26 Different Kinds of Coffee Table for Your Living Room

When talking about the coffee table, there will be so many choices provided. It covers from the simple one, those that prioritizing the artistic side, and those that have multi-functional value. All of those have their own character and will be proper just based on your needs and surround decoration concept. Even more, the coffee table also divided into several types based on the material as follows.

Wooden Coffee Table

Wooden is the material that will be able to bring out the warm atmosphere. Moreover, although it might identify with a farmhouse or rustic style, it can be combined and applied to any decoration style. The use of the wood itself is also varied. It could be in form of pallet wood, wood beam, and those that combined with any other materials. For the design references, here are the examples that we can serve for you.

An easy step to make your living room decor more natural is to include wood elements in your living room. Usually this coffee table is used in a farmhouse or rustic-style living room because it doesn’t have any paint at all. You can also add green plants in pots to decorate your wooden coffee table to make it look more natural. Farmhouse style wooden coffee table from countryliving.

You can also make a minimalist coffee table with a few pieces of wooden planks as the top and four iron hairpins for this table leg idea. Use hardwood to make a coffee table that will last a long time. Don’t forget to give the final touch with transparent paint to get the perfect look. Hairpin wooden coffee table from countryliving.

Make a frame from wooden blocks and cover one side with a hardwood board on iron legs that have a rectangular shape, this easy way you can try to make an artistic and minimalist DIY wooden coffee table. Adjust the color of your wooden coffee table with shades that match the theme of the room to make the living room look harmonious. DIY wooden coffee table from countryliving.

Wood and iron are a combination of materials that you can turn into living room furniture that is very useful. One of them you can turn it into a sleek coffee table, the re-varnished wood surface makes it look more shiny. You can put this table in a coastal style living room. Sleek wooden coffee table from hgtv.

If you want the living room to look more elegant, you can try using a wooden coffee table with a black paint finish. The black color will give a luxurious and masculine effect, besides the black color on this wooden coffee table can also make it easier for you to combine it with other furniture. The gold ornament placed on the coffee table is the final touch that looks luxurious. Black matte wooden table from hgtv.

There is nothing wrong with using a wooden coffee table in your living room decoration. Black paint on this table is a smart idea that can be done easily, you can combine it with a foot spindle for a more different look. Adjust the length of the table with the sofa to balance your current living room. Repaint wooden coffee table from hgtv.

If you have a living room with limited space then you can use a sleek wooden table that is equipped with storage underneath. You can use iron hairpin legs for a more eye-catching look. Usually this table is used in a modern-style living room decoration which is equipped with the use of a neutral colored sofa. Sleek wooden table with hairpin legs from homebnc.


Glass Coffee Table

Talking about the durability, the glass material won’t be the good one as it can be easily cracked or broken. However, glass material still really loved and used by so many people because of the material look that won’t be had by other materials. Its clear and clean look becomes the attractiveness of the material that can give a luxurious room impression. You can look at the following examples to know the beauty of the glass coffee table.

To make your living room look more luxurious and clean, you better use a glass coffee table. This glass coffee table makes it easy for you to maintain, even though the glass table is also prone to breaking or cracking. Don’t put too much weight on this glass coffee table, if you want a glass coffee table that doesn’t look empty, you can also add light accessories such as green plants in a glass filled with water. Hexagon shape glass table from decoist.

Feel free to use two or three glass tables in one roar. Use a glass table with a similar shape to make your living room look harmonious. You can use glass on a table with a thicker size, to make it stronger and not easily cracked or broken. Glass table with thick size from decoist.

The glass flat coffee table is perfect for a modern living room in your home. The luxurious and minimalist appearance makes your living room look spacious and charming. Don’t forget to avoid overloading this glass coffee table. The minimalist look that rests on one leg makes it look slim so it saves a lot of space. Flat glass coffee table design from decoist.

Don’t just stick to one layer on a glass coffee table, you can also make a glass coffee table with several levels. You can add a shelf at the bottom of the coffee table that also uses thick glass as additional storage that can be used as best as possible. In addition, with this you can give a different look from other glass coffee tables. Tiered transparent glass coffee table from decoist.

A glass coffee table with storage is also perfect for use in a modern living room. Because in today’s modern era you should use multifunctional furniture that makes the room more efficient and neat. You can save some of your collection of books as decoration and also as your guest’s literacy. Glass table design with storage underneath from decoist.

If you want to incorporate an element of art into the living room, you can also use a glass coffee table with a curved shape. This glass coffee table is very artistic, feel free to use more than one coffee table. Using these two curved glass coffee tables doesn’t make your room look cramped. Also combine it with some sofas with unique shapes and other additional decorations to make your living room more harmonious. Curved glass coffee table from decoist.

The combination of wood and glass looks very slick, you can combine these two elements on a coffee table to create a modern farmhouse living room decoration. There are several panels that will make your glass coffee table more sturdy and unique, so you can add some other accessories so that this glass coffee table doesn’t look empty and boring. Combination of wood with glass coffee table from hgtv.

It doesn’t always have an angled angle, you can also use a glass coffee table with a corner that has a fairly large radius. This aims to minimize scratches on the corners of the glass coffee table that can injure your body or your loved ones. Use a glass coffee table with two levels to keep the top of the coffee table from falling apart. Coffee table with rounded corners from hgtv.

A glass coffee table does not have to use only clear glass, you can also use black ribbon glass as the main part of a glass coffee table in your living room. This ribbon coffee table gives a different color to your living room. The black color also makes your glass coffee table not easy to look dirty. Black ribbon glass table from hgtv.

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For you who want the classic and glorious atmosphere into your room, ottomans could be the best choice for you. Although it doesn’t have a sturdy surface, it can still be used as the table. There are several different ottoman shape that you can find. It covers from the rectangular, square, to the circle one. Choose the one based on your sofa or chairs size and number. Provide everything in balance and get the perfect ottoman application.

If you use two sofas and two velvet chairs, the use of a medium-sized ottoman table with the same number will solve the problem of placing coffee or books safely and neatly and regularly. Choose and use two coffee table ottomans in the same color so that they can be combined easily when you use different colored interiors in this one room. Double ottoman coffee table from homedit.

It’s a good idea to cover the surface of the ottoman coffee table using a wooden surface that has a smooth and slab surface to minimize coffee or other items that are placed overturning and causing chaos. When you have a large living room floor area, you can use a big ottoman coffee table made of synthetic leather so that it is not easily torn when used for a long period of time. Ottoman coffee table with wood veneer on top from homedit.

To add texture and color to your contemporary contemporary living room decoration, the use of a patterned ottoman coffee table is a smart idea that you can try as one of the right uses for the interior of the living room. The use of a striped rug in the same room is also an addition to an elegant pattern that can blend in perfectly without appearing tacky. Patterned ottoman coffee table from homedit.

Perfect your classic living room decor with the use of a patterned ottoman table that has a warm earth tone color blend. Currently you can use several living room interiors with matching colors to display room decorations that are not tacky and seem elegant. The use of this coffee table ottoman is enhanced by the presence of a tufted stool that can be used as an additional comfortable sitting area. Patterned and earth tone color ottoman coffee table from homedit.

Classic and rustic nuances can be combined in one living room when you use the right interior, one of which is the use of a light brown ottoman leather coffee table. In addition to the ottoman coffee table, you can also combine it with the use of wooden chairs that have been re-varnished and a dark brown velvet sofa that looks warm. You can try it right now. Leather coffee table ottoman from homedit.

Adjust the use of the ottoman coffee table with the use of a sofa and whether or not the floor area of ​​your living room is wide. When you have more seating area then you can use a coffee table rectangle ottoman with a choice of natural colors that can be combined easily when you use a patterned rug layer. Choose and use an ottoman made of leather to further highlight the classic living room decor. Rectangle ottoman coffee table from homedit.

Do you want to display natural furniture in your classic modern living room decoration? If so, then the use of a rattan ottoman coffee table is a smart interior that you can use. Because this ottoman has a smaller size, it is perfect for those of you who have limited living room decorations, besides that this coffee table ottoman is also equipped with storage underneath. Rattan woven ottoman coffee table from homedit.

If you have a modern minimalist style living room decoration, then you can use a white rectangle ottoman coffee table which is equipped with stainless steel legs that look shiny. The advantage of this ottoman is that it can be used as a closed storage idea that you can use as well as possible. White ottoman coffee table with storage underneath from homedit.

No need to worry when you have a living room with limited space, because we have the right furniture ideas and are perfect for your room. Small round ottoman coffee table is one of the highly recommended furniture, you can choose this coffee table with the use of a sturdy iron chair so that it can be used for a long period of time and of course the upper surface can be used according to your needs. Small round ottoman coffee table from homedit.

The last ottoman coffee table idea that you can use is a tufted ottoman with a touch of pure white that looks luxurious. This ottoman table is perfect for use in modern-style living room decorations. You can place this table right on top of a vintage rug with a touch of neutral color to make the room look more elegant. White tufted ottoman coffee table from homedit.

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Basically in choosing the right the best coffee table for your living room won’t only about the taste that you have. You should also adjust it based on the sofa or chair styles that you have or the decoration concept that you apply to the living room. Even for each material, the coffee table can have so many different designs. That is why you can have a lot of references for your own coffee table. Well, anyway, which one did you choose?

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