25 Ways to Bring the Water Feature into Your Garden

Completing your garden with water features sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It will give a natural look and amazing landscape idea as well. In this case, water fountain and pond have their ranks as the most commonly considered as garden complements. The water fountain has developed for years in Mesopotamia and becomes famous in countries. On the other hand, ponds are built to add a plus point to your garden. It is usually made of bricks, concrete, or stones. Moreover, lush lawn, succulents, flowers, shady trees make the pond looks truly great in your garden. Now, check the gallery below to get more inspirations in designing your garden with water features.

Providing Water Fountain

First of all, the water fountain becomes the element to beautify the landscape of your garden. Water fountain creates a relaxing sound of running water that will liven up the ambiance. Also, it brings you into an enjoyable moment while spending time in your garden. That’s why some people consider a water fountain into their garden design. There are various types of the water fountains, from the simple to the ones with ornaments. Sometimes, a water fountain is placed in a strategic point to make a statement. Furthermore, it adds a character to your garden and helps to present beauty of nature.

This decorative stone fountain may be suitable for you to add to your front garden design. Requiring easy-to-find materials, this fountain will have a low budget décor. The sound of gurgling water will produce a stylish garden design. Stone fountain from countryliving.

Provide this fountain in your garden to provide a relaxing atmosphere. The shape is really classic but stunning. Choosing a fountain from these stacked pots gives a unique look and will steal the attention of many people. This DIY is too good to pass up in your own backyard. Stacked pots fountain from countryliving.

Provide this kind of water feature in your garden. It features endless fountains that beautify the look of your garden. Choosing this fountain will make your garden decoration more stylish. Moving this fountain from solar energy will also give an attractive room appearance for you to try. Pair it with some greenery and solar lights for a unique decor. Water feature garden from countryliving.

it is a nice fountain that you can add to your garden design. This décor offers soothing flowing water. In addition, this fountain can also function as a fun bird bath. Add some greenery and blooming flowers for an interesting result. Water fountain from countryliving.

This cool-looking fountain made from recycled watering cans and a hand wash basin is the perfect addition to a country garden. Putting it in the corner of this garden will make the perfect room decoration. This will create a dramatic and extraordinary look in your garden. Watering cans fountain from countryliving.

Get this unique fountain for your garden. Its attractive shape makes it a great statement. This bamboo fountain can add a bit of zen to your backyard or patio. Adding these pebbles and concrete bowls will make your garden décor look stylish and will grab the attention of many. Bamboo fountain from countryliving.

This fountain looks amazing with dusty bowling balls crunching in the basement. Add pebbles around the bowling ball to make this fountain look more stylish. Using these concrete barrels also provides a unique decoration for your home garden style. Dusty bowling balls water fountain from bobvila.

Take a look at this wine cask fountain. It is great to place this kind of water feature outdoors. This could be the focal point of your new favorite backyard. Adding these LED fountain lights and water plants will give a unique garden design and steal the attention of many people. Wine cask fountain from bobvila.

An elegant backyard fountain design doesn’t have to be expensive. The trio of planters makes the perfect water feature to create the perfect garden focal point. These paving stones can be stacked on the bottom pot to support the pot above and hidden by layers of stone collected from the surrounding landscape. Trio planters fountain from bobvila.

This fun fountain looks balanced on a pile of landscape rocks. Choosing ai mancu from this terracotta pot will give a unique and stylish look. Placing it in the center of this garden would be the perfect garden focal point. This fountain can also serve as a bird bath in your garden. Bird bath fountain from bobvila.

This vintage garden fountain design will give a unique and eye-catching look. Just use an old wine barrel, a few used bottles and a galvanized basket for maximum results. Some glass shards to create a water feature that evokes a bucket of cold vino. Vintage garden fountain from bobvila.

To beautify the appearance of your garden, make a fountain complete with dividing lines for maximum results. Placing it in the center of this garden would be the perfect focal point. Complete it with some greenery and green grass to provide fresh air and a natural feel throughout your garden. Water fountain from hgtv.

A large copper pot turned into a fountain sits in a small pond that serves as the focal point of this garden space. This fountain looks very classic. Surrounded by colorful flowers, it brings life to your garden atmosphere. Some green plants also give a fresh and natural feel to the room. Copper pot water fountain from hgtv.

Turn these huge Terra Cotta planters into incredible fountains. This room design will be a perfect garden decoration and steal the attention of many people. Opting for these three-tiered planters would make the perfect room decor. Add a frog figurine for a unique look. Terra Cotta water fountain from balconygardenweb.

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Building Water Pond

The second water feature you can opt for is the pond. A pond does not always come with fish. You can just have a clean pond with or without a small waterfall, that’s optional. Generally, a pond is a manmade water feature to enhance a garden look. Stone or concrete will frame your pond perfectly. To make your pond interesting, you can put a statue for an aesthetic touch. Some ponds are not large enough. They only accommodate water and gravels. Decorated with lighting, they will look great. In contrast, there are some artistic ponds with length river style, koi pond, and the ones with small bridges.

The back area of the house, featuring a beautiful pond and equipped with a small waterfall, koi fish, and beautiful flower pots. A few chairs and a good book are all you need for a relaxing afternoon. Some of these stone piles also produce a natural and unique garden decoration. Pond KOI from homestratosphere.

A beautiful tropical pond with a high waterfall falls into this pool surrounded by moss-covered stone slabs. On the edge of this pond you can add some greenery and blooming flowers to give the garden a fresh and cool look. On the edge of the pool you can add a concrete edge for a neat and attractive result. Tropical pond from homestratosphere.

This koi pond surrounded by hedges and maple trees has a unique take on the expansive Japanese garden design. Combining with wood decks and shrub will add a touch of natural materials and fresh air throughout your garden. This Koi pond will look perfect and become the focal point of a stylish garden. Pond Design from homestratosphere.

Ferns and cute puppies decorate the small pond located in the corner of this yard. This design is a stylish room decor and would be the perfect focal point. Equipped with a fountain and rock pool edge, it will give the sound of water and your pool a neater look. Small pond from homestratosphere.

Building a water pond is another way to bring a water feature to your garden. Moreover, you can add a natural touch to your entire garden and plants. The colorful cobblestone paths and various types of plants around these puddles make your garden look more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. DIY water pond from homestratosphere.

The combination of a fountain and a pond creates an adorable water feature. This pool has a small umbrella-shaped fountain that will give an attractive appearance to your garden design. Petunias, hostas and lilies are planted around the outside of the pond, with a few water lilies on top for a fresh look. Water pond and fountain from homestratosphere.

Although small, this pond has a nice design. The lines of these bricks shape it well. Daylilies and other leafy plants surround parts of the pond creating a natural environment. This metal hero statue standing in shallow water makes your pool look more perfect. Pond and water fall from homestratosphere.

A shallow pond fed by a cascading fountain tucked into the rock’s edge makes the perfect garden decor. A narrow stone bridge connects the two sides of the walkway. Surrounded by some greenery and blooming flowers it presents a fresh and natural decoration. Pond and stone bridge from homestratosphere.

This water feature focuses on a large waterfall plunging into a small, shallow pond at the bottom. The selection of large boulders and surrounded by grass for the edge of this pool provides the perfect look. This waterfall provides a calming flow of water every time. Water feature pond from homestratosphere.

A small pond in the backyard surrounded by uneven rocks, is a great place to decorate your home garden. This pond is small, but very beautiful for you to add to your backyard garden. Grass and flowers make a beautiful landscape for your garden. Small pond design from homestratosphere.

The clear water and beautiful rocks make this garden pond the right place to gather with family. This natural stone lines the pool with greenery and handcrafted elements. Add some greenery and blooming flowers to create a fresh and natural garden decoration. Clear water pond from homestratosphere.

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Both water fountains and ponds need routine maintenance so that they give a beautiful feature for your garden. If you have more time, you can do maintenance daily to weekly. Furthermore, opt the one based on your budget. Thus, it does not take much cost to add any water feature. In addition, to complete the garden design, you can plant some shady trees to make your garden comfortable. Also, make a seating area to get together with your family in your spare time. Thus, which garden feature and design in the gallery inspire you?

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