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25 Ways to Present Snowflake for Winter Home Decor

Nothing can be more effective, easy, and authentic than the snowflake to present the winter touches…

Nothing can be more effective, easy, and authentic than the snowflake to present the winter touches for your home decoration. It won’t be boring to use the snowflake since it can be used to create many different kinds of decoration. Well, let me give you the ideas. You can use the snowflake for your garland or wreath to decorate your wall, fireplace, window, door, just anything. Also, you can have the snowflake to decorate your furniture like chairs or tables. Even for your Christmas tree, the snowflake can be a perfect match for the tree. Do you like to have some decorative candles? The snowflake will give you an extra pretty look for your winter decorative candles. Now, please take a look at the following references.

Do you need wall decoration in winter? If so, then a snowflake wreath is a wall decoration idea that you must try right now. You can hang it right above the dresser which is used to place several candle holders, while the orange string light is a perfect accent that can make this bouquet still look bright at night. Get this DIY string light at a pretty cheap price. String light wreath design from marthastewart.

Transform your mirror appearance with a snowflake garland to harness the power of winter which is quite popular this year. To make this winter garland you only need a needle, white thread and plain white origami paper. After everything is assembled perfectly then you can hang it on both sides of the mirror using tacks so as not to damage the walls of your house. Candlesticks, metallic balls and some winter gifts are perfect ornaments that can be obtained easily. Winter mirror decoration from marthastewart.

If you have a blackboard, then you can use it as a way to bring snow to your home decor, now you can make snowflake white chalk art that can be used as a display that can be placed on a vintage stool so that it has a higher position. A pine leaf garland and several candle lanterns are a combination of decorations that can be placed simultaneously in one area. Snowflake chalk art from marthastewart.

Socks are becoming a pretty popular winter ornament this year, but for a more eye-catching look you can add some white snowflakes that are complemented by some green leaves around them. Hang these socks using white ribbons to make them look funnier, insert a piece of cardboard into the socks to make them look wider and of course stiffer. Snowflake stockings from marthastewart.

Choose and use glitter paper to make an inexpensive winter craft. Now you can turn it into a DIY garland that can be perfected with some other ornaments such as Christmas balls that are put in a transparent glass cup. After everything is assembled properly and as expected, then you can hang it and apply it to the white fireplace. You can try it easily and cheaply. Glitter paper garland from marthastewart.

To emphasize the winter theme in the dining room decoration, you can cover the wooden dining table with a snowflake patterned tablecloth. This tablecloth has a white color so that the snowflake accents are clearly visible. To beautify the appearance of your dining table, try placing a flower bouquet made of colorful origami paper for a more festive and fun look. Snowflake pattern tablecloth from marthastewart.

The soft glow that comes through the use of this lighting snowflake will create an enchanting atmosphere for any winter holiday. Now you can apply it to the outdoor wall so that your home decor stays bright at night, besides this lighting snowflake can also be seen from afar and of course it looks eye-catching, interesting and festive. You can make it from a string light that has a yellow light. Exterior snowflake lighting from marthastewart.

To welcome winter on the dining table, then one way you can do is use a dinner napkin that is perfected with knitted snowflakes of several different shapes and sizes. Place this napkin on the dining table neatly, don’t forget to use napkins with pastel colors that are quite attractive and of course easier to combine with any tablecloth that is currently being used. Pastel color tablecloth from marthastewart.

Decorate your windows with a magical winter theme from snowflakes made of white paper. You can string these snowflakes using white thread so that they are arranged vertically and are able to coat the current part of your glass window. This DIY paper snowflake series can be seen from inside or outside the house so it looks quite spectacular to try. Several different sizes and shapes of snowflakes add texture to the room that emphasizes winter. Winter window decoration from marthastewart.

For a fun touch on your open shelf dish rack, you can use a pine leaf garland that is perfected with a snowflake ornament that has a yellow color. You can make this garland easily and cheaply. Hang these snowflakes using a string at a neat and not too far apart. This shelf is made of reclaimed wood that has been repainted using brown so it is very suitable to be placed in a farmhouse-style room. Pine leaf garland design from countryliving.

To emphasize the winter theme in your dining room decor, the use of snowflake chandeliers is a smart idea that you can try. Hang these chandeliers right above your dining table as lighting that can be used when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark, make this ornament from reclaimed wood that looks vintage. Hang these snowflakes using a white string to make them more sturdy. Snowflake chandeliers from countryliving.

Instead of using a Christmas ball ornament with white snowflakes hanging on a Christmas tree greenery design, make this snowflake ornament from white paper to make it cheaper and of course increase your creativity. End the appearance of this Christmas tree with a string light that has orange lighting and of course gives a warm impression to the room in winter. Place this Christmas tree in an area of ​​the room that is often visited by your guests as a beautiful sight. Ornament Christmas tree from digsdigs.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate your winter bedroom at this time. Use bedding and pillowcases with 3D snowflake patterns to make it more instant and easier. Complete the existence of this snowflake pattern with colorful Christmas balls placed on top of your white nightstand. This elegant and festive appearance is more budget-friendly and will be liked by many people. Selection of bedding and pillowcases from digsdigs.

Wooden snowflakes can look lovely when you try them on the staircase as a fun holiday decorating idea. Attach these snowflakes to the banister using tacks so they don’t come off easily and viola. Don’t forget, before installing it, you can repaint it with plain white. All your guests will see and enjoy the splendor of this winter while in your home. Staircase decoration from digsdigs.

Don’t let your white walls look plain and boring when winter comes, the big snowflake ornament is a smart choice that you can hang using a ribbon to the ceiling so it’s more sturdy and doesn’t come off easily. Use this snowflake ornament in red to make it look bolder and of course it can be used as the focal point of the room. Red candles and blankets are accents that you can place in this small living room. Bold color wall decor from digsdigs.

The various sizes of snowflakes that are hung in the dining room area are equipped with string lights so that they can be used as room lighting as well as winter decorations which are very popular and not easily boring. You can hang it with a hemp rope to emphasize the vintage and rustic touch in this room. Next, cover your wooden chair with red pillows so that this sitting area is more comfortable and warm when in use. Snowflake as room lighting from digsdigs.

Some white snowflakes that are hung using a yellow ribbon have an orange background so they look more real and contrast. In addition, these snowflakes can also replace the door wreath that has been used by many people. In addition to giving a winter statement, this door snowflake hanging can also be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to the house, besides this ornament also looks newer. Hanging snowflakes door from christmas.365greetings.

These acrylic snowflakes create a visually elegant decorative peace that will make for a sparkling room decoration. Currently you can hang it in the glass window area so that it can be seen from outside the room so it is very suitable to be used to welcome winter this year. Use this snowflake ornament with a size large enough so that it can be used as a winter focal point that is quite eye-catching. Acrylic snowflakes from christmas.365greetings.

Do you have a mason jar that is no longer in use in the kitchen? If you have it, you can reuse this mason jar as a winter ornament that can be repainted and painted with a small white snowflake pattern. You can use several different colors of paint, but blue is a great choice this winter. To serve as a funnier winter ornament, you can add jingle bells as a sweet final touch. Mason jar snowflake from christmas.365greetings.

So that your wooden walls look more festive and fun when winter comes, then you can hang some knitted snowflakes made of white thread, with this your creativity will be present to the maximum. You can hang it on the floating barn wood to emphasize the rustic theme in this room. In addition, when you can’t do this DIY craft yourself, you can buy it at a craft store or you can also buy it online. DIY knitting snowflake yarn from christmas.365greetings.

Choose and use a variety of colors and sizes of origami paper to turn into some DIY snowflake ornaments that can be used as a fun wall backdrop. Besides being used as a wall decoration, this origami snowflake paper can also be used as a photo spot with your family and guests who come. Paste this ornament using adhesive glue which is quite sturdy and does not come off easily when used for a long period of time, you can try it right now. DIY origami snowflake paper from christmas.365greetings.

Take advantage of the pieces of wood you have as winter snowflake ornaments that seem vintage so that they are very suitable when applied to a rustic or farmhouse-style room. Before you paint this snowflake, then you can paint the background first using black paint so that it looks clearer and more contrasting. Place this wooden craft on top of the dresser along with the other ornaments. Isn’t it easy enough to do at home with your family to fill a cold winter day this year. Pieces of wood snowflake from christmas.365greetings.

This DIY open shelf with snowflake shape will emphasize the winter theme in your home decor. Hang this wooden shelf in one of the empty wall areas. This shelf serves to put some winter ornaments such as pinecones, clay stars and some gifts wrapped in colorful wrapping paper. No need to repaint this snowflake rack for a more natural look. DIY snowflake rack from christmas.365greetings.

Instead of using snowflake painting to bring a winter feel to your home decor, now you can use a throw pillow that has a white snowflake pattern so you can get it more instantly. To emphasize this season, you can also add pinecones ornaments that can be placed right next to it as a smart idea that you can do easily. Because this throw pillow has a gray base color, the snowflake accents can also be seen more clearly when viewed from a distance. Throw pillow snowflake pattern from christmas.365greetings.

This DIY snowflake stick decorated with a white ribbon can be placed in a transparent glass mason jar filled with silver glitter to be used as a dining table centerpiece decoration that is ready to use with a more beautiful appearance. The knick-knack on the snowflake looks beautiful and you can stick it using adhesive glue. Before this mason jar is used as a container, then you can wash it first so that it looks more clean and shiny. Snowflake stick from christmas.365greetings.

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