Elegant Patio and Porch Designs

Having a patio and porch at home may give you plenty of ideas of improvement. This is necessary, especially if you live in four-seasoned countries. Not only maintain them with proper landscaping ideas, but you will also need to make both of them remain elegant-looking.

These some best examples will help you to have more ideas on what elegant patio and porch may look like.

1. Porch with Pavers

To make your porch look elegant, the stone patio tiles need to be placed next to the deck. Let the neutral-colored stones be the canvas for all styles. You can leave them exposed or cover them with a suitable rug.

Paver stone patio tiles that are applied to this floor area are the best choice you can try because they have a harder surface so that they are resistant to all changes in outdoor weather that often changes. Usually this paver tile material comes in neutral colors such as light gray so that it is easier to combine with other exteriors around it, including outdoor chairs and green grass that looks lush and fresh to the eye. Paver stone floor patio from thespruce.

Perfect your modern minimalist porch decor with paver tile footwear that comes in neutral colors and is perfect when combined with a large black matte fireplace. You can choose the shape and size of this paver tile according to the size and breadth of the porch decoration you have, when you have a porch design with a wider size then you can choose more square paver tiles that are arranged into footwear neatly and regularly. Big square paver tiles from thespruce.

Do you want your patio decoration to look more elegant? If so, then you can cover the paver tile floor with a striped patterned rug. This rug gives a different style and texture to your outdoor décor. Not only to the rug, but you can also try some other patterns to the pillowcase and ottoman area which is used as a simple table that can be moved easily according to your needs. Paver tile floor with striped tapestry from goodhousekeeping.

2. Versatile Patio Tables

If your patio and porch are bigger, have some versatile tables for large gatherings outdoor. These square tables and chairs can be covered by baby blue tabletop and cushion.

When you have a patio decoration with a limited floor area, you can use a rectangular wooden table that can be used as a dining table as well as a comfortable gathering area with family when outdoors. You can surround this wooden table with several chairs that are covered with seat cushions for a more comfortable and soft area when in use. This outdoor sitting area offers beautiful views and can be enjoyed any time you want. Rectangle wooden table surrounded by chairs from housebeautiful.

This rectangular table design that can be used for large gatherings with the family is designed as well as possible to produce patio decorations that can be used better and maximally. Don’t forget to add a slate chair according to the number of your family to accommodate all of them safely and comfortably. This wooden chair has a higher back so that it is safe for the health of your back. Versatile rectangular table design from housebeautiful.

One of the must-have outdoor furniture in your patio decor is a rectangular rustic wooden table surrounded by a variety of chairs that can be used according to the number of your family. This table can be used as a dining table as well as a gathering area for a fun weekend. Decorate this multipurpose table with several pots filled with greenery as an easy decoration idea to get in your backyard garden. Versatile rustic wood table from housebeautiful.

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3. The Flower Power Porch

Either for your front or back porch, having more flowers will freshen up the perimeter. Choose the matching, soft-colored ones with the exterior of your house, such as hydrangeas and topiaries. Of course, this means you need to regularly water them to keep them healthy for as long as possible.

The best choice when you have a porch decoration with limited floor space, then you can hang three green plants that are perfected with two types of flowers that are placed on a wooden table and on the floor area. No need to use too many types of flowers, two types of flowers are enough to decorate the porch and make it easier for you to do routine maintenance every day. Use galvanized pots for a more vintage look and certainly not easy to rust when exposed to water. Two kinds of flower decoration on porch decoration from countryliving.

If your floor space does not allow you to put a larger number of flower pots, then you can hang flowers on the ceiling porch area using a sturdy and strong rope so that it does not easily fall to the floor area. Use a standing shelf in the corner of the porch to arrange some of the small pots you have to make it look neater and more organized, you can try this idea for a more eye-catching display and can also be used as a welcome for guests who come to your home. Hanging colorful flowers from countryliving.

When you have a bicycle that is no longer in use, you can reuse it as a porch decoration that looks unique and different from the others. Add a rattan wicker basket in front of the bicycle as a container for planting flowers to bloom which adds to a more beautiful and beautiful outdoor atmosphere, several floor pots of various sizes you can fill with two or three different types of flowers for a more colorful display. Colorful and blooming flower decoration from onekindesign.

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4. Floating Plants for an Instant Green Wall

For starters, make sure the wall of your patio and porch has several gaps. These are to hang your floating plants. You can use zip ties or old wire hangers to attach them to the wall slats. Voila, your instant green wall is there!

Don’t let the brick wall that has been repainted in white appear plain and boring, you can apply succulent plants using vertical shelves that have been hung on the wall not too far away. When you have finished decorating the patio wall area, then you can then use a stainless steel pot filled with one type of cactus plant with soil and stone planting media on the top surface. Vertical wall succulent ideas from hgtv.

In addition to green plants, you can also liven up the atmosphere of the walls with vines and colorful flowers that are blooming. This combination of greenery and flowers is quite easy to try in patio decorations, trim the vines when they interfere with your activities while in this area. An ottoman table and a wicker rattan sofa covered with pillows are outdoor furniture ideas that can be used at the same time. Combination of vines with blooming flowers from goodhousekeeping.

You can complete this blue wall covered with a wooden pallet with hanging pots that have a variety of different types and sizes. You can fill this pot with some greenery and different types of flowers for a more vibrant look on the walls. Choose and use plants and flowers that have low maintenance to make it easier for you when doing routine maintenance every day, try this idea easily without having to spend a lot of money. Hanging plants and flowers on pallets that are applied to the walls from goodhousekeeping.

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5. Artsy Chairs

This idea can work as a finishing touch to your already elegant patio and porch like sling chairs with brushstrokes of artwork. Since the seating is made of canvas, you can even paint them yourself if you have the artistic skills and confidence.

Two DIY sling chairs that are perfected with paint on the canvas material become a cheap patio decoration sitting area and are suitable for those of you who want to decorate the outdoors on a budget. This sling chair makes a statement of art that can be maximized. The canvas material on this chair can be combined with teak wood to make it more sturdy when used for a long time. DIY canvas sling chair from housebeautiful.

An easy way to bring a beach feel to your patio decor is to use sling chairs with a striped pattern that has a mix of neutral colors like gray and white. You can repaint the wood on this chair with the same color on the canvas for a more elegant look. This sling chair becomes a comfortable sitting area to relax all day on the weekend, you can have two chairs so that you can use it with your partner. Beach style sling chairs from completely-coastal.

The combination of tropical canvas material with wood in the design of these sling chairs will be the focal point of your patio decoration so that it becomes one of the multifunctional outdoor furniture. The more sling chairs you have, the more your family can use. These sling chairs can also be used for sunbathing areas in the morning before noon. Tropical pattern sling chairs from housebeautiful.

There are so many ways to make your patio and porch look elegant. Which one do you want to try?



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