How to Choose the Unique Sink Designs

Although it is only a small part of your home, the sink can surely give a certain impression to your home decoration. In case you provide the unique one, then you can beautify your home decoration even without any ornament. Is there any unique sink provided at the store? Sure! the unique sink can give you an aesthetic look that is really good for your home. Well, when talking about the sink, it won’t be only for the bathroom sink but also for the powder room and kitchen. You can provide a unique sink design just anywhere! The following references will surprise you since the designs are really adorable and out of your imagination. Check them out!

Funnel-Shaped Inspired Sink

Give a different view to your bathroom decor by using a sink that has a unique shape. This funnel-shaped sink is the best choice that you can try to make it look modern and minimalist so it will never go out of style. Neutral colors can be applied to any nuanced bathroom decor. It’s not enough to stop here, the use of this unique sink also gives a formal feel that can be used as the focal point of the room.

Free Standing Bathroom Sink

If you don’t have small children at home, then using a free-standing sink is a different option that you can try for now. Use two sinks of the same color, size, and height to complete your modern bathroom décor. Place this free-standing sink facing each other completely with a gold faucet that has the appropriate height. The wall, which is covered with abstract wallpaper, becomes the background for the bathroom that presents a monochromatic touch because it is dominated by a combination of black and white colors.

Double Thick Glass Sink

Do a new makeover in your bathroom decor by replacing the old sink style with a new one. The two glass sink bowls with a fairly thick material do not worry about breaking easily when used for a long period of time. In addition, the surface of this sink also has a unique pattern and you can choose according to your wishes. Complete the countertop surface with a white orchid flower arrangement that has color harmony with the nuances of your current bathroom.

River Stone Sink for Modern Look

If you have a bathroom with a limited size, then the use of a floating vanity is one of the highly recommended pieces of furniture. On the surface of this wooden countertop, you can add a built-in river stone sink that can be used as an area for washing hands or washing your face. Use a unique shape with natural materials that can blend well when you use teak vanity. Although this sink has a fairly flat surface, the water can still flow properly towards the disposal.

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Brass Material Sink Ideas

The sink design with white color may be too ordinary. Now you can try something extraordinary by choosing a round bowl sink with a splash of gold that looks shiny. In addition, you can also use faucets and mirror frames of the same color for a more perfect look. Usually, this sink is used in a modern, contemporary, or minimalist style bathroom decoration. The black backsplash tile gives a splash of striking color that makes the room more elegant.

Round Stone Bathroom Sink

Match the theme of your bathroom with the use of the right interior. Focus your renovation on the use of sinks. For a suitable sink, you can use a sturdy and hard stone material so that it is suitable for use for a long period of time. This material also looks natural and is suitable when combined with an environmentally friendly wood-cut ceiling. Use more than one stone sink to fill the vanity of your teak wood so that it can be used more optimally. Furthermore, the LED mirror becomes a very precise combination.

Statement Modern Sink

Adjust the style of your sink with the bathroom that is used so that it blends perfectly. For now, you can try a modern sink with a hexagon shape that looks elegant. This glossy white color is in harmony with the color tone of the bathroom so it is very suitable. Choose and use a sink with a ceramic material to make it easier to clean when it starts to get dirty and of course, it doesn’t break easily when used for a long period of time, this is a very appropriate design choice.

3D Pattern Marble Sink

Look at the 3D pattern that is applied to this free-standing sink. Doesn’t it look unique and luxurious? Yes, you can try it in a minimalist bathroom decor that has a modern touch so it never goes out of style. Use a white marble material to make it easier to combine with several other interiors that are placed around it. Furthermore, the use of an LED mirror with a semicircular shape is the best combination that you can use simultaneously, you can try both in the same room.

Unique Shaped Stainless Steel Sink

Look at the design of this bathroom sink, isn’t it very unique and different from the others? Yes, when you use a stainless steel sink with an elongated bend like this, you don’t need a vanity anymore. This will save you a lot of budget costs. In addition, when this sink is used, dirty water will directly lead to the bathroom gutter so it is very practical. Choose and use stainless steel with good enough quality so that it is not easily porous and does not rust easily when used for a long period of time.

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Floating Modern Sink Decor

This floating sink detail that has a splash of pastel blue can be used as a focal point in your bathroom decor because it has a different color from the other interiors used. This small sink also has a black square pattern which makes it look not monotonous. Its existence is perfected with block wall paint which has a combination of white and orange. Take advantage of the side area of the sink as storage by hanging a small box that is used to put soap bottles.

Vessel Mount Black Nickel Sink

This nickel sink vessel can be one of the unique design choices that many people will like. For now, you can add it to a modern bathroom with an option that remains classic with a tile backsplash. The stainless steel faucet combined in the same room dares to modernize the room for a balanced feel. Decorate the countertop with a series of white shells that can bring a beach theme instantly. This sink is easy to clean when it starts to get dirty.

Natural Wood Sink Ideas

Think of using a sink with wood as well as making it a vanity design in the corner of the bathroom. Perform polishing activities to produce a smoother surface and of course it will be comfortable for anyone to use. Do the painting with white color for a look that looks more shiny when exposed to light reflections. One of the advantages of using this wooden sink is that it adds the right rustic touch. This floating round shaped sink becomes an elegant design that is suitable for any stylish bathroom decoration.

Glamorous Crystal Sink

Ditch the white sink for something better for extra elegance, paying close attention to the details of this crystal sink for a more polished finish. Play with unexpected combinations for beautiful and unique results. For example, you can combine this sink directly with a sleek gold faucet that looks luxurious. The splash of black that dominates the sink area presents a very cool masculine theme and is suitable for modern, minimalist or contemporary bathroom decorations.

Ultra-Modern Glass Sink

There’s nothing sleeker than a glass sink and marble countertop. This bathroom will feel cleaner and pristine as it fits the modern theme. The two materials used give this room a luxurious feel but still seem simple and not overwhelming. Perform regular maintenance for a clean appearance throughout the day used by family members or guests who come to your home. Add LED lighting around this sink to keep it looking attractive when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark.

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Summer Floral Pattern Sink

Don’t just pay attention to the shape of the sink to get a unique look in your bathroom area. For now, you can use sinks with the right pattern selection. For example, you can use a floral pattern sink that is dominated by a mix of black, peach, beige and white colors. All the colors in this sink pattern will work well together and can make your bathroom seem more attractive and fun. Use a faucet with a solid black color too so it won’t look contrasting and fits perfectly.

Portable Unique Sink Basin

For a practical sink design that you can try now is a portable sink basin with a splash of neutral white. You can put it on a console table made of wood without re-polishing. One of the advantages that you can get at this time is that it can make it easier to move the sink according to the needs of the room when needed. This sink basin is made of clay which can be designed according to your wishes or can also be aligned with the theme and style of your bathroom and at this time.

Blue Sink Art Decoration

Another unique sink option that can be applied to your bathroom decor is blue sink art which is applied directly to the surface of the minimalist floating shelves. This sink is just like a painting, but of course, it can be used properly and optimally according to your needs. Its attractive design makes it much in demand for those who have minimalist or modern home decor. This sink design also has fairly good disposal so it is highly recommended to try it when remodeling the bathroom interior.

Seashell Shaped Sink

Never underestimate the power of a seashell sink design that has a different shape from the others. This sink will look more unique and there is no reason not to save space because it can be moved to any area when needed. In addition to having a chic and practical appearance, this sink also has a material that is very durable and does not break easily when used throughout the year. Just combine it with a gold faucet to add a striking look that can be created easily and maximally.

Bold Pattern Bowl Sink

In addition to a unique bowl sink, you can also use a vanity with a unique look too. For now, just use a bowl sink with a vintage pattern that is dominated by a combination of black and white. Usually, this bowl sink pattern has a classic style that never goes out of fashion. The surface of the countertop made of stainless steel will make it easier for you to carry out routine maintenance every day. This round-shaped sink is suitable to be combined with a gold faucet that looks shiny.

Industrial Style Bathroom Sink

Take advantage of tires that are large enough to be used as DIY sinks that seem on a budget. This is done to minimize your environmental waste. Here the decoration that you can do is to coat the middle of the tire using a stainless steel basin that has the same size so that it can work well when in use. Indirectly, this DIY sink tire brings industrial style instantly. Place this sink on a sturdy iron vanity, because this sink tire is quite heavy and bulky.


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