Bright Up Your Outdoor Space during Fall with These 25 Lighting Ideas

Since during the fall season the weather will still give you possibilities to enjoy the outdoor space, then providing the proper lighting will be important. It won’t only be about the lighting not to let your outdoor space looks dark but also to give you comfort in enjoying the night outside. For the outdoor space, the spot that you should give more concerned about is the spot where you commonly spend your time there. For example, you may give more effort into your front porch lighting if you love to spend your time there. Or, you may concern about your patio. Since there are many kinds of lighting available, you may need references to choose the right one for your outdoor space. The following ideas will show you the application of many kinds of lighting.

Unique Shaped Lantern Lights

Lighting is one of the important accents that must be present in outdoor or indoor decorations. Therefore you can install some lighting lamps with unique shapes that not many people think about. Support the fall porch area with three or more birdcage lanterns that can be hung in several different areas at a distance that is not too far away. Just use this lantern when the outdoor atmosphere starts to feel dark to save budget expenses too. The layout of the sofa and coffee table under this lamp is very appropriate and you must try it. Birdcage LED Lantern Lights from @thefadedgraycottage

Different Sized Candle Lantern

Completed fall porch decoration with three candle lanterns of different sizes. Apply or just place it on the floor or rather in the corner of the porch room with a neat arrangement and try not to interfere with the road to your house. Repaint this candle lantern with several different colors, black and white to be the right combination that can blend perfectly. Its presence gives a warm impression in the porch area and is ready to be used as an initial welcome for your guests who come to the house. Mini Pumpkin Ornaments can be placed right next to them as an important decoration in autumn. DIY Different Sized Candle Lantern from @mysuburbannest

Vintage Iron Chandelier

To add an interesting impression to your fall porch decoration, also use the right lighting so that it can be seen clearly when the outside atmosphere starts to look dark. The right lighting choice is a hanging chandelier complete with several candles surrounding it. Its vintage-inspired appearance gives a simple and warm impression that never fails. Just hang it right in the middle of the ceiling porch so that it can illuminate the entire room evenly and maximally. Hanging Vintage Iron Chandelier from @design2selldl

Magical Fall Patio Decoration

Do you need lighting for outdoor patio areas? If so, then choosing a string bulb light with white lighting is a smart idea that you can try. This DIY lamp has many advantages that you can get, for example, it has a low price and is easier to apply in any area. In addition, the lighting produced also gives a magical vibe that is suitable to accompany your relaxing night when autumn arrives, don’t forget to add outdoor furniture as a sitting area that can be used comfortably. Candle lanterns are placed under the table to be a very appropriate additional lighting. White String Bulb Light from @daisyhomedesign

Symmetrical Lantern Lighting

Hanging lantern lighting is one of the lighting options that are often used in the front porch area. Yes, now you can choose it with a vintage look with the same two materials and two sizes. After that, install it right on both sides of the entrance at the same height to make it look more presentable and symmetrical. These two lantern lightings are ready to be used as outdoor lighting that will welcome the autumn night to be warmer and perfect. You can try it right now. Symmetrical Lantern Lighting from @1stoplighting

DIY String Bulb Light for Fall Patio

The selection of string bulb lights to be installed in the fall patio area is very appropriate because it is easy to install yourself without the need for professionals. Just attach it to the reclaimed wood ceiling evenly so that it can illuminate the patio as a whole. Get this lamp online to make it more practical. If this string bulb light is not enough to illuminate the outdoor area, then you can combine it with several candle lanterns that can be placed neatly on the floor area without disturbing your space while you are here. DIY String Bulb Light for Fall Patio from @partylights_com

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Hanging Candle Lantern

Whether hung on the wall or placed on the floor, candle lanterns are an outdoor lighting idea that you can try now to instantly illuminate the porch area. The lighting that will be produced gives a warm feel to the area around it. Just use this candle lantern when the porch area has started to feel dark so it can help your night activities while outdoors. After that, to complete the autumn theme in the front porch area, you can place several blooming flowers of different colors and types, with pumpkin and wreath ornaments being a sweet final touch. Hanging DIY Candle Lantern from @thelightingdesigncenter

Magical String Light

This magical string light that stretches across the backyard patio area is the main lighting idea at night. You can use more than one to illuminate the entire outdoor area evenly. In addition, this lighting is also ready to enliven the autumn patio theme this year. Here you can enjoy food dishes with a different atmosphere. What needs to be prepared at this time is to provide a dining table and chair set with a number of seating areas that suit the number of your family members. Use iron material to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Magical String Light from @outdoorlighting_residential

Outdoor Candle Holder Centerpiece

Who would have thought that candles could be a romantic lighting idea when autumn arrives? Yes, you can use it outdoors as a simple wooden dining table decoration to make it look more attractive. Just make this candle holder as a centerpiece decoration that will give a warm impression at night. Not only candle holders but you can also combine them with several pumpkins that have a variety of different sizes so that they look more varied. Use more than one candle holder so that it can be used as the main lighting that seems romantic and dramatic. Outdoor Candle Holder Centerpiece from @littlehouseonchestnut

DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns

Enjoy your autumn outdoors with the use of the right furniture and lighting and of course it will give a comfortable and bright impression. Now you can use a set of rattan wicker sofas and chairs complete with a DIY wooden table. Furthermore, to accompany your night activities, try to hang some paper lanterns that have a white color so that they look more elegant and easier to combine with the outdoor furniture around them. Hang this paper lantern using ropes with different heights, the sizes of which are varied are also ready to be used as different eye sights. DIY Paper Lanterns from @meganschram_

Outdoor String Light On Budget

If you need outdoor lighting that is practical, inexpensive, and easy to install, then some two or three-string lights are a smart idea that you can install. This light will accompany your night activities while on the backyard terrace. Attach to the ceiling evenly. Here you are ready to celebrate and welcome autumn with joy. String light with orange or yellow lighting will give a warm impression of its own that can make you feel more comfortable when talking with your family or friends who visit the house. Outdoor String Light On Budget from @the_canary_cottage

Outdoor Fairy Light for Patio Decor

Set the long and short use of fairy string lights in your backyard garden. When you have a sitting area with a large enough area, the use of a long string light is the right solution, now you can surround a bench and a wooden coffee table using this lamp so that the lighting you get will be more evenly distributed and stable. To emphasize the autumn theme, just use a centerpiece pumpkin that can be combined with green plants with a galvanized tray that is quite large and tall. Arrange all the outdoor decorations this fall by yourself according to the design you want. Outdoor Fairy Light for Patio Decor from @homeonnativetrail

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Hanging Pendant Lights

This solar-powered pendant lamp is one of the most fun ways to light up your fall porch area without using electricity. The lighting is bright enough for all night use. This is a great way to add some temporary light without a lengthy installation process. Just hang it on both sides of the entrance to your house with the same height and size so that it looks more symmetrical and ready to accompany your night activities while outdoors. This outdoor lighting idea is quite easy to try. Hanging Pendant Lights from @theroostingplace

Rustic String Light for Fall Patio Ideas

Bulb string lights are a classic way to light up any outdoor area. This lamp is available in almost every store so it is very easy to find it. The backyard, which is equipped with a reclaimed wood swing, can be perfected with a string light so that it can be used to relax at night this autumn. Here you can adjust your lighting according to how wide the backyard is because these string lights have long and short strings that can be adjusted easily. Just choose a string light powered by solar lights for your convenience and of course more practical. Rustic String Light for Fall Patio Ideas from @ruefer.heartandhome

Portable Candle Lantern Lighting

To add a little light to the deck area in your fall garden decor, using a large enough candle lantern is a very smart idea. Its use allows you to do late-night activities. Just place it on a bench where you can sit comfortably, this candle lantern can be moved anywhere easily when needed. This reclaimed wood DIY bench is also complemented by a throw pillow and a thick knitted blanket that will add to your warmth when autumn arrives. Portable Candle Lantern Lighting from @caligirlinasouthernworld

Fall Front Porch with Mix Lighting

The existence of lighting is very important to be applied both indoors and outdoors. Pay attention and consider the idea of ​​outdoor lighting in the fall so that it can be used to relax at night. Here in the deck area, you can use several different lighting sources. Starting from a string light with a hanging lantern. These two outdoor lightings are a combination that never fails to give a dramatic and romantic impression to the outdoor area, just choose and use a lantern with orange lighting to make it more perfect. Both provide dim lighting that is not glaring and is suitable to be enjoyed with your partner. Fall Front Porch with Mix Lighting from @flower_child_farms

Classic Hanging Lantern Lighting

Black and white become a color combination that produces a monochromatic touch instantly, these two colors will never fail when applied to the autumn front porch area, complete with pumpkin ornaments neatly arranged on the floor area. Furthermore, this porch certainly requires lighting at night, therefore you can install a classic hanging lantern with a size large enough. Just hang this lantern lighting to the highest ceiling so that it can spread the lighting evenly. Dried corn husk on a tall planter is a final decoration that emphasizes the autumn theme, you can try placing it on both sides of the entrance to your home. Classic Hanging Lantern Lighting from @real_estate_jen

Hanging Chandelier with Candle Lighting

The existence of outdoor furniture outside the room is incomplete if it is not perfected with appropriate outdoor lighting. Currently, you can enjoy autumn at night because it is equipped with a hanging chandelier with candle lighting that looks DIY, simple but warm. Just hang this candle chandelier right above the hanging daybed in the porch area to provide more focused lighting. Don’t forget to also prepare a warm cloth to cover the hanging daybed to provide maximum comfort and warmth for you and your family while in this area at night. Hanging Chandelier with Candle Lighting from @julia.evertson

Magical String Lighting for Porch Decor

Not only focus on the front porch but to help your guests illuminate the area of the stairs leading to your house you also need to pay attention. Try to apply a magical string light complete with a candle lantern so as to provide maximum lighting. Both will work well at night. Try to do the right layout so as not to interfere with this staircase. Pumpkin ornament with a size large enough to become an important decoration in autumn that never goes out of fashion. This string light also frames the entrance to make it more magical. Magical String Lighting for Porch Decor from @thequeenofhalloween365

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Warm Porch Hanging Lighting

Besides being able to be outdoor lighting, a hanging pendant lamp with orange lighting gives a warm impression that you can imitate right now to remodel the fall front porch area in your home. Use this light when the porch area has started to look dark. You can also hang it right on the ceiling in the middle of the porch so that it can illuminate the entire area evenly. Because this lamp has a shape that is quite unique and different, its existence is ready to be made also as a multifunctional decorative item. You can add autumn decorations such as mini pumpkin wreaths and dried corn husks for a more inviting outdoor atmosphere. Warm Porch Hanging Lighting from @jaclyn.gwen.interiors

Rustic Style Chandelier

This chandelier design with branch series lampshade has a unique appearance that can be a decorative item as well as outdoor lighting that gives an instant rustic impression. Here you can hang it on the front porch as the main lighting at night. No need to repaint this branch chandelier, let it appear naturally so that it blends in with the outside more perfectly. Just assemble this lampshade yourself according to the design you want, and do it when you have free time on the weekend. This will be an interesting idea that you can try. Rusic Style Chandelier from @jaydeandjem

DIY Candle Centerpiece Lighting

Lighting has an important role to play in an outdoor theme with a touch of autumn this year. With adequate lighting, your night activities will still work well and optimally. Here you can use and combine candle lanterns with torches that look modern and attract attention. Both can be placed on the dining table to be used as an autumn centerpiece idea, just add some harvest ornaments as a compliment. But it’s a good idea to cover the dining table with a white tablecloth and an orange table runner for an elegant look that will never fail. DIY Candle Centerpiece Ligting from @thistlegroveinteriors

Simple Look Ceiling Lighting

The easiest way to enjoy autumn this year is to use the outdoor area as a relaxing area and is suitable for use during the day or night. During the day you may not need lighting because it has direct sunlight. But for the night you will need more extra lighting, so think about installing outdoor lighting according to the autumn patio deck theme you are using. When your patio is dominated by reclaimed wood, for the right lighting, there are several string lights that can be applied directly to the ceiling so that it will illuminate the area below it brighter and brighter. Ceiling String Light Ideas from @thistlegroveinteriors

Wall Mounted Lantern Lighting

Lantern lighting is one of the choices of types of lighting that is suitable for use outside or inside the room. For now, you can try to apply it to the fall porch to hang it on the open brick wall as the main lighting that can be used at night. Furthermore, when you need additional lighting, candle lanterns of two different sizes become additional lighting that can be placed on the floor area or rather beside the entrance to your house. Maple leaf garland and a dried wreath plant are very inviting autumn decorations, you can apply them all to the front door of your house for anyone to see. Wall Mounted Lantern Lighting from @urbina_home

Outdoor Tree Lighting Ideas

When you will enjoy autumn wisely outdoors, don’t forget to provide furniture as well as lighting that will support your night activities while outdoors. For example, when you are going to use the garden area, install it and just use the fairy garden to attach it to the large tree around it. The existence of these two wooden pallet chairs is also enhanced by the presence of a portable firepit that will provide a warm feel as well as additional lighting that will be obtained instantly. You can try these fairy tree lighting ideas for a different look and idea. Outdoor Tree Lighting for Fall Seating Area from @lovekentuckyliving


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