40 Recommendations for Your Key Holder Designs

As one of your house facilities for your home decoration, it can be said that the key holder is something simple and not that important. However, you should realize that the existence of the key becomes an important one as it can be a problem for most of us. We mostly lost our keys and don’t have any idea where the key is. Here, the solution for your problem is by providing the key holder. You can hang your keys there and make it a habit so that there won’t be any questions anymore about the existence of your keys. You can install the keys near the entryway or living room. Just make sure that the spot is easy to be exposed so that it can be such a reminder every time when you look at the key holder to put your keys there.

Well, basically the key holder is a simple one where you just need a pallet and then install some hooks to hang the keys. However, you can surely make your key holder to be seen as interesting and not boring. You can decorate the key holder by painting them, installing unique holders, providing the family sign to the holder, and more. Anyway, besides the pallet, you can also provide a certain shape for the holder to get as aesthetic as possible design you want to have. Here are the key holder designs that could be possible for your home. Hope you can find the one that you like and match your house decoration style.

Rustic Key Holder from homebnc

Farmhouse Key Holder from homebnc

Modern Rustic Key from homebnc

Custom Key Holder from homebnc

Rustic Horseshoe Key Rack from homebnc

Half Round Key Holderfrom homebnc

Monogram Key Keeper from homebnc

Burlap and Wood Monogrammed Key Rack from homebnc

Solid Wood Mail Key Holder from homebnc

Mail and Key Rack from homebnc

Loving Couple Key Holder from homebnc

Mini Chalkboard and Key Rack from homebnc

Driftwood Multi-Purpose Key Holder from homebnc

Antique Key Holder from homebnc

Reclaimed Wood Mail and Key Organization from homebnc

Shabby Chic Key Holder from homebnc

DIY Vintage Frame Key Holder from hative

DIY Key Holder with Old Spoons and Forks from hative

Key Holder from hative

DIY Driftwood Key Holder from hative

Colorful DIY Driftwood Key Holder from hative

DIY Key Holder Old Keys from hative

DIY Key Holder With Wooden Beads from hative

DIY Felt Home Key Holder from hative

Monogram Key Holder from hative

Shabby Chic Handmade Key Holder from hative

Plastic Animal Toys Key Holder from hative

Dowel Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

Farmhouse Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

Pink Resin Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

Modern Wood Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

House Paint Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

DIY Chalkboard Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

Mountain Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

Contemporary Wood Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

Mail and Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

Hexagon Key Holder from thesprucecrafts

Paint Vintage Frame Key Holder from architectureartdesigns

Blue Frame Key Holder from architectureartdesigns

Key Holder from architectureartdesigns

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