How to Decorate Your Kitchen Island Ceiling

The kitchen island is a small part of your home decoration that should also be taken care of well. For the kitchen island decoration, to make it looks impressive, you can add the decoration to the ceiling. In decorating the ceiling itself, there are some ways you can do such as hanging the pendant lamp or chandelier. Of course, you should choose the one that is proper enough to add beauty. In this case, the aesthetic one is the kind of lighting you should choose. Or, you can concern about the ceiling designs where the ceiling is part of the decoration that could be designed into a varied pretty look. Please kindly check the following references to show you how pretty the kitchen island decoration could be.

Coffered Ceiling Design

Do a complete overhaul of your kitchen décor for a different look. Start with this modern-looking ceiling design. The coffered ceiling is one of the best design choices that you can try right now. After that, you can combine it with a glass pendant light that is perfected with a gold rope that has a size long enough so that it can illuminate the entire kitchen room as a whole. Apply this hanging lamp just above the kitchen island for proper lighting at night. This kitchen island can be used as an area for dinner with family members.

Modern Glass Pendat Lighting

Lighting is one of the things that must be had in all of your home decorations, including the kitchen. These two pendant chandeliers with transparent glass material are perfected with gold ropes that are long enough so they can focus more on lighting up the kitchen island area. This gold color also looks very luxurious and bold because this kitchen decoration is dominated by white tones. Because this kitchen island is equipped with several chairs that are usually used as a dining table during the day, it must remain bright. Yes, the use of skylights and glass windows are wide enough to be the best combination that you can apply in this room at the same time.

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Super Gloss Vaulted Ceilings

For a more modern and contemporary kitchen look, the super gloss vaulted ceiling will not disappoint. Because this vaulted ceiling has a splash of white, it will be easier for you to combine it with any colored interior that is around it. Add a little pattern in this kitchen room by using a kitchen island table and marble cabinets. Castle cone pendant is a suitable lighting idea, you can choose and adjust this lamp that has a color that matches the use of the ceiling to make it look more beautiful and matching.

Stained Glass Ceiling

If you want to see a different appearance in your current kitchen decor, then just remodel and fix the use of the kitchen island ceiling. Look at the use of this stained glass ceiling which has beautiful patterns and colors, isn’t it very eye-catching? Yes, you can try it right now to produce a different kitchen island ceiling. This stained glass ceiling has a classic pattern with a few splashes of yellow. It’s not enough to end here, perfect it by using three pendant chandeliers that have a silver color so that they can blend in perfectly.

Farmhouse Ceiling Style

Farmhouse style will not go out of style when applied in any room of the house. This style is usually dominated by the use of white tones and uses more interiors made of wood. For now you can use beams of wood to the ceiling of your kitchen. To focus on decorating the kitchen island ceiling, you can add three lamps with transparent glass material that has a fairly good thickness so that it is not easily broken. This chandelier with transparent glass material is able to show the lights or lighting when turned on at night. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also choose a kitchen island with a size large enough and one that is equipped with built-in storage shelves.

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Modern Kitchen Island Ceiling

Modern decorations will never go out of style and are suitable for application in any room of the house, including your kitchen decor. For now, you can decorate the kitchen island ceiling according to the color tone of this kitchen room. Use white paint to coat the ceiling so that it has color harmony with the kitchen island that is used. This high ceiling is also able to enter natural light into the room without overdoing it. When the atmosphere in the kitchen is getting dark, you can use a metal pendant lamp that has several different lighting that will illuminate the kitchen as a whole.

Statement Pink Chandelier

One of the best things you can do in modern kitchen decor is to use lighting that has different shapes and colors. Pink ballon chandeliers are a great lighting idea. In addition to having a fairly striking color, the shape of this chandelier is also very unique and different from the others. Usually this chandelier design is used in a contemporary modern style kitchen decoration. The appearance will look more perfect when you combine it with a marble kitchen island which is dominated by a combination of black and white.

Mid Century Kitchen Ideas

Well, in accordance with this mid-century style, you need to pay close attention to the overall decoration of the kitchen to make it more appropriate. Focus this decoration on the kitchen island ceiling design which can be used as the focal point of the room. For example, you can use a woooden beams ceiling which can be combined with three chandeliers that have a unique shape with the use of glossy transparent glass. Do not forget that the kitchen island can also be combined with several chairs that are high enough so that it can be used as a dining table area. These three lights are also able to help your kitchen activities at night, be it cooking or having dinner with your family.

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High Skylight Ceiling

The use of ceiling skylights will bring many benefits to your room decoration. One of the advantages that can be obtained is to make the room brighter, open and warm. For now you can apply this skylight ceiling in a kitchen decoration or rather above the placement of the kitchen island. Sunlight that enters the room also makes the interior in it not easily moist and will cause odor. Furthermore, furniture that is dominated by black and white also presents a monochromatic theme instantly.

Modern Wood Ceiling

The use of wood in a room can also present a modern theme but with a note that it has an appropriate design and does not look weathered. Yes, you can try this wood material with a smooth and shiny surface on the use of a kitchen island ceiling that has been equipped with the right lighting. Do painting with transparent paint to give a nicer look. For lighting, you can use a recessed lamp that can be installed on both right and left sides. In addition to giving a different look, this kitchen island ceiling is also able to illuminate as a kitchen room properly and maximally at night.


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