10 Best Outdoor Rugs to Complete Your Spring Decor

During spring, it is really worth it to decorate your outdoor space, since spending your time there will be fun. With the leaves and the flowers that grow and bloom, you will be surely enjoying your outdoor activities. Well, you might have prepared your furniture like seating, coffee table, and more. But, have you considered preparing the rug? Well, the rug has varied functions. It could be to beautify the decoration with its pattern and colors. Also, it could keep your feet warm and comfortable when having your time outside. Here, to complete your outdoor decoration, we will show you some references for the rugs that can be placed outside. Check them out!

Play with Color

Make your spring patio decorations more colorful and textured by using the right outdoor furniture. The first decoration you can do is choose the pattern and color of the rug as the base for the chairs and coffee table that will be used. You should choose a colorful flower pattern so that it has a theme that suits the current spring. Enter other patterns and colors through the use of throw pillows that are neatly arranged on a rattan wicker chair that has been repainted in white. The selection of this rug is very appropriate because it can be used as an outdoor decoration view that is different from before.

Colorful floral rug from lollyjane

Use a Wooden Textured Look

In order to survive with a natural look, you can use a wooden patterned rug. This wooden textured rug will make it easier for you when combining it with other outdoor furniture that will be used simultaneously because it has a more muted pattern and color. Position the rug right where your feet rest when you’re sitting on a chair. Its wide size makes the outdoor chair can be applied in a circular manner so that it has a neater layout. Your spring will be more memorable with this carpet, to provide the natural freshness you can also use several types of green plants and flowers that can be placed around the furniture.

Natural rug look from homestoriesatoz

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Geometric Pattern Chic

Bring a modern vibe to your patio spring décor with this geometric rug that has a splash of neutral, a mix of gray and white. The selection of this geometric patterned rug is very appropriate to coat your floor because of course it will never go out of style when used throughout the year. In addition, this rug also makes your footwear feel more comfortable. Because the selection of this rug is in a neutral color, for the use of throwing pillows you can use bolder colors and patterns so that this spring outdoor decoration has a more fun pattern print and of course, it can be used as a focal point. The layout of the furniture also needs attention, you can face it towards the garden to get a beautiful view.

Modern vibe pattern rug from homestoriesatoz

Choose Thinner Material

To make it seem different from other outdoor spring decorations, try using a carpet with a combination of white and yellow, this color combination has a subtle level of gradation so it won’t look tacky when applied throughout the year. Another thing you need to consider when choosing an outdoor rug is the material. To welcome spring this year, you can choose a rug with a material that is not too thick because the weather outside is also not too cold. The advantage of choosing a thin rug is that it makes it easier for you to wash it regularly. The flower arrangements and wreaths that are hung in this outdoor area have the same color splash as your rug, which is yellow so it looks more colorful.

Thin and bright rug material from homestoriesatoz

Go Patterned Rug

For the selection of an outdoor rug in the spring, you should pay attention to the color of the chairs or other furniture that is used around it. For example, when the furniture used is dominated by bold colors like green, then it’s a good idea to use an outdoor rug with a splash of neutral color. Black and white are a mix of neutral colors that will look perfect when combined with any color. It doesn’t end here, to display more fun and textured porch spring decoration, you can also choose a zigzag patterned rug that can bring a modern feel and style that never goes out of style. One of the advantages of using outdoor furniture is to make the porch area look more elegant.

Zig-zag pattern rug from homestoriesatoz

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Keep It Cool

A floral patterned rug will be very suitable if used in spring outdoor decorations. You can choose a floral patterned rug with a choice of blue so that the appearance of your terrace feels cooler and more refreshing. Try to install this carpet right under the swing on the terrace of your house, a swing equipped with a minimalist coffee table will make the terrace more comfortable so that you will feel more comfortable staying here for a long time. In order for your terrace to look wider, you can use all-white furniture and accessories, this will make the floral carpet used today look bolder and will certainly be the focal point of your current terrace decoration.

Blue dominant rug color from homestoriesatoz

Set the Tone

An easy way to bring a monochromatic style to outdoor decor is to combine black and white in the same or adjacent areas. Currently, you can try it through the use of striped rugs which have a combination of black and white. Apply this rug just under the furniture that is used as warmer footwear and make this outdoor look more presentable and elegant. You can choose the size of the rug according to the floor area that will be used to make it more suitable. Several types of plants that are placed on the floor area and on the coffee table emphasize spring this year, you can choose plants that have low maintenance.

Monochromatic style rug from homestoriesatoz

Backyard Rug Decoration

Do you have a larger backyard? If so, then you can use it as a relaxing area on the weekend. With this, you need some of the right outdoor furniture. In addition to chairs and tables, there are other accessories that must be owned, namely rugs. You can also adjust the selection of this rug with the color tone of the chair used so as not to give the final result a color that is too contrasting when you want to present an elegant theme. You can also choose a rug pattern according to your wishes as long as it can blend in and match the current theme and style of your backyard terrace.

Color harmony rug with furniture from sunset

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Contemporary Theme Rug

Spring themes, of course, always use bright or bold colors. For now, you can choose a combination of blue and green which can be applied to the use of furniture, ornaments as well as rugs as footwear. Adjust the rug pattern with the outdoor spring theme you are using. Geometric patterns are certainly one of the right choices to present a contemporary theme. Next, you can also choose a throw pillow with a bright color pattern to add texture to the room which makes it appear more cheerful and fun. The use of this rug is able to coat the wooden floor so that you have a smoother surface.

Pastel blue contemporary rug from hgtv

Bohemian Touch Rug

Look at the bohemian style that is applied to the patio spring in your backyard, doesn’t it look more passionate and fun. The bohemian theme is characterized by various patterns that are applied in one area. Start by using the rug as a layer for the floor and legs of your furniture, then throw pillows and sofas that have bold colors too. Rugs with bold patterns are not only used as a floor layer but can also be used as a patio decoration that can be used as a focal point. All the colors and patterns found on this patio will work well together for a more leveraged finish. The bohemian style has always been a timeless choice, so it is highly recommended to try.

Bold bohemian pattern rug from sunset

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