55 Proper Jewelry Storage Ideas

For you, the jewelry lovers, having the proper storage for your collection is such a must. Especially if your jewelry has a high price. What is meant with proper here is not only about the safety but also on how your jewelry can be stored well in such a good arrangement. In this case, some jewelry needs a good storing position so that it won’t be damaged the jewelry itself. Moreover, it will always be great to have an arrangement with classification. That is why the more proper jewelry storage is about how you can provide the space for the jewelry to be stored based on its classification. It could be from its color, its material, its style, its type, and also its price.

Basically, there will be varied kinds of jewelry storage that you can have. In this case, you can choose the closed one or the opened one where you can see it to make yourself happy and easy to pick, of course. However, we do recommend you to choose the closed one if the jewelry has a high price. You should also add extra protection for the jewelry. However, it is always fine to display them by simply hanging them or putting them in transparent storage. To give the classification for the jewelry, you can add some pots or create a separator to the storage. You can see on the following images to find the proper jewelry storage ideas.

Bowl Collection Organizer from Countryliving

Cabinet Hardware Board from Countryliving

Wooden Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Dresser Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Bowl Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Tiered Tray Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Little Stands Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Bright Color Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Ladder Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Vintage Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Rotating Stands Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Picture Frame and Wine Corks Jewelry Storage from Shelterness

Bottle Jewelry Holder from Shelterness

Framed Jewelry Organizers from Shelterness

Repurpose Drawer Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Blue Framed Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Egg Carton Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Wall Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Hanger Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Black Framed Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Old Window Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Standing Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Drawers Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Tree Shape Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Painted Branch Jewelry Organizer from Shelterness

Chickens Wire Framed Jewelry Organizer from Anikasdiylife

Industrial Jewelry Organizer from Anikasdiylife

Pegboard Jewelry Organizer from Anikasdiylife

Magnetic Jewelry Organizer from Anikasdiylife

Mini Cabinet Jewelry Organizer from Anikasdiylife

Triangle Jewelry Storage from Mydomaine

Drawer Jewelry Storage from Mydomaine

Rustic Necklace Hanger from Homebnc

Curtain Rod Jewelry Organizer from Homebnc

Recycled Rake Head Necklace Rack from Homebnc

Traditional Tiered Tray Jewelry Organizer from Homebnc

Barn Wood Jewelry Wall Displays from Homebnc

Lacey Earring Holders from Homebnc

Handel Jewelry Organizer from Homebnc

Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Organizer from Homebnc

Metal Jewelry Organizing from Homebnc

Shadow Box Jewelry Storage from Homebnc

Clothes Hanger Jewelry Storage from Thehappyhousie

Tabletop Jewelry Organizer from Thehappyhousie

Driftwood Jewelry Organizer from Thehappyhousie

Geometric Pattern Jewelry Storage from Thehappyhousie

In Drawer Jewelry Organization from Thehappyhousie

Mini Standing Jewelry Storage from Thehappyhousie

Painted Twigs Jewelry Organizer from Thehappyhousie

Plastic Animal DIY Jewelry Organizer from Thehappyhousie

Vintage Ladder Jewelry Organizer from Thehappyhousie

Wall Jewelry Storage from Stylemotivation

Coffee Cup Jewelry Storage from Stylemotivation

Branch Jewelry Organizer from Hative

Dangling Earring organizer from Hative

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