20 Creative Ideas for IKEA Hack

There are so many great products from IKEA and it is always interesting to look for some products there. Another interesting thing about it is that it is really possible to do the hack for the IKEA products so that you can adjust the function of the products just based on your needs. Also, doing the hack for the furniture can be really fun. It is like doing the DIY but in a simpler way. For example, you can buy the affordable spice rack then use it to be your kids’ book rack, and use the bottom part as the hanger for any utilization. It is great how you can have 2 functions at one product which is way cheaper. There will be so many ideas for the IKEA hack ideas and we have compiled them for you. You’ll be amazed at the ideas since those are really interesting. Go check the ideas and have fun!

Built-in Tabletop Lamp Design

If you want multifunctional furniture that can be applied to living room decorations, then the built-in lamp on a side table is the right choice and must be owned. This furniture has a simple look that can be repainted with black and black so it looks newer and more elegant. In addition to saving more space, the built-in lamp on this side table can also be moved to another place easily because it has a size that is not too big. Get this furniture at a low price but has a function that is quite maximal when used. Built-in Tabletop Lamp Design from @ikeahackersofficial

Multifunction Bed Frame Design

Do you have a bedroom with limited space? If so, then you can use the right interior or furniture. For example, you can use a wooden bed that is equipped with a wardrobe. The existence of this wardrobe is right under the bed. You can open this wardrobe when needed, close it again when finished to save floor space and not interfere with your movement space. This hack multifunctional bed design has a simple look with wood material without repainting so that it is more environmentally friendly and looks more natural. Multifunction Bed Frame with Wardrobe from @ikeahackersofficial

Wooden Coffee Table with Storage

Change the look of this simple DIY coffee table hack into a furniture that functions better and optimally. For example, you can add a board the same size as this coffee table to be applied under the table so that it can be used as an open storage idea. The area under this table can be used to put your favorite magazines or books that you read often. The design of this coffee table looks much better and is also very functional, you can make it yourself with the wood that you have in the warehouse. DIY Wooden Coffee Table with Storage from @ikeahack

IKEA Spice Rack Hack

The IKEA hack might start when you want a cheap interior for a different room decor. Make a DIY wooden magazine rack complete with an open shelf underneath so that it can be used as an area to hang some of your child’s clothes hangers. This multifunctional magazine rack is very easy to make yourself, why is it called easy? Because you only need a small amount of wood material and it is enough to hang it on one part of your child’s bedroom wall that is not used or still looks empty. IKEA Spice Rack Hack from @the_thrifty_renovator

IKEA Bench Hack with Storage

Look at the design of this IKEA bench hack, isn’t it very multifunctional and ready to be made as one of the smart furniture ideas? Have this furniture to save more of your floor area. Besides being able to be used as a comfortable sitting area, this bench is also equipped with built-in cubbies storage that can be filled with several storage baskets of various sizes, colors and different patterns. Each basket that is used can be used for storage of different items also according to the needs of your home. Cover this wooden bench with a seat cushion for a softer surface. IKEA Bench Hack with Storage from @ikeahackersofficial

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Modern Desk with Built-in Storage

An easy step you can take to make home office decorations look neat and minimalist is to use the right interior or furniture. Here the desk is the main furniture that must be owned, therefore you can choose it with a multifunctional design that looks smart, modern and minimalist. Take a look at the melamine wood desk which is equipped with an open shelf at the bottom, yes here you can do storage by adding three basket hacks that can be used to store some important office equipment so that they are easier to find when they will be reused. Storage in this basket area also makes the desk surface more free and neat. Modern Desk with Built-in Storage from @casa.di.gioia

Standing Kids Cubbies Hack

To organize all your children’s toys so they are not scattered, it’s a good idea to buy or make standing cubbies as an open storage area that has a friendly height for children. This shelf cubbies design has three arrangements of different sizes. For a neater and more organized look, you can add several baskets of different materials and sizes as an additional storage area which is highly recommended. Apply to the cubbies shelf that has the appropriate size. Furthermore, to fill the empty shelves you can apply some pillows, dolls and even your daughter’s toys with a size large enough so that they can be used as the focal point of the room. Kids Cubbies Hack from @casa.di.gioia

Unique Impression Dresser Hack

In a room of the house, of course, requires storage such as open shelves, cabinets or dressers. Yes, here you can focus on choosing a dresser with a different impression and appearance, make it more attractive by combining the wooden frame with cane webbing which has a neutral color and is easy to combine with other furniture around it. This cane webbing frame craft can be made yourself and can be installed easily to replace the glass material that is commonly used. In this way, the dresser design that you use will be more private and minimize the chaos that occurs in this dresser. Isn’t it a lot of benefit for you and your family, have it now. Cane Webbing Frame Dresser Hack from @hunkerhome

Mini Standing Rack Hack

The corner of this white nuanced room can be converted to function as a small living room decoration that you can use personally. Here you can add a wicker rattan chair, a standing floor lamp, and a standing rack hack made of wood and then repaint in a color that matches this room. White is always the right color choice because it is suitable to be applied in any style room. In order for this standing rack hack to function better and maximally, you can fill the empty part with two drawers that can be pulled outwards when it is used as closed storage. Two baskets of the same size and material are additional storage that you can use as well. Neutral Color Standing Rack Hack @casa.di.gioia

Multifunction Cabinet Ideas

No need to worry when you have a kitchen decoration with limited space. Because now you can use a standing cabinet complete with a built-in sink so that it has a function that is quite useful for your kitchen activities. The tile backsplash is also equipped with several hooks that you can use to hang some cooking utensils so that they are more neatly arranged. Because the size is quite simple and small, it can be moved to any area according to the needs of the kitchen when needed. Also use the cabinets at the top and bottom to the maximum so that all your kitchen utensils can be stored more effectively and efficiently. Cabinet Storage with Sink from @dove_cottage

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Melamine Wood Kitchen Island Hack

Complete your minimalist modern kitchen decor with a multifunctional kitchen island complete with large storage. Here you can prepare food along with store any kitchen utensils you have so that the kitchen looks neater, cleaner and more open. White is a neutral choice that can be applied to the nuances of this kitchen. This kitchen island made of marble and melamine wood will work well together to look sturdy all year round. Marble material is also easier to clean when it looks dirty, just use a soft cloth that can be combined with cleaning fluid that can be purchased at the nearest store. Melamine Wood Kitchen Island Hack from @homedesignby_es

Festive Look Rainbow Desk Hack

How cute is the design of a DIY wooden desk for home office decoration that can be perfected with a beautiful and cute layer of pastel paint? This IKEA hack desk design looks really amazing because it is complemented by several storage drawers underneath which are arranged vertically, just use it to put important documents or some small, easy-to-lost stationery. In addition to being a multifunctional furniture idea, this rainbow desk also adds color to the room which makes it more colorful. Another interior that is perfected with rainbow colors is also an option for a more festive end result. Rainbow Desk Hack with Drawer from @tilda_loves_teddy

DIY Bench Storage Ideas

This DIY bench that is easy to make and very functional is one of the pieces of furniture that looks natural without repainting. I really liked this project after making it for one in your room. Just install three storage drawers under a wooden bench, for installation and use it is also very practical. This drawer can be used for large storage and can also be used to put some small items that are easily lost. It’s not enough to get here, you can also decorate it with a small green plant vase, ceramic ornaments and beautiful photo frames. DIY Bench Storage Ideas from @minihuisjemila

Minimalist Daybed Hack Design

Your storage settings can be arranged in a daybed that is equipped with a modern minimalist style pull-out drawer. In addition to being a comfortable lying area, this daybed can also be used for practical storage that can be used by anyone easily. Choose a modern design with the main material of melamine wood so that it has a more glossy appearance when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it, and repaint it with white as a more elegant final result. Cover the surface of the daybed with a cloth and two throw pillows for maximum comfort. This furniture can be used by children or adults. Use only as needed. Daybed Hack with Pull-out Drawers from @minihuisjemila

Multifunctional Storage Basket

The more hack baskets you use, the more storage you can do. Here you can use baskets with several different sizes and can be used according to the items to be stored. The basket section which is perfected with a label on the outer surface will make it easier for you to find the items you need with a fairly effective discovery time. This hack basket can be used to store any items and can be put in an open cabinet so that it looks neater and less messy. Currently, you can use it in a special playroom for your children. Choose and use only plastic basket materials so that they are not easily damaged. Multifunctional Storage Basket from @henry.andhome

Floating Shelves Hack Ideas

Medals and trophies can be stored in the same area using an IKEA rack hack that can be easily attached to any empty wall area. Here you can repaint the shelf with a color that matches the wall paint so that it blends in more perfectly. When you put the medal in the trophy on the top surface of the rack, for the medal you can hang it on the rods that have been installed just below this hack rack. Although it has a simple appearance, this storage rack can function better and maximally. Its existence is suitable for those of you who have limited space. Medal and Trophy Display Shelves from @ikeahackersofficial

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 IKEA Nightstand Hacks Ideas

Nightstand hacks don’t have to be fancy and expensive. Currently, you can use the room under the nightstand as a suitable pet area for your beloved dog to have a more comfortable place. All you need to do here is add a metal door so your pet can also stay inside at night. Cover the door of this pet area with a small curtain that can be closed whenever you want. The top surface of the nightstand can be used to put some of your favorite books, a small flower vase is a decoration that never fails. The light scones beside the bed become reading lights that can be used at night. IKEA Nightstand Hacks for dogs from @ikeahackersofficial

Vintage Stand Camera Lamp

No need to be confused when you are going to do a family photo session at your home. Because here you can take advantage of the table lamp stand as an area to put a camera that is ready to focus on taking pictures of you with your family. This DIY camera lamp stand is one of the very cheap and simple DIY furniture because it is made of wood with transparent paint re-polish so that it looks more shiny and new. Just put it on a console table or on a side table to make it one of the unique interiors that is ready to be the focal point of the room. Turn on this lamp when the room is getting dark as one of the more focused and easy-to-move room lighting according to the needs of the room. DIY Vintage Stand Camera Lamp from @ikeahackersofficial

Pine Canvas Painting Dresser

In addition to being a safe and closed storage idea, a dresser with pine canvas material is the right area to channel your painting talent. Use watercolors to absorb the pine canvas dresser on the outside. The colors used can also vary greatly, ranging from pink, blue and yellow. All the colors that are applied will look bold because this dresser has a neutral black base color. When you are going to use it as storage, just pull the drawer outwards so it can be wide open and ready to be used as dust safe storage. You can coat the bottom surface of this dresser with a faux fur rug that can give the room a more glamorous look. Pine Canvas Painting Dresser from @ikeahackersofficial

Kids Bed Hack with Pull-out Drawer

The design of this IKEA hack children’s bed is very effective and efficient because it can be used together with a large number of storage drawers underneath. Take advantage of all the drawers as closed storage ideas that can be used as a wardrobe or storage area for all the children’s games that they have. In this way, the overall appearance of the child’s bedroom is neater and orderly. You can choose it with teak wood material so that it has a fairly strong surface and is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint the pullout drawer with white to make it look different. Kids Bed Hack with Pull-out Drawer from @ikeahackersofficial

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