45 Ways to Add Asian Accent to Your Home Decor

With so many varied kinds of home decoration styles, Asian decoration can be a good choice. However, if you already have the decoration style that you like for your home but want to have the Asian style also, then you can simply add the accent of the Asian touches to your home. In this case, you don’t need to be all out where you just need to install some stuff like the ornament or home accessories. But, if you just want to add the accent, you should make sure that the things you add to your home can really represent the Asian style so that the decoration could be effectively created.

For the Asian style, it brings a natural impression and elements. For example, you can use rattan or bamboo materials for decoration. Then, for the ornament itself, you can choose the ones that represent the natural things such as the tree painting or the scenery painting. If you want to have the furniture, you can have the rattan cupboard or cabinet. If you want to play with the color scheme, you can choose the brown, light brown, beige, or ivory color scheme for the wall, floor, or ceiling. Here are the references that you can copy.

Bamboo Window Treatment from Homedesignlover

Classic Furniture from Homedesignlover

Large Asian Wall Art from Homedesignlover

Asian Room Divider from Homedesignlover

Rectangular Carving Wall Art from Homedesignlover

Wooden Furniture from Homedesignlover

Carving Wooden Cabinet from Homedesignlover

Mint Asian Wall Art from Homedesignlover

Freestanding Bells from Homedesignlover

Large Wall Art from Impressiveinteriordesign

Asian Wall Art from Impressiveinteriordesign

Folding Asian Wall Art from Impressiveinteriordesign

Asian Mask from Impressiveinteriordesign

Carving Wooden Headboard from Decoist

Bamboo Standing Lamp from Decoist

Asian Style Bedroom Door from Decoist

Blind Window Treatment from Decoist

Bamboo Bed Frame from Decoist

Carving Wall Art from Decoist

Sculpture from Decoist

Gold Sculpture from Decoist

Sliding Door from Decoist

Asian Themed Wall Gallery from Decoist

Brown and Beige Shade from Digsdigs

Shoji Screens from Digsdigs

Japanese-styled Screens from Digsdigs

Asian Inspired Furniture from Digsdigs

Bamboo Lighting from Digsdigs

Wooden Furniture from Digsdigs

Large Asian Wall Art from Deavita

Japanese Screens from Deavita

Folding Room Divider from Deavita

Wooden Sculpture from Homedit

Carving Window from Digthisdesign

Asian Interior Design from Digthisdesign

Sculpture Everywhere from Decoist

Carving Wall Art and Sculpture from Decoist

Natural Wooden Accent from Decoist

Bamboo Wall Art from Decoist

Asian Style Window Treatment from Decoist

Asian Screen from Decoist

Bamboo Accent from Decoist

Wooden Furniture from Digsdigs

Carving Furniture from Decoholic

Modern Asian Interior Design from Decoholic

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