45 Ideas for the Right Rental Home Decoration

Although it is only a rental home, decorating it well is really important. It is because the comfort of the occupant is needed for occupancy. Anyway, giving comfort doesn’t mean that you should provide something luxurious. Even with something cheap, you can still get the proper and comfortable occupancy. Well, since it is a rental home, then you don’t need to be extra and apply something that will be durable. You should make sure that the things that the thing to be applied is something removable and can be changed easily. It is because the occupant of the rental home will change frequently and people won’t stay there permanently.

For your consideration, in decorating the rental home, you can focus on something functional that is related to the facilities such as furniture. The furniture is really important where you should provide it yourself if the owner doesn’t provide it. To beautify the furniture you may add some accessories like cushions, blankets, tablecloths, and more. Then, applying more home accessories will also help to beautify the decoration like the rug, curtain, and more. Those things will be something that is removable so that providing the best version of those won’t hurt you. There are still many ideas about how to decorate your rental home as follows.

Coffee Table with Storage from Hgtv

DIY Wall Art from Makinghomebase

Soft Wallpaper from Makinghomebase

Mini Side Table from Stylecurator

Rattan Lantern Lighting from Stylecurator

Letter L sofa from Stylecurator

Wooden Ladder Rack from Stylecurator

Adding Indoor Plant from Stylecurator

Flower Fabric Headboard from Idealhome

Go Bold with Artwork from Idealhome

Washi Tape Wall Decor from Livspace

Use Removable Wallpaper from Livspace

Repainting Furniture from Mydomaine

Removable Bedroom Wallpaper from Goodhomesmagazine

Countertop with Wallpaper from Goodhomesmagazine

Add Smart Storage from Houseandhome

Freestanding Pot Rack from Houseandhome

Hang a Statement Light Fixture from Houseandhome

Adding Wall Art from Houseandhome

DIY a Photo Board from Houseandhome

Rug Area from Houseandhome

Adding Stool from Houseandhome

Wall Painted from Realsimple

Hang a Collection from Realsimple

Tree Stump Coffee Table from Realsimple

Recycled Barn Wood Bench from Countryliving

Salvaged Kitchen Chairs from Countryliving

Hand Painted Wallpaper from Countryliving

Painted Coffee Table from Countryliving

White Painted Chair from Countryliving

DIY Wallpaper from Countryliving

Blue Painted Chair from Mydomaine

Adding Bright Curtain from Elledecor

White and Black Painted Furniture from Elledecor

Make Wall Gallery from Elledecor

Green Wall Painted from Elledecor

DIY Flower Arrangement from Elledecor

Hanging Fabric from Elledecor

Minimalist Plant Stand from Homebnc

Installing Floating Rack from Homebnc

Adding Hanging Chair from Homebnc

Floral Wallpaper from Homebnc

Jewelry Display for Wall Decor from Homebnc

Wicker Basket Pendant Light from Homebnc

Coffee Table with Storage from Realsimple

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