15 Essential Furniture Basics for a Classic Living Room

When you’re about to design a living room, think of it as a welcome station in your house. The living room should be inviting, comfortable, and most importantly, relaxing. Classic interior is both charming and traditional, where many homes come with essential points to provide a true calming retreat. Here are some basics you must know to balance the mood for a classic living room. 

1. Floral Embellishment

Despite the classic traditional design, avoid making the room looks too bland and empty. Floral embellishment can be incorporated in the wallpaper or simply put a vase on your wooden table for a modest decorative purpose. 

Two rose arrangements applied in two different vases became a sleek glass table decoration idea that was placed in a classic living room decor. You can use a transparent glass vase filled with water to keep your flowers fresh and not wilted when used as decoration for a long period of time. This rose will give a fragrant aroma around the living room area so that it makes the room feel more relaxed. Two bouquets of roses in glass vase from architectureartdesigns.

To complete the classic living room decoration, you can coat the walls that are still plain with floral wallpaper which is dominated by yellow and white colors. When you will use the interior in this living room, you can choose furniture that has a color that matches the flower wallpaper that is currently being used to harmonize the color tone of the room to make it seem more elegant and matching. Chairs and some yellow throw pillows are the best choices you can try. Flower wallpaper dominated by yellow and white from idealhome.

The ottoman leather table design decorated with bold colored flowers on the upper surface can be used as the focal point of a beautiful room and is perfect for the classic style of decorating this living room. This ottoman table made of leather is very durable and not easy to tear. In addition to flowers, you can also put some favorite books or magazines so that they can be easily reached when you want to read them in this living room decoration. Leather ottoman table with red flower decoration from idealhome.

2. Classic Light Fixture

Choosing the right type of illumination for your living room is easy. It’s either you want to go bold or timid. Classic living room mostly features subtle lighting fixture. Purchase a traditional chandelier from the local store to have an appropriate brightness. 

The feel of a classic living room that is dominated by bright white is very suitable when equipped with a hanging pendant lamp combined with a wall scones lamp that is applied to two different walls with a considerable distance. You can use these two lights when the room starts to feel dark to help your night activities while in this room. Table lamps are additional lighting that can be used as needed. Combination of hanging pendant lamp with wall scones lamp from architectureartdesigns.

Lights are one of the important interiors that must be in a room as a lighting idea needed at night. Match the style of the lamp with your living room decor so that they can work together better, when you use a classic room style, you can use vintage iron chandeliers that hang right above your coffee table. If these chandeliers are not enough to illuminate your living room, then try combining them with a recessed lamp that is applied to several parts of the ceiling with a distance that is not too far away. Vintage iron chandeliers from architectureartdesigns.

Chandeliers that are suitable for a classic living room decoration are those made of brass with a fairly large size. These chandeliers have a beam of light that is bright enough so that it can illuminate the room optimally at night. Transparent glass windows are natural lighting ideas that can be used during the day easily and do not require electrical energy so they are cheaper. Hanging brass chandeliers from architectureartdesigns.

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3. Wooden Pieces

In traditional living room architecture, plastic is never heard of, and metal does not have a place in people’s hearts. Wooden pieces are the only one you can turn to and have your table or islands built sturdily. The carefully crafted wooden element with details creates a sense of luxury and earthy feel. 

This nesting table design made of light brown wood is the furniture of choice that can be used in classic living room decorations. You can complete the appearance of this coffee table with a series of lavender flowers that are applied in a glass vase with a unique shape. This wooden coffee table also has a softer surface so it is comfortable to use all year round, try other wooden interiors on the TV stand which is equipped with storage underneath. Wooden nesting table from idealhome.

Wood material is not only applied to the coffee table, in the next classic living room decoration you can try to apply it to the fireplace, side table and standing ladder rack which is placed next to the sofa. Some of the furniture made of wood makes the room seem more natural and environmentally friendly, besides that wood is also cheaper and on budget. You can try it right now. Natural wood furniture for classic living room from idealhome.

Wood is a smart choice that you can apply to some parts of the furniture in this living room decoration. For example, if you try to design a coffee table and dresser behind the sofa. No need to repaint for a more natural look and more suitable for the classic living room feel that is currently being tried. The map wallpaper adds a vintage feel to this living room in an instant. Wooden coffee table and dresser from idealhome.

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4. Inviting Seating

Seating arrangement in a classic living room has so much to do with European sensibilities. Choose loveseat or large sofa with rich color palettes and go creative with fabrics; velvet, brocade, and silk are among the most common in classic style. Go deep with layering and add pillows or seat covers in a variety of patterns. 

Decorating the living room, of course, must have an area to sit, a white linen sofa and a tufted chair to be a combination that you can try in a classic living room that has a room that is not too large. You can use a white living room for a cleaner and more spacious look, glass windows are a natural lighting idea that can easily enter sunlight into the room. Combination of linen sofa with tufted chair from realhomes.

Choose and use a silk sofa in gray for furniture ideas that have a splash of neutral color, when you use this sofa you can easily combine it with several patterned chairs as an additional sitting area which is very comfortable when used because it is equipped with an armchair. White shiplap wall is a source of room neutralizing color that creates the impression that the room looks spacious. Gray silk sofa with pattered chairs from realhomes.

When you want a seat that is smoother and softer then you can use a tufted sofa made of velvet, choose a sofa with a dark blue color so that it can be used as the focal point of a room that looks a little luxurious. If this sofa is placed in a classic living room decoration, then you can combine it with a mirror brass frame that is perfected with beautiful carvings. Blue velvet sofa from realhomes.

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5. Traditional Cupboard

Despite serving as additional decorative purpose to fill the space, you can also load the cupboard with books. This way, your classic living room can make a smart impression which makes cozy reading time available. 

Standing wooden cupboard that is placed in this living room decoration can be used as an area to put some ceramic cutlery that has an antique style. You can use some of the glass doors to showcase this ceramic cutlery so that it can be seen from the outside. Repaint using white to make it look cleaner and less shabby. Standing wooden cupboard from realhomes.

If you need closed storage in a living room, eating cupboard is a smart idea that you can try as much as possible. Place this cupboard right behind the sofa so it doesn’t interfere with your activities while in this room, there’s nothing wrong with repainting it with pastel colors for a more beautiful and elegant look. Floral throw pillows accentuate classic living room decor. Pastel color cupboard from realhomes.

Besides being used as a storage idea, cupboard in the living room area can also complement the furniture and of course can fill the empty floor space. When this cupboard has an open space to put some decorative items, try using it to show off a flower vase and some ceramic cutlery that has a bright color like blue so it can be used as an antique room decoration. Corner cupboard as additional furniture from realhomes.

As you plan the idea, take your time to carefully pick what’s best for your classic living room interior. With some careful consideration, the result can be both comforting and appealing.


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