How to Display Your Winter Mantel Decorations

When talking about winter, it won’t be far from the mantel. Even more, it is such a must for you to decorate your mantel so that it has winter touches. It is great to have a harmonious decoration with the current season, right? Anyway, in decorating the mantel this winter, you can consider some things that can be from the mantel color scheme and the mantel ornament that could be the ornament that is placed on the upper side of the mantel and the mantel part itself. You can get the references below where we have classified the terms.

Repaint the Mantel

Doing the repainting project for your mantel can give you multiple advantages. The first one, of course, you can make your old mantel to be seen as new and furnished well. Then, the second one is that you can make it prettier and have the winter color scheme impression. In this case, it will be great if you apply winter colors such as white, blue, or mint. However, you can still have another color if you want it but make sure that you choose the soft color so that you won’t lose its winter impression.

White Mantel Paint from Thespruce

Blue Repaint the Mantel from Missmustardseed

Light Grey Repaint Mantel from Bhg

Dark Blue and White Mantel from Bhg

Repaint Winter Mantel from Danslelakehouse

Dark Grey Repaint Mantel from Homebuilding

Beige Repaint Mantel from Homebuilding

Blue Repaint Mantel from Homebuilding

Black Repaint Mantel from Nextluxury

White Repaint Brick Mantel from Nextluxury

Neutral Repaint Mantel from Nextluxury

Light Grey Repaint Mantel from Idealhome

Green Repaint Winter Mantel from Idealhome

Grey Repaint Winter Mantel from Idealhome

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Upper Side Ornament

For a mantel, the upper side is the best spot where you can place some ornament there. There will be space there that will be wide enough for your ornament. Even when you don’t put anything there, your mantel will be seen as boring. For winter decoration, you can have an evergreen or small Christmas tree there, a winter vase arrangement, candles, and more. You can check on the following references for the complete ideas.

Snowflake and Pine Cone Ornament from Digsdigs

White Trees and Wreath Ornament from Digsdigs

Reindeer and Candle Ornament from Digsdigs

Candles and Pine Cone Ornament from Thespruce

Framed Snowflake Ornament from Thespruce

Hanging Wreath from Thespruce

Snowflake and Wooden Ornament from Thespruce

Leather Tree from Thespruce

Tabaco Basket with Wreath from Stylemotivation

Snowflake Art from Stylemotivation

White Star and Tree Ornament from Stylemotivation

Pine Cone Ornament from Diys

Gold Tree Branch Ornament from Diys

Hanging Snowflake from Diys

Snowman Ornament from Diys

DIY Scrap Wood Tree from Thepioneerwoman

Wooden Tree Ornament from Onekindesign

Snowy Pine Cone Arrangement from Onekindesign

Reindeer and Candle from Thepioneerwoman

Mantel Part Ornament

Besides the upper side of the mantel, you should also utilize the body part of the mantel itself to be decorated. In this case, you can have the garland, wreath, install a mantel screen, and some other possible ornaments. Anyway, you can also put some ornaments on the floor near the mantel on the right side or the left side of the mantel.

Snowy Wreath from Debbie-debbiedoos

Pom Pom Garland from Houseandhome

Lighted Evergreen Garland from Trendey

Wooden Star and Sled Ornament from Trendey

Snowflake Garland from Shelterness

Plaid and White Sock Ornament from Diys

String Light and Pine Cone Garland from Diys

Snowy Snowflake Garland from Diys

Wooden Sock Ornament from Thepioneerwoman

Lighted Leaves Garland from Onekindesign

Evergreen and Beaded Garland from Onekindesign

Snowflake Pillow and Sled from Onekindesign

Greeneries Garland and Sock Ornament from Onekindesign

Mini Tree Ornament and Sock from Thepioneerwoman

Snowy Pine Cone Garland from Blesserhouse

Snowman Pillow and Sled from Ourcraftymom

Wooden Slice and Snowflake Garland from Ourcraftymom

Lantern and Candle from Diys

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