How to Bring Pattern to Your Bathroom Wall

Bringing a little bit of pattern to your bathroom will be really worth it. You can have it for your bathroom wall for sure. If you think that the bathroom wall should be simple and plain, then let’s try to have the pattern for now. Anyway, since your bathroom won’t be as wide as the other rooms in your house, then you should consider some aspects when giving the pattern to your wall. You should know about the kinds of patterns and colors of the pattern that you can apply for a certain bathroom space condition. In this case, you should also consider the colors because the bright colors commonly will possibly create a wider impression than the dark ones.

Now, the question is, how you can get the patterned wall for your bathroom? Well, if you want the durable one, you can it with tile. We all know that the bathroom humidity will make things inside the bathroom being not durable. However, if you choose the tile, then you can’t change the pattern easily in case you are bored with the pattern. Another way to provide a pattern is by applying the wallpaper or mural. Those two will give you the possibility to change the pattern periodically but those two might not be as durable as the tile. The references here will show you more about how you can bring patterns to your bathroom wall.

Neutral Color Wallpaper from thespruce

Spider Plant Botanical Wallpaper from thespruce

Bohemian Tile Bathroom from thespruce

Abstract Pattern Wallpaper from thespruce

Black and White Pattern Wallpaper from thespruce

Clouds and Birds Wallpaper from thespruce

Statement Wallpaper Bathroom from mydomaine

Big Striped Wallpaper with Pastel Color from mydomaine

Graphic Wallpaper with Shiplap Wall from mydomaine

Printed Wallpaper from mydomaine

Bold Lobsters Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

White and Blue Color Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

Tropical Vibe Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

Green Leaf Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

Brushstroke Pattern Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

Botanical Pattern Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

Geometric Wallpaper Bathroom from goodhousekeeping

B/W Flower Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

Dark Blue Tile Wall from goodhousekeeping

Mix Pattern Tile Wall Bathroom from goodhousekeeping

Intricate Patterned Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

Marble Tile Bathroom from goodhousekeeping

Hexagon Tile Wall Bathroom from goodhousekeeping

Bold Flower Wallpaper from goodhousekeeping

Gold Touch Tile Wall Decor from mydomaine

Vintage Style Tile Bathroom from mydomaine

Dark Patterned Wallpaper from mydomaine

Big Floral Pattern Wallpaper from mydomaine

Round Pattern Wallpaper from mydomaine

Mix Patterned Wallpaper from mydomaine

Bold Color and Pattern Wallpaper from mydomaine

Blue Tropical Wallpaper from mydomaine

Neutral Striped Wallpaper from mydomaine

Modern Style Hexagon Tile from mydomaine

Marble Swirl Wallpaper from mydomaine

Landscape Murals from architectureartdesigns

Backyard Garden Mural from architectureartdesigns

Lake Mural from architectureartdesigns

Waterfall Mural from architectureartdesigns

Water Drops Mural from architectureartdesigns

Beach Vibe Wallpaper from architectureartdesigns

Vintage Style Mural from architectureartdesigns

White and Blue Cloud Mural from architectureartdesigns

Mountains and Lake Mural from architectureartdesigns

Tropical Lake Mural from architectureartdesigns

Swirling Monochrome Wallpaper from livingetc

Metallic Flower Wall Bathroom from livingetc

Blue Theme Pattern Wallpaper from livingetc

Tropical Vibe Wallpaper from livingetc

Green and Brown Pattern Wallpaper from livingetc

Lobster Print Wallpaper from livingetc

Nature Vibe Wallpaper from livingetc

Flamingo Wallpaper from livingetc

Zebra Pattern Wallpaper from livingetc

Pink Background with Flamingo Wallpaper from livingetc

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