Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Bath

For many people, luxury can imply different things. It isn’t perceived in terms of functionality alone but also aesthetics and emotions.

Speaking of emotions, nothing compares to relaxing with a lavish bathing ritual in a soaking tub after a hard day! No, not the regular bathtub that simply serves as a drain for your bath. We’re talking about a luxurious bathing experience that whisks you away into a place of sophistication and affluence.

Eye-catching bathtubs are currently a popular trend in luxury bathrooms. Customers can’t seem to have enough of these calm elegant vessels as touching their unwavering love for standalone soaking tubs. Meanwhile, soak tub designers keep indulging customers with even more lush designs.

Given that soak baths are proven to lower anxiety and stress while improving the appearance of your bathroom, it is not surprising that the demand for standalone tubs is growing. In fact, it is anticipated that the market for freestanding bathtubs would have grown by 5.4% by 2028.

It is apparent, that more homeowners want to enjoy a spa-like treatment in the convenience of their homes and it is no wonder why. Apart from the aesthetics, here are a few reasons soak tubs are the crave.

  • The peace and tranquil it offers

First of all, immersing yourself in a tub is rejuvenating and soothing to both physical and mental states. It provides stress relief in the comfort of your residence. If you’re lucky to have a great view from where you are in the tub, then you’ve got yourself the perfect spot to relax and perhaps do some retrospective thinking. Mind you, these tubs can accommodate two people, allowing you to share this perfect moment.

  • Pain relief
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Don’t believe it? Well, you have to try it for yourself. A luxury soak tub can also be analgesic. But here’s the trick – pour a cup of magnesium sulfate into your tub before you soak. Many know it as Epsom salt and it is known to help lessen chronic pain and muscle spasms. Try this if you have a headache or muscle soreness. Don’t do this more than once a week though.

  • Healthier sleep

You will probably agree if we say that giving yourself a good bath before bed can enhance the quality of sleep you get. How much more when you wash away the day’s stress in a luxury bathtub? There’s a chance you’ll sleep off while in the tub, but you’ll only wake up with relaxed muscles and a calm mind. Beyond a simple bath, a soaking tub may improve your sleep life.

Meanwhile, as the climate changes through the year, from cold winters to warm summers in Canberra, your soak tub may be the only place you experience the ideal ‘climate’. If you desire a beautifully designed and highly functional bathroom with an exquisite bath, you can easily hire bathroom renovations in Canberra or you may call on your interior designer and work it out yourself. Regardless, here’s some insight on how you turn your bathroom into an indoor paradise.

1. Bathtub or shower or a combination of both?

Modern luxury bathrooms typically have at least, a free-standing shower mixed with high-end fittings and unique tile work.

Likewise, a magnificent standalone soaking tub is used in places of the traditional step-in shower and bath combination. These high-end bathtubs are available in a wide range of imaginative designs to fit any environment, from eye-catching contemporary designs, and conventional clawfoot tubs to deep Japanese bathtubs. This will be the focal point of your luxury bathroom.

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2. Can the available space in your bathroom be converted into a luxury bathroom?

One of the initial choices you must make when planning your new luxurious bathroom is deciding whether or not you can use the layout of your current bathroom or if you must expand or modify the structure.

A soaking tub is designed so that you will be submerged in water. For this reason, it is different from a standard tub in its depth. While standard tubs have a depth of around 12 inches, soaker tubs usually begin from 14 inches and because they usually stand away from the walls, require more space.

Many older homes did not include a master bathroom. In this situation, the only option may be to expand your property. You may have to rework your flooring to create the space for the bathroom that you desire.

3. Privacy is crucial

If you can afford to, place your soak tub in a part of your house that is away from the noisy areas. You can’t have all that noise interrupting your luxury baths.

4. Cabinets and storage

The cabinets you select for your luxury bathroom are a crucial component of its visual aesthetics. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, well designed and custom-built cabinets can transform an unkempt area into an organized dedicated storage area for all your essentials.

When planning the ideal arrangement of storage drawers, it is best to consult an interior designer. Ensure you acquire high-quality cabinetry that can withstand the humid bathroom atmosphere.

5. Heated flooring

You can never have too much warmth and coziness. Everything from your toilet seat to your flooring can be warmed up. You don’t want to come out of a hot tub only to hold a freezing towel bar. The goal is to make you as comfortable as you can be.

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6. Wall coverings

Clean white walls will create a calm impression but you shouldn’t be reluctant to get adventurous with your wall decorations. To create a peaceful atmosphere, select a color scheme that is deeply influenced by nature. Also keep in mind that tiling is not only used in flooring. Wall tiles that are handcrafted and architectural might help make your bathroom more water-resistant and durable.

A different option is to include texture and patterning using wallpapers. If set up properly, it will withstand dampness and create a unique aesthetic appeal.

7. Luxury lighting

The era of having a single overhead lighting is long gone. It is crucial to employ patterned and sculpted lighting when building the ideal master bathroom with soft, diffused lighting to create the perfect ambiance.


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