Provide the Pretty Fall Touches to Your Garden

During the fall season, the outdoor part becomes the center of interest. It is because of the colors that come to us out there that will give a certain beauty and happiness to see. With that fact, it will be great if you add beauty to your garden and strengthen the season spirit there during the fall this year. Do the decoration to some parts of your garden since there will be some spots to be concerned with. For example, you can do the fall decoration to your pathway in case you have it. Or, you may have pumpkin planters so that the fall season will be really seen in your garden. Also, if you have a patio in your garden, then it can be a good concern to be added with fall touches. The references below will show you more about how you can decorate your garden with pretty fall touches.

Simple Look Fall Garden Decoration

To make your garden decorations look more alive when autumn arrives, the combination of pumpkin ornaments with perennials is a decoration idea that never fails. Both have a variety of different colors so that your garden looks more colorful and not boring. This pumpkin ornament with a variety of different sizes can last throughout the season for a long time because it will not rot. Pumpkin is the best friend you can get in all the shops around your house at a cheap and very affordable price. Just put it randomly but still in a very neat and orderly state. Combination of Perennials with Pumpkin Garden from @provenwinners

Cottage Fall Garden Decoration

Pumpkin ornaments with a variety of different sizes are ready to be used as autumn garden decorations that will never fail. When you have a garden with limited space, you can display these pumpkins vertically or stack them according to the size of the pumpkins used. A combination of pumpkin with orange and gray will work well together without providing a tacky color contrast. The use of different sizes also provides a varied look that is not easily boring. Green plants and grass around it add a natural color that will make it look fresher. Tiered Pumpkin Decor for Cottage Garden from @lizmariegalvan

Pumpkin Trellis Garden Design

Some of these curvy pumpkin trellises are ready to make great backdrops for fall festivals in your garden décor. This white repainted iron trellis gives a modern feel that never fails. Pumpkins that are large enough are perfect for adding a beautiful fall-themed element. Do watering on this pumpkin plant so that it can develop properly and be able to live for a long time. This would be the perfect setting for some outdoor photos, you can try it right now for a different garden look. Trellis garden is also ready to welcome your guests with great joy. DIY Pumpkin Trellis Garden Design from @kellogggarden

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Bold Look Pumpkin Decoration

Look at the presence of orange pumpkin among these fresh green plants, isn’t it very bold and eye-catching? Yes, you can consider it as best you can for a different and unique garden display. Place the pumpkin properly so that it is ready to be used as the focal point of the garden this year. You can display this pumpkin ornament on a stand with a high enough height so that this pumpkin ornament can look clearer and bolder. More pumpkin ornaments are used, so their presence is also ready to be used as an autumn garden decoration that never fails. Perform routine maintenance on green plants so that they can develop better and maximally. Orange Pumpkin among the Greenery from @tiny_blue_lake_garden

Fall Garden Stairs Decoration

Don’t let the stone steps in your garden decoration look plain and boring. This will be the main road to your garden so that it can be decorated to the maximum. For now you can decorate it with several pumpkin ornaments that have different sizes and colors. The colors used range from orange, yellow and peach. Place it on each ladder in a neat arrangement and of course it doesn’t interfere with your movement space while in this garden. This way, your stair area doesn’t look plain and more colorful than before. Natural Stone Garden Stair with Pumpkin Decor from @pagejordan_pdxrealtor

Use Pumpkin As A Garden Planter

Not all pumpkins that are used in decorating your garden are made as autumn ornaments. For now, you can switch the function of the pumpkin as a planter that can be used for blooming daisies that have a dominant bright yellow color. Place the existence of this planter pumpkin around the pumpkin ornament which has a size large enough so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. What you can do here is cut the pumpkin into two parts of the same size, and remove the contents inside the pumpkin so that it can be filled with the planting media used. Then apply it in areas that are exposed to the sun so that this planter pumpkin does not rot easily when used throughout autumn this year. Use Pumpkin As A Garden Planter from @wetandforget

Colorful Tiered Ornament Pumpkin

When you are going to use pumpkins in garden decorations as one of the important ornaments, then repaint them with several different colors. For example, you can combine bold orange, bright orange and yellow. These three colors work well together and provide eye-catching color contrast. Furthermore, you can display this pumpkin outdoor vertically so that it can save the land area in your garden. Combine this tiered pumpkin with blooming flowers that have a different mix of colors too. This flower plant has a variety of different types and has a more vibrant color. Colorful Tiered Ornament Pumpkin from @seanthemarketingguy

Fall Vibes Fountain Garden

Not only on the ground that you can decorate with pumpkin ornaments, for now you can apply it right to the fountain garden to have a new look that is ready to be made as a unique new look. It is enough to use just one pumpkin ornament to apply to the statue in this fountain garden. Because of its small size, you can complete it with some blooming flower plants that have bold colors like deep purple. The design of this concrete fountain garden looks very simple because it is not coated with new paint anymore. But there’s no need to worry because the color combination of the pumpkin ornaments with blooming flowers has made the area around it more lively. Fall Vibes Fountain Garden from @theparishouse

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Fall Touch Garden Edge Ideas

Consider redecorating the garden edge with a touch of fall that you can easily do yourself without having to call a professional to your garden. What you can do now is to place pumpkin ornaments along the edges at a distance that is not too far away. Not only pumpkin ornaments, but you can also apply large dried leaves to emphasize the autumn theme in your garden this year. Try to use only faux pumpkins so they will last well enough until the fall season is over. Because it has a small size, more pumpkin ornaments are applied, so the appearance of your garden will also be more fun and festive. Fall Touch Garden Edge Ideas from @becky_marie87

Pumpkins Galore

Pumpkins are the best friend you can use to add a touch of fall to your garden. Just put these pumpkins in the green grass area as a decoration as well as an ornament that can be obtained easily. Because the garden in front of your house has a fairly large size, the use of the pumpkin also needs to be considered and must be in large quantities so that it can be more evenly distributed. Beautifully blooming flowers can be applied to several black pots to be used as an initial welcome for your guests who come to the house. Although placed randomly, this pumpkin ornament looks very charming because it has a bright orange bold color that will look shiny when exposed to the sun’s reflection. Pumpkins Galore in the Garden from @margotrosen

Harvest Garden Window Box Ideas

The combination of pumpkins with gourds can be used as decorations or important ornaments that can be placed in the window box area along with various types of different plants and with different colors as well. From greenery to flowers that bloom in bright purple. Pumpkins and gourds are a combination of crops that can bring an instant touch of autumn. You can choose and use a wooden window box with a size large enough to accommodate all this autumn decoration more and more. It’s not enough to stop here, but you can also repaint the window box with a classic black color that looks shiny and neutral. Harvest Garden Window Box Ideas from @ekgardens

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Big and Large Ornament Pumpkin

Add a different color to your garden decoration by using a plastic pumpkin ornament that has a fairly large size. You can get these pumpkin ornaments at your nearest fall craft store. place them close together with greenery and several different types of flowers. The greens and orange in this pumpkin color will work well together for a new look in your garden. Because this pumpkin has a large size and is difficult to move when there is a change, then think and consider the right area to place it so as to minimize the transfer of this large pumpkin to other areas. Repaint this pumpkin for a shinier look. Focal Point of the Garden Pumpkin from @greenofgreenwich

Fall Vibes Orange Pallet Chair

Not only focusing on pumpkin ornaments in your garden decoration, now you can add two wooden pallet chairs as a comfortable outdoor sitting area to use with your partner. Do repaint this chair with orange color so that it has color harmony with the favorite color tone that is often used this season. Next to fill the empty land area you can use some pumpkin ornaments and gourds so it doesn’t look too plain and boring. The backrest of this wooden pallet chair also has a face pattern that can be chiseled according to the design you want. You can try it right now. Orange Pallet Chair with Pumpkin Ornament from @wymangardens

Welcome Fall Garden Decoration

The gate to this backyard garden can be perfected with pumpkin ornaments that can be combined directly with orange flowers that bloom beautifully. Just put all this neatly and do not interfere with the entrance to your garden. Repaint the wooden fence with white paint for a cleaner and modern look. So that this flower can bloom beautifully at any time, you can water it with clean water and provide fertilizer regularly. Pumpkins of two different sizes can be repainted with a combination of orange and gray colors to make them look shinier when exposed to reflected sunlight. After everything has been done well, the presence is ready to welcome your guests. Welcome Fall Garden Decoration from @pennypenningtonweeks

Fall Foliage and Pumpkins

A group of green plants that have bright colors can work together with pumpkin ornaments that you can place around them. This display looks simple but will display an adorable color contrast. In this way, your garden decoration is ready to be made as a master outdoor fall that has a creative and eye-catching appearance. You don’t have to worry about the pumpkins in use rotting before autumn ends, as you can use plastic pumpkin ornaments to ensure the view lasts throughout this season. Its existence is ready to be used as a beautiful background that you can use to take pictures with your family. Fall Foliage and Pumpkins from @sandiegoseedcompany

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