geometric Thick Rug Design from @openhousetv

Consider layered rugs in your living room decoration, this is done so that the warmth of the room is maximized. Here you can use two layers of rug with different colors and sizes. A gray rug with white will work well together, attach a smaller size rug at the top so it can be seen clearly. Textured rug with geometric patterns also gives a new look that will never fail. Furthermore, the addition of a few pillows and blankets neatly placed on the sofa will add to the comfort of your sitting area when used to chat with your visiting family or friends. Layered Rug Living Room Ideas from @copperblossomfarmhouse

When you are going to use a layered rug design in decorating a living room with a simple look, then you can use two rugs with only neutral color choices. For example, you can combine a light gray rug with a light brown woven rug, these two colors will produce a more neutral and not excessive color tone. In addition, each pattern in the design of these rugs also makes the living room decoration not look too plain. This layered rug will coat the wooden floor to be warmer and softer. The fireplace design in this room is perfected with carved mirror frames so that it adds a vintage touch. Neutral Color Layered Rug Design from @safavieh

Who would have thought that how to warm a living room is an easy idea that you can do yourself without having to require a professional. One way you can do is coat the floor with a rug with selected materials and patterns that match the theme or living room decoration that will be used. When this living room comes with a modern style, a sheepskin rug with a geometric pattern is a highly recommended choice. This rug is also dominated by a combination of black and white, making it easier for you to combine it with other interiors or furniture around it. Round shaped coffee table with hairpin leg design into furniture that you can apply on top of the rug you use. Soft Sheepskin Rug with Modern Look from @sundry_society

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Throw Blanket

This one is a must to be placed in a living room in a such cold air or in winter. This blanket will complete your mood, having a lazy time, during this weather. Again, for its style and material depend on what you like or depend on what mood you have. But, surely you need blanket that not to heavy and made by soft material like wool. Since this material is not too heavy, this wool blanket is easy to handle.

Cover the leather sofa with a throw blanket that will instantly add warmth to your sitting area. Just put it right on the top surface of the sofa for use by anyone who needs warmth. Here you can choose it with a bold pattern and a pretty interesting color choice so that it can be used as a new focal point that is better useful. The size that is quite large and wide is also the best inspiration that you can choose so that it can be used by more than one person, get this blanket at the nearest store or you can also get it online. Large and Bold Pattern Throw Blanket from @kateandabelperth

Try to use the color of the throw blanket according to the color of the sofa that is used when decorating your living room. When you use a gray sofa, you can use a throw blanket in the same color as well. This gray color will look more neutral and of course make it easier for you to combine it with other furniture around it. The throw blanket enhanced with tassels at the bottom also adds to the soft texture of the room. Not only through the use of throw blankets, you can also enhance the look of the sofa with some pillows so that the sitting surface is softer. Matching Color Blanket and Sofa Ideas from @rachelslovelyhome

This knitted throw blanket that is perfected with a plain white pom-pom accent is an additional room accessory that can make your sitting area warmer. Here you can apply a throw blanket just above the sofa along with a throw pillow of various sizes and different shapes. The existence of a throw blanket on the sofa is usually used when winter arrives. You can wash it again when this blanket looks dirty and of course it will be free of dust. Just combine a white blanket with a gray velvet sofa that looks neutral and elegant. Pom-Pom Throw Blanket from @houseofharriet__

Choose and use a blanket made of furry for the maximum warmth that can be obtained when you sit on the sofa that is used in the living room decoration. The surface of this furry blanket is very soft and provides maximum comfort. You can wash this throw blanket again when it has been used for a long time to avoid odors and of course it will be free of dust. Throw pillows that are applied to the sofa in sufficient quantities make the surface of the sofa softer. You can use throw pillows with different patterns, sizes and colors to make them more eye-catching. Warm Furry Blanket Ideas from @mcnicolinteriordesigns

The main function of having a throw blanket on the sofa in the living room is to add an instant warm feeling that you can try easily and don’t cost money. You can bring this throw blanket from your bedroom. Choose and use materials that are warm enough and bold patterns that are dominated by striking colors too. The herringbone pattern which is dominated by splashes of orange color makes the surface of your white sofa more colorful and not boring anymore. In addition, the existence of this blanket is also enhanced with a velvet rug that has a matching color so that it looks more harmonious when applied simultaneously in the same room. Statement Color Throw Blanket with White Sofa from @flamantbylaura

Consider using a throw blanket with chungky material to get maximum warmth when you relax on the sectional sofa in this living room. This Chungky throw blanket, which is dominated by neutral colors, will work well when combined with a gray sofa and rug. Because of its thick and soft size, your rest in this room will be more relaxed, comfortable and warmer. Do the washing again when it has been used for a long time to avoid unpleasant odors and dust sticking up. Chungky Material Throw Blanket Ideas from @woolartdesign

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Those are some important things to have in your living room while the temperature is really low. You must need something that will keep you warm. If you have your own time like a lazy time, you really need those things around you. But, don’t forget to adjust those style and its color because you need to make them in-line with the living room’s design concept. See more at Things to Provide for a Living Room !


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