27 Home Office Organization Ideas with Industrial Design

The industrial home office decor is great for anyone who works remotely from home. It is artistic, stylish, eco-friendly, and motivates much more productivity. Now, to start everything, we can bring up about home office organization within the industrial ambiance. What you need to fulfill this is either raw or recycled material, such as metal or repurposed wooden furniture. Read through the following ideas to get inspired.

1. DIY Iron Pipe Bookshelf Brackets

These hanging pipe bookshelf brackets are just so edgy. You don’t have to make them yourself since they are available in many online shops. All you have to do is install them together and attach them with more materials like wooden shelves and drawers. The entire installation will make a retro-industrial home office organization, and it is totally cool!

Take advantage of a little part of the empty wall of the industrial home office to hang iron pipe brackets which are combined with plywood which has a lighter color. This shelf can be used to put some ornamental items that can beautify the room instantly, in addition to putting decorations you can also use it as a place to store your books so they are not scattered everywhere and cause the room to be messy. Square shape iron pipe brackets from architectureartdesigns.

The combination of black pipe material with hardwood can be turned into storage in your home office decoration this year. You can hang this shelf on an empty wall so that it can be used better. The rectangular wooden work table can be equipped with two work chairs so that it can be used by two people simultaneously. No need to repaint for a more attached industrial look. Black pipe rack with hardwood material from shelterness.

Industrial bracket shelving designs add a lot of character to your home office decor this year. This built-in pipe rack blends with your workbench so that it functions better. This shelf is a very versatile piece and is suitable for industrial, rustic or contemporary room designs. Some beautiful ornaments become a beautiful room decoration. Built-in industrial bracket shelf from home-designing.

If you are looking for simple, compact and versatile storage then you can use several tiers of pipe rack brackets that hang on the wall just above your desk. The combination of iron and wood on this shelf has a hard surface so that it is more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Tiered pipe rack bracket from home-designing.

Do you have a limited size home office decoration? If so, then you can use hanging pipe rack brackets that are arranged vertically in the red brick wall area. This shelf can be used to store books and several painting frames with different sizes and themes. Glass walls are a natural and very healthy source of sunlight. Vertical bracket pipe rack from home-designing.

Create a DIY pipe rack that comes from your wall to expand your workspace and storage in your industrial home office decor. This pipe rack hanging is a smart storage solution that makes it easy for you to store items or books easily because it is open. The simplicity of this DIY pipe rack does not require the use of a ladder when storing or placing your belongings. DIY wall-mounted pipe rack from decoist.

The more tiers of pipe racks you use, the more storage you can do. You can combine this black pipe material with reclaimed wood which has sufficient thickness so that it can accommodate more storage that you can do. The existence of this pipe rack is perfected by hanging industrial lights made of iron cages in the same color. Tiered industrial pipe rack from homebnc.

You can design a pipe rack from scratch to easily make your own, you can use a small part of the wall for a very simple industrial storage idea with the right amount of detail. Apply this pipe rack right above your workbench to make it easier for you to take or store items that are often used. Industrial pipe rack on the workbench from homedit.

To fill an empty area on your wall, a small hanging pipe rack is a smart idea that you can easily install as a storage device that doesn’t take up much space. You can combine this pipe material with a wooden laminate board that is used as an area to put some books and some other ornaments that can enhance the look of your industrial home office. Maybe two shelves are enough to accommodate your storage properly. Small hanging pipe rack from homedit.

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2. DIY Industrial Mini Storage

In doing this DIY industrial mini storage, you need a used one for storing jewelry or cosmetics. It is usually colorful and flowery, so, all you need to do is a transformation. Use some chalk paint to repaint the mini storage and get a rustic touch on the color. Once the paint is dry, you may add a coat of dark wax to give an effect of weathered wood to your mini storage.

Next, stick some label pulls with hot glue on the fronts of the drawers. Write the names of the office supply you want to store in the cabinet on some cards that fit the label slots on the drawer pulls. Now, you have military-styled mini storage for your office supply.

Do you need a little storage in an industrial home office decor in an organized manner? If so, then you can use some rattan wicker baskets that are neatly arranged on an open pipe rack that makes it easier for you to reach them. You can use this basket according to the function and needs of the goods to make it easier to find when needed in a fast time. Woven basket storage organization from curatedinterior.

Another mini storage option that you can apply in decorating this industrial room is a wall mounted wooden box which is equipped with other hanging baskets that have different materials and sizes. You can apply this storage right in the front wall area of your work desk so that it can be used more optimally according to your current storage needs. Wall mounted storage from curatedinterior.

If you have a lot of magazines in your home office space then you should make a simple DIY holder to apply to the empty wall. Currently you can use a medium-sized magazine rack so that it can accommodate more of your favorite magazines. This shelf can be placed on the side of the work table so as not to interfere with your space. DIY magazine rack organization from curatedinterior.

The laminated board that is applied to the wall is equipped with three important document storage containers made of reclaimed iron material, making it very suitable for use in industrial home office decorations that seem simple. You can arrange this document storage vertically so that it doesn’t take up too much of your wall space which will damage the view of the room to seem messy. Document storage organization with reclaimed iron storage containers from shelterness.

Or if you have iron pipes and hardwood then you can turn it into a small storage idea that can be used to store any item according to the wide capacity of this shelf. This shelf seems sturdy because it is made of two materials that have a hard surface and are not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Hanging small pipe storage rack from shelterness.

Leave a little space on your desk to place a level iron tray that you can use for small storage ideas that don’t interfere with your space at all. You can use this tray to put small items that are easily lost so that they are easier to find when needed, making it more effective and efficient. The material used by this tray also looks sturdy and has an industrial style. Tiered iron storage tray from idealhome.

Do you have reclaimed wood that is no longer in use? If so, then you can reuse them as storage ideas by making small drawers that can be used according to your storage needs. Place these small drawers right in the corner of the work desk that is rarely used so it doesn’t interfere with your movement activities while working. Small wooden drawers storage from idealhome.

You can complete the three wire baskets that are hung on the wall vertically with a label according to the contents of the basket. With this label, it will be easier for you to find the item you are looking for, although this storage seems very simple, it will certainly be useful in decorating your industrial home office. Vertical wire storage basket from idealhome.

Choose and use a work desk with small storage underneath so as to make this office decoration more practical and less complicated. You can use this pull-out drawer to put and store small items that are often used so that finding items will be more effective and efficient. Repaint this drawer with a splash of neutral colors like black, white and gray. Small drawer pull storage from curatedinterior.

Adjust the use of storage in your industrial home office decoration with the size of the room you have. Currently you can have a small standing rack that is equipped with wheel legs so that it is easier to pull anywhere according to your needs without having to lift it. The thing to remember is that you can use this rack from black iron material that is sturdy and not easy to rust or damp when used for a long period of time. Standing rack with wheels from decoist.

This mini drawer storage that is placed on the floor area in a tiered manner is an additional small home office storage idea that you must try right now. These drawers have the same material as the legs of your workbench, namely reclaimed iron material that is still sturdy and not porous. Glass windows are easy sources of sunlight. Mini drawer storage from architectureartdesigns.

Not only in the floor area, but you can also place these mini storage drawers on your work desk or more precisely in the corner of the desk so as not to disturb your space. These drawers can be used for organizing important document storage to make them easier to find in a fairly fast time. Corner mini drawers storage from architectureartdesigns.

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3. Stationery Holder and Stand

If you love to show off your stationery, this accessory is awesome for the whole look of your desk. It is a stand consisting of three small tin buckets linked with thin wire to store your stationery, such as pens, pencils, and paintbrushes. You can also have another to place some tiny house plants in, making it a green home office organization.

If you are going to add a stationery storage container on your desk, then a small tin bucket is a smart idea that you can try for an industrial home office decoration. Don’t forget to repaint this tin with a matching color according to the color tone of the room so that it can blend in more perfectly, black is the best choice for the style of this room. Black matte tin bucket stationery organization from livingspaces.

Do you have a small tin bucket that is no longer in use? If so, then you can reuse it as a storage container for some of the stationery you have and then place it right on your desk. Instead of using a wooden table, now you can include modern-style furniture as an industrial home office display that has its own aura and of course gives a big appearance and change. Tin pencil case on modern office desk from decoist.

You can repaint the four small tin buckets on the workbench using gold to make it look more shiny and clean. You can use this small tin bucket to store some of your pencils or ballpoint pens so that they are not easily lost and easy to find when they are going to be used. Place these pencil cases neatly at a distance from each other. Repaint gold tin pencil storage from idealhome.

So that your stationery is not scattered everywhere, you can reuse food cans that are not in use as an effective stationery storage idea. Before you use this can, it’s a good idea to wash it first and then wait for it to dry and after that it can be used as an on-budget storage container in this industrial-style home office decoration. Use two to three cans to accommodate more of the stationery you have. Cans used for stationery containers from idealhome.

Try to keep your work desk neat and orderly so that it can be used comfortably when carrying out your office tasks. One of the mandatory storages on the workbench is a small tin bucket that is used to hold all your stationery so that they are easier to find with more efficient time. You can put this storage bucket tin right next to the wooden box that is used as a small storage as well. Combination of tin bucket with wooden storage box from curatedinterior.

A small tin bucket that is placed on a wood that has been perforated according to the size of this small bucket you can use as a storage container for your stationery so that it doesn’t scatter everywhere. This wood accent is also equipped with a document storage hole that can be used simultaneously so that it can function better and of course it really saves your work desk area. Small tin on wood that has been perforated from homebnc.

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Having known the three home office organization ideas with industrial design, try at least one, and you will be ready to work in such a well-motivating ambiance.


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