20 Magical Winter Table Centerpiece Ideas

It is known that winter has a magical impression so that it can be great if you apply the winter touches to your home decoration including your furniture. We do recommend you to have the winter touches to your centerpiece decoration especially the dining table. Imagine that you can have such a magical look when having a meal together with your family or close friends. There are some accessories that you can add to the decoration such as evergreen, pinecones, snowy effect, decorative candles, or a small Christmas tree that will add a magical impression to the decoration. You will see some perfect magical winter centerpiece table arrangements below. Choose the ones that can match well with your table size and shape. Also, consider matching it with the decoration style you have for your house.

Or when you want to present a farmhouse style, then you can use a white table runner decorated with some winter ornaments that have neutral colors such as a Christmas tree bottle brush and some white mini snowballs. A sizeable deer ornament with a layer of glitter on the outer surface gives it a luxurious look. This centerpiece decoration has a simpler look without going overboard, you can try it yourself, it’s easy and festive. Just adjust to the budget you have. Add a Glitter Deer Ornament from @flourishdesigns

A touch of luxury on your winter dining table can be obtained instantly. What you can do here is use a crystal centerpiece that is tall enough. Here you can also apply evergreens that are still fresh and can be easily found in the backyard garden. This crystal with glass material is ready to be used as a room statement and is very suitable for use by those of you who have a dining table with a round shape. The crystal ornaments that are used are like melted ice water droplets so they are very suitable for use when winter arrives. Festive Crystal Centrepieces from @setthemooddecor

All the material combinations on the dining table can be neatly arranged to be used as winter centerpiece decorations, you just need to use some neutral colors to make it easier to combine with other interiors around it. Bottle brush tree and snowflake which are dominated by beige touches are the right choice. Previously, you could resurface this wooden dining table with a plain white table runner that seemed simple but never failed. This centerpiece decoration can be arranged alone or with the family to fill in the blanks on the weekends. Neutral Themed Winter Centerpiece from @kellyscozystyle

Another winter centerpiece decoration that you can try is a flower arrangement that blooms beautifully. What you can try right now is roses which are dominated by bold red. Here you can perfect it by using a deep red candle stick as well. The flowers that are used will produce a fresh and fragrant aroma for the users of this table. Additional greenery can also be added, so there’s nothing wrong with using flower arrangements of more than one type and color. Blooming Flower Centerpiece with Bold Color from @wild.things.flowers

This farmhouse-style dining room decoration can be enhanced by using a simple centerpiece design with a forest theme using mini winter forest trees placed on natural wood slices. This centerpiece design will last longer because it is not equipped with other small ornaments that are usually around it. The surface of this slice wood can be filled with accents of fresh pinecones and evergreens. Get these fresh evergreen leaves easily in your backyard garden. Forest Scheme Winter Centerpiece from @mariedobish

Pinecones are popular enough to be used as midwinter decorations, but it’s a good idea to style them in a different design. Instead, fill your unique wooden dough bowl with pine cones, which come in two sizeable sizes. Not only pinecones, you can also combine them with some evergreen strands that you can easily find in the garden behind your house. Arrange the centerpiece according to your wishes for maximum results and as expected. Evergreen is an additional color that seems natural. Natural Winter Centerpiece from @studiobluedesignsco

If you want to bring snow nuances to this centerpiece dining table decoration, then you can use a snowflake theme on the dining table you are using. It’s not enough to get here, you can also put Christmas tree ornaments and candle holders that have beautiful patterns. This all-white decoration is more winter-themed when you combine it with the use of snowflake table runners which are dominated by white as well. You can imitate this dining table decoration right now. Snowflake Themed Centerpiece from @shsampso

In order for your centerpiece decoration to be neatly arranged on the dining table, you can use a wooden dough bowl which can be filled with green pine trees, snowflake ornaments and candle holders. All of these winter ornaments will blend harmoniously to decorate a shabby chic dining table that has neutral colors like white, brown and light gray. This dining table decoration is perfect when applied to a rustic or farmhouse style dining room. Snowflake ornaments can be made from white paper. Dough Bowl Centerpiece with Evergreen Accent from @my_love_of_christmas

Adjust the use of the centerpiece design to the size and shape of the dining table that will be used. If you use a round dining table that is not too big in size, then you can place a snowy cloche on the dining table to serve as a winter centerpiece decoration that can be combined with strong light from the use of silver ornaments around it. Because this dining table is made of natural wood, it looks more neutral and your centerpiece decoration can look clearer and more contrasting. Snowflake and pinecones ornaments are a combination of decorations that you can try. Cloche Centerpiece with Glass and Snowflake Accent from @karennau

Fresh evergreens can be placed on this rustic themed dining table keeping centerpiece decor down to earth and allowing you to more easily strike up a conversation with guests or family over a group lunch or dinner. Not only evergreens, you can also add several candlesticks with the same height as additional warming accents. Before applying this centerpiece decoration, it’s a good idea to cover a wooden dining table with a table runner made of cotton cloth which has a neutral color like plain white. It’s a good idea to coat the outer surface of the wax with birch which is a neutral color. Winter Wonderland Centerpiece from @blessedandcreativelyobsessed

The combination of white pillar candles and a tray repainted in silver is the perfect combination to be used as a winter centerpiece. You can complete this silver tray look with metallic silver winter balls. The appearance will be more colorful when you apply evergreens together. The existence of this winter centerpiece will be seen more clearly when you get the reflection of the lights around it, you can easily try it now. Pillar Candle with Silver Touch Color from @julieannmetzger

Do you want to bring a monochromatic and modern style and theme to your winter dining table? White pillar candles are a clever idea that you can implement. Apart from that, pine needles, pinecones and patterned table runners which are dominated by black and white are the right mix. You can get pine needles and pinecones in your backyard garden, so you don’t have to buy everything and of course save a lot of money decorating this winter theme. Modern Winter Centerpiece from @jessica_boydston

For a change to a winter themed dining table, you can add a simple centerpiece decoration that can combine evergreen ornaments, candle holders, and some bright orange fresh oranges. Choose and use a wooden box filled with the centerpiece material you have. Some photos of ancient kingdoms can also be placed in this box centerpiece as a new view that you will never fail to try this winter. Mini snowballs can also be added to this centerpiece area. Candlestick Accent with Mini Snowball from @mygeorgiancolonial

Do you have a wine bottle that you no longer use? If you have it, you can reuse it as a candle holder that can be used as a centerpiece on your dining table. What you need to do here is bring the maximum touch of the winter theme. For example, you can use a melted wine bottle candle holder of the same size. Other materials or ornaments that you can place here are green plants and several pinecones which are quite large in size so that they look bolder and of course can be used as a room statement. Melted Wine Bottle Candle Holder Centerpiece from @sweetndesign

Take a look at some of these Christmas balls dominated by the shiny red color. Can’t it be used as a statement centerpiece? Yes, you can combine it with a snowy theme with a dominant plain white color. What you can do here is add some DIY candle holders made of wood with a Christmas tree pattern that has been cut beautifully and neatly. The snowy table runner that is applied to this wooden dining table looks very simple even though it seems to be on a budget but still looks attractive. Statement Snowy Centerpiece from @eldecogr

Look at the faux snow accents that cover the surface of the coffee table used in this living room, can’t it be used as a winter welcome this year? Yes, you can buy it online at a very affordable price. Not only can you apply faux snow on this coffee table, but you can also apply a DIY wooden candle holder. This candle is finished with some evergreen strands that have been perfected with a snowy accent so it is very eye-catching, you can try it now. Snow Centerpiece with DIY Candle Holder from @theleafylady

Before applying the idea of a winter centerpiece to decorating your wooden dining table, it’s a good idea to cover the table with a table runner that has a neutral color. After it is neatly installed, you can place a winter pedestal bowl made of white ceramic. Just fill this pedestal bowl with two to three different materials and ornaments, for example you can combine evergreens, garland beads and a fairly large candle holder. These candles serve as a warming accent as well as a lighting idea that gives a warm effect to a room. Pedestal Bowl Winter Centerpiece from @seasideinteriors

Pinecones that are placed on the dining table can be used as a centerpiece decoration when winter arrives. Here you can give a snowy accent to the pinecones that are used so that they match this season’s theme. Not only pinecones, but you can also combine them with two large candle lanterns to be used as additional room lighting that you can use according to the needs of the room. Just these two ornaments that you can use to keep it neat and orderly and of course save more on the budget. Snowy Pinecones Centerpiece from @homehydrangea

There’s nothing wrong with decorating your winter centerpiece with a farmhouse style and theme that looks natural and shabby chic. Currently, you can use a dining table made of wood without polishing and repainting. Mix cotton strings, evergreens, and some ornaments made of burlap to give a warm effect to the surrounding space. Everything on this dining table can be arranged neatly and orderly so that it doesn’t disturb your dining room when eating at this table. Farmhouse Dough Bowl with Cotton Arrangement from @stagerroz

It’s a good idea before setting up the centerpiece decoration on your dining table to cover the table surface with a layer of plain white table runner so it has a very elegant appearance. Next, for the winter centerpiece theme, you can combine several materials that are easily available. For example, a combination of greenery, pinecones and some candle holders is a clever idea that you can use. Birch candle holders with three almost the same size can be placed neatly and parallel on an open tray made of wood. Birch Candle Holder with Natural Accent Centerpiece from @simpleinspirationsathome

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