Enhance Your Living Room with 30 Elegant Feminine Decor

Living room is the perfect place to enjoy the company of your guests, it’s important to create a cozy and homey surrounding to leave a lasting impression. If you’ve decided to go with the feminine decor to spruce up space, make sure to pay attention to essential features and accents that will be the cornerstone of your chic living room.

Whether it’s pastel walls, floral patterns, or modern fixtures, here are some of the best inspirations to start your living room transformation.

Hang Photo Frames or Artistic Decorations

A sentimental and feminine decor for your living room, a set of framed photos could be a great pick to spruce up your space. If paintings are more of your niche, you can opt for floral or nature-themed artistic decoration as a sophisticated touch that brings a relaxing atmosphere.

Elegant living room design with a touch of wall art in the form of beautiful paintings and a soft pink sofa. The fur rug gives a beautiful feeling. Besides that, the touch shows a more feminine nuance. Paintings and soft pink sofa from cobbshops

The idea of decorating a feminine living room by adding shoe paintings creates an attractive appearance so that the perfect wall design will be created. Shoe paintings from cobbshops

Feminine living room by adding pink flower paintings to make it look more attractive. Placement of the painting above a sofa can add an elegant impression to the living room. Pink flower paintings from goodtomicha

Shades of gray with the addition of a pink wall gallery are a great idea to try in a feminine living room. Pair it with a classic sofa complete with pink cushions to complete the décor. Pink wall gallery from hipcouch

An enchanting feminine living room with pink landscape paintings to make it look elegant and creative, and a touch of a beige sofa complete with pink feather pillows will add a feminine impression to the room. Pink landscape paintings from theclassicbrunette

Hang some wall art on the wall can enhance your living room decor. You can pick the wall art in different types and styles to make the decoration more attractive. It can be the focal point in your white living room decor. Hang wall art from homedit

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An Elegant Combination of Color and Texture

Colors and textures are the epitome of feminine decor. Indeed, what could be better than a soft, velvety rug and sofas that are snuggly under your touch? Aside from oozing comfort and warmth, these essentials will also bring elegance that’s hard to miss out.

Completing your feminine living room with a soft black sofa will create the perfect comfort. Add a pink rug to create extra warmth to the room. Soft black sofa and pink rug from digsdigs

Feminine living room decor complete with soft purple sofas and rugs. You can place a purple ottoman to complement the decor of the room. Soft purple sofas and rugs from digsdigs

Completing a feminine living room with a soft pink sofa and soft rugs is an interesting idea. You can add a brass coffee table in a contemporary style to make it look perfect. Soft pink sofa from digsdigs

The warmth that is presented in the living room gives a comfortable feminine decoration. Use the fur rug and sofa with the soft texture can give a touch of grace. Fur rug and pink sofa from stylemotivation

Feminine living room with a soft sofa touch and some pillows. In addition, the fake fur accent is soft and gives a warm feeling in the living room. Soft sofa and some pillows from stylemotivation

Creating a feminine living room decor by adding a soft classic sofa and a subtle rug is the perfect idea. Add a transparent coffee table to complete the stunning living room look. Feminine living room decor from stylemotivation

Light Up Some Candles

Who says that you can’t light up some candles under broad daylight? Nowadays, aromatic candles come in many sizes, colors, and scents. Make sure to pick the one with relaxing scents such as lavender and sandalwood to make your guests feel even more at home.

The idea of feminine living room decoration does not only focus on the touch of texture and interior color. But with a touch of candles and a little dim lighting gives a more feminine and elegant feeling. Feminine living room with candles from designideasguide

If you want a feminine living room with more traditional this is one inspiration for you. Use aromatic candles placed on a metal tray and combine them with dim lighting. This makes in addition to a more feminine decoration also gives a romantic impression. Aromatic candles and metal tray from designideasguide

Placing an aromatic candle in a jar on the coffee table will create a calming feel to your feminine living room. Pair it with pink flowers in a vintage vase and other ornaments to complete the décor. Aromatic candle in jar from designideasguide

Aromatherapy candles with the aroma of sandalwood will make your guests feel at home in a feminine living room. You can place it on the coffee table and add a few other ornaments for a stunning look. Aromatherapy candles with sandalwood from designideasguide

An aromatherapy candle wrapped in hand knit will add a focal point in the room. You can place it on a metal tray and mix it with other arrangements. Aromatherapy candle wrapped in hand knit from designideasguide

Pink and dark blue make for an iconic color combination. Adding pink and yellow aromatherapy candles to the crochet tray will be an interesting focal point for you to try. Pink and yellow aromatherapy candles from designideasguide

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Incorporate Cozy Elements

Rugs, couches, and blankets are some of the most feminine decorating ideas to have in your living room. Vary in color, don’t forget to choose a muted color to match the aesthetics of your living room.

A soft touch of neutral color and downy rug accents give an elegant feeling. Add a natural lighting accent from the window and a flower vase accent. Which gives a charming and more feminine surprise. Neutral color and downy rug from nafhahome

Combine some elements to reach the elegant and comfortable living room decor. From natural lighting accents and soft textiles to blankets and pillows, create an elegant living room decor. And embody feminine and charming nuances. Knit blankets and pillows from nafhahome

To warm up your feminine living room, all you have to do is place a feather rug under the sofa and a faux fur blanket. A white rug can warm your feet and make a room feel warmer. White rug from nafhahome

Placing a faux fur blanket in a feminine living room will create a different look. The addition of a soft sofa and soft carpet can enhance your living room decor. Faux fur blanket from nafhahome

A white faux fur rug in a feminine living room is a great choice. Add a blanket and soft sofa to get extra warmth when in the living room. A white faux fur rug from nafhahome

Placing a faux fur rug under a fluffy sofa and adding a tartan blanket are great decorations for creating a cozy, feminine living room. Tartan blanket from decoholic

Flowers are Everyone’s Best Friend

Flowers are a decoration that’s hard to resist. Whether you’re displaying fresh flowers or the fake ones, welcome your guest with a vase of blooming beauties that look fantastic in your home.

You will definitely feel very comfortable in this living room. With a touch of pink flowers in a vase beside the sofa. It gives a feeling of grace and charm. Pink flowers vase beside sofa from stylemotivation

An elegant living room with a touch of flowers in a vase placed on the table gives the impression of a feminine and elegant living room. Pair it with white accents and a sofa complete with pink cushions for a more stylish look. Flowers in yellow vase from stylemotivation

The center of the table with a touch of flowers in a vase can make your room look stunning. With the feel of a feminine living room combined with contemporary furniture to create a different look. Flowers vase with contemporary furniture from stylemotivation

Add a touch of white flowers in a vase to the center of the coffee table for a stunning look. Pairing with white and contemporary furniture will create an eye-catching décor. White flowers vase from stylemotivation

If you have a feminine living room, you can put the flowers in a vase. Place it on a coffee table for a feminine touch with a simple yet attractive look. Coffee table with flower vase from stylemotivation

The centerpiece will be better if you provide a tulip vase. Here, this centerpiece plays a big role as a table decoration. Besides, it can be used to decorate a more attractive room. Centerpiece tulip vase from stylemotivation

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The living room is the perfect place to incorporate your feminine decor in. With these inspirations, get ready to receive praise and applause from everyone who drops by!


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