50 Creative Ideas to Use the Chalkboard for Your Home Decor

Do you want something unique for your home decoration? If yes, you can use the chalkboard to be added there. It is amazing how the chalkboard can be applied for many purposes in home decoration. In this case, it can be used simply as an ornament or for something more functional. It is great how the chalkboard can give a unique and aesthetic impression to your home decoration. Since it is rarely used by people, then having it for your home is really great so that you can have something different with antimainstream stuff. Your creativity is also can be seen here even when you only provide it in a simple way.

We will show you how the chalkboard can be something valuable for your home decoration. Well, the easiest way is by using it as your home wall decoration. You can install it on the wall the paint something there. Or, using it as the background of your private coffee bar, backsplash, or home office desk will also be great. For the furniture, you can use the chalkboard as your headboard, additional element for your cabinet, rack, storage, and more. To make the chalkboard be seen as more interesting, the following images are the best references that you can copy. You’ll see that in decorating it, you don’t always need to paint it by using the chalk, but you can also other stuff like frames and some varied accessories.

Chalkboard Accent Wall from Shelterness

Large Chalkboard Calendar from Shelterness

Chalkboard Gallery Wall from Shelterness

Chalkboard Wall Art from Shelterness

Home Office Wall from Shelterness

DIY Chalkboard Calendar from Shelterness

Memo Board from Shelterness

Magnetic Chalkboard with Shelf from Shelterness

Chalkboard Calendar from Shelterness

Chalkboard Cabinet from Shelterness

Storage with Chalkboard Surfaces from Shelterness

Bar Storage from Trendir

Recipe Writing Place from Trendir

Chalkboard Stair from Trendir

Chalkboard Bar from Trendir

DIY Chalkboard Headboard from Trendir

Coat Hook from Trendir

Room Divider from Trendir

Chalkboard Hanger from Homedit

Kitchen Backsplash from Homedit

Kid Table from Homedit

Kitchen Cabinet from Homedit

Nursery Wall from Homedit

Short Room Divider from Homedit

Chalkboard Wall with Hook from Digsdigs

Cabinet Door from Digsdigs

Sliding Chalkboard Door from Digsdigs

Magnet Spice Holders from Digsdigs

Built-in Open Shelves from Digsdigs

Chalkboard Cabinet Door from Digsdigs

Double Kitchen Cabinet Door from Digsdigs

Chalkboard Backdrop from Digsdigs

Fridge Cover from Digsdigs

Mini Pantry Door from Digsdigs

Kitchen Island from Digsdigs

Chalkboard Countertop from Digsdigs

Chalkboard Greenery Display from Digsdigs

EAT Sign from Digsdigs

Chalkboard Serving Tray from Diyjoy

Custom Chalkboard Headboard from Diyjoy

Chalkboard Dresser from Shelterness

Sliding Door from Remodelaholic

Dining Table from Remodelaholic

Bathroom Wall from Remodelaholic

Chalkboard Rack from Shelterness

Chalkboard Table Runner from Thecrazycraftlady

Framed Calendar from Thecrazycraftlady

Chalkboard Side Table from Hgtv

Bedroom Wall from Architectureartdesigns

Chalkboard Door from Notapaperhouse

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