10 Home Decoration Products Made of Rattan

If you are asking for material that could be aesthetic yet calming yet simple but has a plush impression, then rattan is the answer. This material will be matched for any home decoration styles available. Even when you have a modern decoration style, you can still surely apply the rattan there to give a little bit of calming and welcoming atmosphere in your house. Anyway, there are some home products that are made of rattan available. You will find the rattan furniture, home accessories, or even the ornament. You can use one of them to give a natural touch to your home. Or, you can apply as much as you want for sure! You don’t need to be worried about the harmonious effect between the rattan material with the decoration style that you have for your house because rattan material can be adjusted. Here, you can have the colored rattan to get the impression that you want. However, still, since it is too dear to lose its natural color and look, then we do recommend you to keep its natural appearance. Here are the rattan home product references that you can present to your home.


A new look for your indoor greenery can be done easily without having to spend a lot of money. Try using a rattan wicker planter with a size large enough to make it the focal point of a beautiful room. There’s nothing wrong with adding bright colored paint like white for a more different and unique look. Then use green plants that have low maintenance to make it easier to care for every day. Position this rattan wicker pot right next to your sofa so it doesn’t interfere with your movement while in this room.

Painted wicker rattan planter from balconygardenweb

Room Divider

The screen room divider that is applied to your bedroom decoration is an interior addition that you can easily have because it is widely available in furniture supply stores. This room divider has an eco-friendly touch so it will easily bring a natural feel into the room. It’s a good idea to repaint it with a natural brown color to make it look shinier and not look shabby. The existence of this furniture can help different areas for different purposes. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use a screen room divider to hide the clutter in this room so that it still looks neat and organized.

Screen room divider from housebeautiful

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A rattan wicker basket placed in the bedroom decor has enough functionality and versatility to help this room. Its lightweight design allows you to easily move it from room to room around the house. This basket with a natural touch can also be used as a storage area as well as a decorative item that allows it to last a longer period of time. Place these wicker baskets under the floating shelves so they don’t interfere with your space when you’re in your bedroom. You can make it yourself or you can buy it at a craft shop around your house.

DIY rattan wicker basket from bhg

Round Chair

Refresh your dining room decor with the use of the right furniture. Currently, you can use a rattan wicker dining chair that is painted back in white. This color is also applied to the wall and ceiling area so that it looks more harmonious. Place the chairs in the dining room with the layout around the dining table in a rectangle shape. When you prefer to display a natural decoration, it is better to combine a wicker rattan chair with a dining table made of sturdy teak. Re-coat and varnish the table so that it has a smoother surface and looks shiny when exposed to the sun’s reflection or the lights on it.

White paint dining chairs from bhg


The interior of the dining room that can be made as a statement of the room in addition to patterns and colors is the use of a unique interior that is not owned by many people. For example, you can use a hanging wicker rattan lampshade as the outer layer of pendant light. Let this lampshade appear naturally without repainting to bring an outdoor atmosphere into the dining room instantly. Complete the existence of this hanging lampshade with a blooming flower arrangement that can be applied to a ceramic vase that has a neutral color so that it contrasts more with the flower color currently being used. The use of jute rugs and chair cushions with a bold pattern will easily emphasize the bohemian theme in this room.

Wicker rattan lampshade from bhg

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Open Shelves

To keep your room neat and organized, you can use open storage to organize all your small items so they don’t get scattered everywhere. Standing open shelves made of rattan are a smart storage idea that you can use today. Besides being able to be used as storage, this shelf can also be used to put some decorative items that can be used as decorations as well as a different eye view. Decorative items that you can use are small plant pots, painting frames, or small dolls that your child has. Because it has a light size and material, this open shelf can be moved to another place according to the needs of the room.

Standing open shelves from bhg


Do you need furniture that can relax your body during the day or night? If so, then you can use hanging rattan swings as a substitute for a chair or sofa. So that this rattan material does not look shabby, the thing you have to do is repaint it with a splash of a neutral color such as plain white. Hang this swing lower so your feet can comfortably touch the warm area of the jute rug. It’s not enough to get here, you can also cover the surface of this swing with a soft pillow so that it can be used more comfortably and warmly. A sturdy rope is the main material that can strengthen this swing when in use.

White rattan swing from homebnc

Coffee Table

A bohemian touch is suitable for application in any room of the house because of the style and theme that never goes out of fashion. Adjust your bohemian living room decor by using the right furniture. This style usually uses vintage furniture or furniture made of natural materials, for example, you can use a rattan coffee table that is left in its original color to bring the nuances of nature into the room in more detail. This rattan coffee table has a round shape so it doesn’t take up too much of the floor area that has not too much room. Before you apply this rattan table in the living room, it’s a good idea to cover the floor using a bohemian-style rug with softer, warmer, and smoother materials.

Natural color rattan coffee table from homebnc

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Plant Stand

Make a bold statement in any room of your home with this plant stand made of rattan as the main material. You can add this furniture to the living room to make it a beautiful focal point and really produce the feel of the outdoors. This plant stand is applicable to small plants like succulents. With this stand, your succulent plants will get more attention because they have a higher surface. Use a unique pot made of ceramic material to make it look more beautiful and different.

Statement rattan plant stand from homebnc


This beautiful rattan daybed is perfect for placing in one of your empty rooms. This furniture is the best bed for a nap with a simple design and is perfect for getting a more breezy atmosphere, therefore you can put several types of green plants around it regularly. You can even use it in the bedroom for an aesthetic impression of the room and of course presenting a trendy bohemian look this year. It’s a good idea to cover the surface of the daybed using a mattress and some soft pillows so that it is ready to be used as a relaxing area that makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Try this furniture idea to replace your old furniture.

Bohemian rattan daybed from homebnc


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