15 Different Rug Designs You Can Have for Your House

As a home accessory, it can be said that a rug is something that must be provided in your home. The rug has many functions that could be used to warm up yourself during the winter, to add comfort, or even simply to beautify the decoration. It is known that there are so many different rug designs with different materials and varied patterns. That is why you can use the rug to beautify the decoration. Also, with different materials, you can adjust the rug choice based on the season or weather. Well, the warm and thick rug won’t fit you during the summer, right? The application of the rug itself is also really flexible. You can apply the rug here and there, from the entryway to the bathroom. What you have to do is find the right rug material and design based on the room you want the rug to be applied. Here are the references for you.

Abstract Pattern Rug Design

If your living room décor leans towards a contemporary or traditional modern theme, then the use of a rug with an abstract pattern might be the best choice you can make. Consider using neutral color tones such as a mix of beige with white and a little dark black so that it can blend in with the other interiors around it. Although it has a simple pattern, the design of this abstract rug gives it a modern and relaxed feel. This rug has a size that is wide enough so that it can coat the entire living room floor which is able to give an elegant impression and will never fail or not be tacky. Contemporary Abstrack Pattern Rug Design from @weaversart

Layered Rug for Colorful Living Room

Do you have a rug that feels too small but still wants to work well in your living room decor? Add a larger complementary rug underneath the zebra skin patterned rug to help fill in the blanks and look more viola. Also, consider the pattern of the rug when you want to apply a layered look. When the upper rug already has an interesting pattern, then for the lower rug design you can choose a plain design as a pattern neutralizer as well as the color of the room. Apply this layered rug to your living room decoration along with the furniture in this room such as a sofa and coffee table. Layered Rug for Colorful Living Room from @leighcodesigns

Mix Material and Style Bedroom Rug

The two layers of rug applied in this bedroom have two different materials and patterns. Woven rattan rugs with bohemian rugs dominated by black and white can work well together on wooden floors that have neutral colors such as light brown. Just apply this layered rug right under the bed as the first step that can give a warm impression to your feet. The pattern used in this rug has a bohemian vibe that fits perfectly when combined with some indoor greenery that can be placed at different points. Mix Material and Style Bedroom Rug from @samantha_tiry

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Fun Look Moroccan Rug

In addition to adding color to the room, the Morrocan rug placed in the living room decoration also makes your footwear smoother and more comfortable. In this way, the rug will function more versatile and of course, become one of the most popular interiors. Not only colorful rugs, but some of the furniture used is also quite colorful and ready to be made into a very attractive and festive homeroom. Also, pay attention to the use of materials used, you can adjust it to your comfort, faux fur material is the right choice because it has a warmer surface. Colorful Moroccan Rug from @ettiluxhome

Faux Fur Rug with Mix Colored

The faux fur rug is a new style that is taken from the old style. Its presence in one of the rooms of your house gives pleasure to your feet. Think about applying it to your bedroom so you can spend time barefoot. You can also choose a rug with a beautiful pattern that has several different color combinations. But for now, just choose a rug with a touch of earth tone color so that it can blend with the feel of the room which is dominated by white. The advantage of a faux fur rug in the bedroom is for a luxurious and warm first step in the morning. Faux Fur Rug with Mix Colored from @woolablebylorenacanals

Monochromatic Style Modern Rug

The easiest way you can do to add color and pattern to the room is to add a rug that will coat the wooden floor in your living room decor. Just choose and use a rug with a striped pattern that is dominated by a combination of black and white. These two colors will present a monochromatic theme instantly, you can try to perfect it by using a plain white sofa as neutralizing furniture. The patterns and colors of this rug design are usually used in a modern, contemporary or Scandinavian-style room. Perform routine maintenance to keep this rug clean when used throughout the day. Monochromatic Style Modern Rug from @avissadesign

Neutral Tones Rug

Look at the design of the rug in this open living room, doesn’t it look neutral and not tacky? Yes, this is the best choice that you can consider because it can be combined with other furniture around it more easily. The combination of silk and cream color on this rug is perfect when combined with a coffee table made of solid black glass. It’s not enough to end here so that the existence of this rug is more harmonious when applied in this living room, try choosing a sofa, canvas wall painting, and several small coffee tables in the same color. Neutral Tones of Silk and Cream Rug from @sandranunnerley

Warm Knitted Yarn Rug Ideas

If you have the expertise to knit then do it to make a handmade rug that can be easily applied to your living room. Just make this rug design with a medium size that can accommodate a chair, coffee table, floor lamp, and a small ottoman that can be used to relax your legs. Choose and use knitted fabrics with the colors you want, when choosing with a splash of neutral colors, beige or light gray are choices that will never fail. The cost needed is also not too much so it is suitable for those of you who want a stylish living room decoration but are still on budget. Knitted Yarn Rug from @luca_zizou

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Polyester Rug for Modern Living Room

In addition to having a statement pattern, a rug in the living room area has a polyester material that is easy to wash again when the surface starts to look dirty and dusty. This rug design, which is dominated by a combination of white and black, is ready to perfect the modern or contemporary living room decor. Currently, you can choose it with a large and wide size so that it can coat all parts of the floor evenly. Then do regular and maximum maintenance so that the color of this rug still looks attractive, try to combine it with a marble coffee table for a more luxurious and viola final look. The white linen chair also has a color harmony with the rug used so that it can blend more perfectly. Polyester Rug Modern Living Room from @mister_313

Coastal Beach Style Rug Design

An easy way that you can do to bring a coastal beach theme to the corner of your house is to coat the wooden floor with a medium rug that has a mix of bright colors and attracts attention. The beautiful pattern also adds texture to the room instantly. Here you can combine it with a hanging chandelier made of beads that have a light brown color. Because the corner of this room is dominated by plain white, the use of a coastal beach rug can be used as a beautiful focal point as well as a more comfortable, warmer, and softer foot surface. You can also sit underneath using the rug lining and a knitted floor cushion. Coastal Beach Style Rug Design from @villastyling

Wool Rug Material Design

Adjust the use of the rug with the decoration of the room that will be coated. When the living room is dominated by a white interior, choosing a white rug is the best inspiration you can do. It’s not enough to just match the color, but you can also choose them with a textured surface that can give the foot surface extra softness. Because this rug has a neutral design and color, it is ready to be applied in any room and in any style. Perform extra maintenance regularly so that the white surface can still look clean and free of dust. Textured Wool Rug Design from @benuta

Large and Round Shaped Rug

If you are one of those people who like an elegant look, then the use of floor layers such as rugs needs to be considered. Now you can adjust the use of the rug to the size of your living room. Try to do and use a layer of rug evenly on this part of the living room floor. This large round rug has a striped pattern with a combination of black, white, and blue so it looks very colorful and fun. If it is installed properly then you can put two velvet sofas facing each other on this rug, not only a sofa but a coffee table is also very important to support your activities while in the living room. Large and Round Shaped Rug from @daqua.interiors

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Minimalist Corner Rug

Not only in decorating the living room, but when your home office decoration requires the presence of a rug, why not? Yes, just choose a small rug design with a block color surface selection to add color to this white room instantly. You can also apply it in any area that needs this rug. For example, in the corner of the room someone’s footwear when sitting on a white chair on the surface of this rug. In addition to adding to the comfort of the room, this rug design is also able to give an elegant feel in a way that is not tacky at all. The drink bar table can be placed next to this chair to make it easier for your guests to drink without you having to bother. Minimalist Corner Rug from @falkenreynolds

Statement Look Rug Design

Because the rug used has a beautiful pattern and a beautiful color combination, its existence is ready to be made as a statement room. You can try to apply it to the living room so that it can be seen by your guests who visit the house. Because one of the colors of this rug has a color harmony with the storage cabinet and wall paint, the entire interior in this room can blend perfectly. The striped pattern of this rug has a combination of white and navy blue that looks dark and is ready to be perfected with bohemian throw pillows for a more festive and colorful living room look. Statement Look Rug in the Living Room from @amykentrugs

Pastel Color Runner Rug Design

There’s nothing wrong with coating the kitchen floor with a runner rug that has a beautiful color so that it is ready when it is used as the focal point of the room. Just choose and use a striped rug design that is dominated by several pastel color combinations such as pink, yellow and light orange that will blend perfectly. This runner rug is suitable for those of you who have a kitchen with a limited size so that it can still look stylish and not boring. In addition, you can also choose materials that are comfortable for your feet so that you can accompany kitchen activities to be more enthusiastic. Perform routine maintenance by cleaning it using a vacuum cleaner for the rug surface that is always clean. Pastel Color Runner Rug Design from @wip.la


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