How to Decorate Your Front Porch this Summer

Spending your free time outdoors during summer is really recommended. The weather and the atmosphere will give you such a refreshing feeling. It is also great to enjoy the sun after the cold snow during winter and the cold rain during spring. To support that need, you can start by decorating your front porch. That could be the place where you can enjoy the weather without being exposed to UV light to keep your skin healthy. Also, it is great to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on your porch with your family or close friends. Make sure that you provide comfortable seating and a proper coffee table too. You can choose a sofa, chair, or beanbag. Don’t forget to add the summer touches as you can see in the following references.

Start decorating your summer front porch with some furniture that can be used as a relaxing area in the morning, afternoon, or evening. To emphasize the theme of this summer, you can put some blooming flowers and green plants that can be placed not too far apart. You can choose types of plants that have low maintenance to make it easier for you when doing daily maintenance. Choose and use outdoor furniture with neutral color tones, such as iron chairs covered with white seat cushions. Combination of flowers with greenery from homebnc.

Another decorating idea to remodel a summer front porch is to use outdoor furniture with a choice of bright colors. Starting from blue, white, yellow and red. You can apply this colorful color to the use of throw pillows that are neatly arranged on a rattan sofa that looks natural, it’s not enough here you can also cover the wooden floor with a patterned rug. Don’t forget to end this porch decoration with one type of flower that is hung on the ceiling area so it doesn’t interfere with your space. Bright outdoor furniture from homebnc.

In addition to flowers, fruit trees are also an option that you can try to apply to your front porch decoration. You can use two orange trees that can be placed on either side of the entrance. Try to use two pots of the same size and color to make it look more matched and in harmony. You can get this orange tree in the backyard garden so it doesn’t cost too much, do watering every day so that your plants can develop well. Orange trees on both sides of the door from homebnc.

Summer decorations usually use some bright colors that can give a fun impression that you can try. You can start by repainting the door with a fresh green color. Next, complete the front porch decoration with several types of blooming flowers that are placed neatly and certainly do not interfere with the main function of this porch decoration. Lavender flowers are the best choice that gives a bold color and doesn’t look boring easily. You can try it right now. Bright summer porch from homebnc.

Reuse the crate that is no longer used as one of the decorations that can be used in your summer porch decoration. This crate is a visual attraction that you can use as a planter stand that has a variety of different types. Next, decorate the entrance with a wreath craft made from natural materials such as blooming flowers and neatly arranged dried grapevine. Choose and use red and white flowers for a more perfect impression. Flower decoration with wreath from homebnc.

Take a look at the several types of blooming flowers that are placed on this front porch decoration. Doesn’t it look beautiful and colorful? Yes, to welcome this summer, you can choose blooming flowers with several different bold colors. Starting from white and red flowers. Green plants that are quite large are also an addition to natural decorations that can be easily found in the backyard garden. Repaint the front door in pastel colors for a brighter impression. Colorful blooming flower decoration from homebnc.

White and pink become a color combination that can work well together in the same area. These two colors are very suitable when applied to the summer porch decoration which gives a pleasant impression. Finish this porch decoration with blooming flowers that can be placed on the coffee table, then you can use a ceramic vase to give a modern and shiny impression. Add a throw pillow that has a pattern so it doesn’t look boring and doesn’t look plain. White and pink porch from homebnc.

You can also use a bohemian theme on the summer porch decor for a different look that you can easily apply. What you can do right now is use some boho throw pillows complemented by a few different types of greenery. A vintage impression can also be obtained in this outdoor area by using several Morrocan lanterns that are hung in the ceiling area properly and neatly. The white nuance in the front porch decoration has a white nuance that makes the green plants look bolder. Bohemian summer porch from homebnc.

There is nothing wrong with using tropical plants in your summer porch decoration. This plant is very hardy to weather changes outdoors. Furthermore, to emphasize the natural atmosphere in this porch decoration, you can add some outdoor furniture with natural materials such as log wood, side tables and wicker rattan sofas that have been repainted with a glossy black color. It’s a good idea to add some candle holders in this outdoor area as a lighting idea that can provide dim lighting at night as well as being a warm accent. Tropical summer porch from homebnc.

The front porch decoration which is perfected with several types of green plants around it is one way that you can apply to welcome summer this year. Try to choose green plants that are low-maintenance and hardy enough to withstand any changes in the outdoor weather. For outdoor furniture, you can choose chairs made of rattan for a natural, environmentally friendly impression. With this front porch decoration, you can use it comfortably with your family when you have free time while enjoying the beautiful outdoor view. Low maintenance greenery from homebnc.

Do you have a lot of flowers blooming in your garden decoration? If so, then you can move it to the summer porch decoration as a natural decoration that gives a pleasant impression. In addition, this flower will also provide a fragrant aroma that makes the surrounding atmosphere more relaxed. In order to save floor space, you can use a shabby chic ladder as a planter stand that can be used to place several flower pots of different sizes and colors. Floral arrangement decor from digsdigs.

Another way to decorate a summer front porch is to add blooming flowers as a decoration that fits the season. Just choose a blooming flower with a size large enough so that it can be used as a focal point. Do watering regularly for better and maximum results. Don’t forget to paint all the outdoor furniture with white shades to make it look modern and make some of the flowers used look bolder. Hanging lantern lighting is lighting that can help your night activities. Modern summer porch from digsdigs.

The summer porch decoration, which is perfected with some old outdoor furniture, gives a shabby chic impression that looks simple. To emphasize the summer theme in this area, you can place several different types of flowers as fresh decorations. The pots used can also be varied for a display that is not easily boring. No need to repaint to give a vintage impression. Shabby chic summer porch from digsdigs.

This vine with red flowers will be a front porch decoration that you can apply in the summer. Furthermore, so that these vines do not interfere with the main function of the porch, you can apply it to the ceiling. Just trim it when it’s too long. Another plant that you can place on the porch decoration is blooming flowers that can be placed on the side table. String bulb is a lighting idea that you can apply to produce a warm feel. Vines and flower decoration from digsdigs.

In order for your summer front porch decoration to be more private, you can surround the side of the room with patterned curtains that have bold colors. You can open this section of the curtain when you want to get more and maximum sunlight. To emphasize the summer theme, you can add some plants such as blooming flowers and greenery. Outdoor furniture that is dominated by white is a neutral accent that you can use right now. Privacy summer porch from digsdigs.

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