How to Create Summer Fruit Theme Decorations

Related to the summer decoration, you should make something that can create a fresh impression. From all of the ideas, you can choose the fruit theme decoration. It is no doubt that the fruit has a fresh look so that you can surely use it. Anyway, using the fresh fruit will be great but it will rotten easily. If you want to use the real fruit, it is better for you to use the dried fruit that will be more durable. Or, you may use the fake one that will be surely durable and won’t be rotten. The fruit itself could be made in form of a garland, wreath, or as your table centerpiece decoration. Here we have prepared some references for you. You can choose the ones that could fit your home.

An easy way to bring a spring theme into your home decor is to make an eye-catching fruit garland craft. For the fruit you use, you can combine kiwi, lemon and orange. All of these fruits will work well together to beautify the empty wall. You can make a garland design with two different designs, ranging from small garlands to large garlands. Try it easily and it certainly doesn’t cost much. Fruit garland ideas from allthingspaper.

One of the smart ideas that you can do to welcome summer this year is to decorate the kitchen countertop with several different types of fruits. This countertop decoration is done so that it doesn’t look too plain and boring. Pieces of fruit and some fruit that are used as room decorations can be applied to the wooden tray to make it easier to move when needed. In addition to being a countertop decoration, this fruit can also be eaten by anyone. Doesn’t it look interesting and very colorful. Kitchen countertop decoration from hgtv.

Do you need a summer decoration on the dining table? If so, then you can redecorate this dining table with a centerpiece decoration that is dominated by fresh fruits that have several different types. Choose and use fruit with bold colors to make the dining table more attractive. Oranges, watermelons and dragon fruit are smart choices that you can use. Finish with beautiful and fresh blooms. Decoration fruit centerpiece from fun365.orientaltrading.

Watermelon fruit that is used as a vase has not been thought of by many people. You can try it as best as you can. After the watermelon is in the hole, you can fill it with water to minimize the flowers easily wilting. Enter the flower arrangements you have in your backyard garden without having to buy them to save on your budget. When everything is well and neatly arranged, you can put it on any table according to the needs of the room decoration. Watermelon vase from goodhousekeeping.

Lemon is one of the fruits that can be used as decorations to welcome summer this year. You can apply this lemon in a container that is large enough so that it doesn’t scatter everywhere when used as a decoration for the dining table setting. Besides lemon, you can also combine it with fresh green leaves. The container that can be used is a dough bowl made of wood so that it is more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Lemon with dough bowl from prudentpennypincher

To display a different vase in summer then you can use bauh instead. Just choose and use a pineapple that has a size large enough so that it can be used as a container to apply the flower arrangements you have. Start with a few different types of flowers to make them more colorful and make the area around them more colorful. Roses are the best choice that can be used because they give a fragrant aroma to the area around the room and make it feel fresher. Pineapple vase with flower arrangement from prudentpennypincher.

Lemon with lime is a fruit combination that can be used as a fireplace decoration in your home, this if done will bring a summer theme instantly. Put this fruit in a transparent glass jar so that it can be seen from the outside. Complete the existence of this fruit with some beautiful painting frames. You can try it easily and of course with low maintenance costs. Lemon and lime fireplace decoration from prudentpennypincher.

Don’t let your entrance look plain and boring. You can try it by hanging a lemon wreath that is perfected with greenery and a patterned ribbon. Match the color of this ribbon with a lemon color to make it look more matching and harmonious. The entrance door that is repainted in blue is the right background that makes the wreath more bold and can be seen as attracting attention to welcome your guests who come to the house. Hanging lemon wreath from prudentpennypincher.

You can welcome guests when summer arrives with a hanging wreath made of natural materials. A highly recommended ingredient to emphasize summer is lemon with fresh green leaves. Finish off this wreath look with a ribbon applied to the bottom of the wreath. So that this wreath can look fresh all day long, then you can use lemon and faux green leaves which can be repainted with green to make it look more shiny. Lemon with green leaves wreath from simplytaralynn.

Fruit is a healthy food that must be consumed. But when summer comes, you can turn it into a craft or a decoration that can be made easily and cheaply. For now, you can use some lemons to turn into a wreath design that can be hung on the front door as the main welcome for guests who come to your home. It’s not enough to end here, you can string some lemons with green leaves as well as striped ribbons that have a combination of black and white. Try this idea as best you can with your family members. Lemon wreath with striped ribbon from homebnc.

Not only does it taste sweet, some of the strawberries you have can also be turned into a wreath decoration that can be applied in any area according to the room decor. Or to minimize this perishable fruit, you can buy a faux strawberry in sufficient quantity to be attached to the wreath which has been completed with fresh green leaves. This smell is one of the types that are suitable for welcoming summer this year with great fanfare. Faux strawberry wreath from homebnc.

This balloon that has a variety of different types of fruit can be turned into a garland that can be applied to an empty room area. With this fruit garland balloon, white home decorations will look more colorful. Connect some of these balloons using a rope or white thread that is quite sturdy when used for a long period of time. Balloons with this fruit shape can be obtained at the nearest store or can also be purchased online at a selling price that is not too expensive. Fruit balloon garland from shelterness.

You can decorate not only the walls using fruit ornaments. Now you can decorate the ceiling using a very easy craft to make with your family on the weekend. For example, assembling your own fruits printable into a fruits mobile that can be hung in stages using several white threads, don’t forget you can add adhesive glue so that the fruits don’t come off easily. You can cut the printable fruit using scissors according to the pattern. DIY fruit mobile from shelterness.

Take advantage of the empty wall to apply some fruit magnets that can be used as a summer welcome in your home decor. Because this wall is painted white, the presence of this magnet looks bolder. You can choose this magnet with several different fruits, ranging from using strawberry magnets, pineapples, oranges and watermelons. All the colors used in this wall ornament will work well together to decorate a plain room. Fruit magnet wall decoration from shelterness.

If you don’t have a lot of money to decorate a house in the summer, then making a DIY garland craft is a smart decorating idea that you can do. The printable fruits garland that is hung on the white wall is a room decoration that you can easily try. Fruit accents that you can use are kiwi, lemon, pineapple, apple and strawberry. This bold color combination makes your wall decor more attractive and fun. DIY printable fruit garland from shelterness.

Make changes to your dining table decorations according to the summer theme to make it more matching and in tune. Currently you can dominate the dining table design with shades of yellow so that it has color harmony with some apples that are applied to a ceramic bowl. This apple is a smart idea to emphasize the spring theme, especially when combined with a printable lemon and garland that is hung right in front of it. You can remodel this dining table as best you can. Lemon themed table setting from elledecor.

Wreath is a craft that can be used as a sign for your guests who come to your house. This wreath craft can be hung on the front door with a beautiful and sweet plaid ribbon accent. Adapt the material from this wreath to the current theme or season. When you want to emphasize the summer theme, you can use strawberry as the main ingredient. Grapevines are additional wreath ingredients that have a natural impression without being excessive. Summer sign wreath from diyjoy.

Adjust the use of fruit ornaments with the theme of a summer house this year. If you have a modern-style home decor, then it’s a good idea to use a geometric pineapple ornament that has several beautiful color combinations. This pineapple ornament has a size large enough so that it can be used as the focal point of a beautiful and elegant room. Not only pineapple ornaments, but you can also put a gold avocado that can be applied right next to it. Geometric pineapple ornament from diyjoy.

Another summer decoration that you can try with a fruit theme is to choose a mat that is perfected with a watermelon pattern that has a bold color. This summer mat can be placed right in front of the entrance as the first welcome for guests who come to the house. This mat can be obtained online or can also be purchased at the nearest home supply store at a low price. Usually this natural doormat is used on a porch in a rustic or classic style. Doormat with watermelon pattern from diyjoy.

Think of the pineapple as the centerpiece on your summer dinner table. Isn’t it impressive to attract attention and be different from the others. Yes, you can try choosing several pineapples of almost the same size to be used as centerpiece decorations that can be perfected with green leaves and some blooming white flowers. Try to choose pineapples that are still fresh and not wilted. Pineapple centerpiece decoration from homebnc.

Fruits and blooming flowers make a perfect combination of decorations for summer decorations. Try using and applying both of them on the dining table to make different decorations. Now you can use fresh lemons that have been cut off the top for the chrysanthemum flower stands. Insert a stalk of white chrysanthemum into the open part of the lemon so that the chrysanthemum flower can stand up. Put these decorations in groups so that the room becomes more fresh and beautiful. Lemon vase from homebnc.

Use a refreshing and unique summer decoration by using a candle holder made of fresh fruit. Try using green apples, besides being easy to get, apples will also soothe the eyes with their bright colors. Make a hole at the top of the apple for a place to put the candle, no need to flatten the bottom so that the apple you have can stand. Match the decor this summer with accessories that match this apple candle holder. Apple candle holder from homebnc.

Combine fresh fruit pieces with assorted colorful flowers for a cheerful and vibrant summer decor. Feel free to use several types of fruit and flowers for decoration this summer, the more fruits and flowers you use, the more attention will be drawn. You can apply this decoration to decorating the dining table. Provide wine and a few glasses to complete the summer decoration on this dining table and of course you can enjoy it with your family. Fresh fruit dining table decoration from homebnc.

Bring a natural freshness to the summer decor by making some pieces of pomegranate fruit combined with a few sprigs of leaves to decorate the dining table. You can try this to get a different impression so that it will create a new center of attention in the dining room. Using a wooden table that is given a transparent paint finish will certainly add to the natural impression, making it stronger and more real. Spread randomly and make a straight line right at the centerpiece of the dining table so it won’t make the dining area look messy. Pomegranate centerpiece from homebnc.

For those of you who don’t have much time to care for summer decoration accessories regularly, you can make a window decoration using origami paper. In addition to making it easier for you to maintain, this will also make you more creative. You can arrange origami paper to form several types of fruit, don’t forget to choose the right paper color to make it look more like the original. Fruit shapes that you can try to make are strawberries, lychees, oranges or lemons. You can make it yourself or make it together with family members. Window decoration from hellowonderful.

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