55 Ways to Apply Winter Decoration to Your Kitchen

As the heart of your house, the kitchen is a room that should be decorated well. When you are doing seasonal decoration projects, you should consider your kitchen decoration too. Anyway, winter is the magical season, it is always great to apply the winter touches to your kitchen so that you can feel so much comfortable while making the food for your whole family member. It is known that a good mood is the key to your food quality so giving your best effort in decorating your kitchen should be something exciting for you. Related to that, since the winter is here, then make sure that you have a plan to decorate your kitchen with the winter touches.

In decorating the kitchen, you should consider some parts such as the window, the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen island, the countertop, and the wall. For the window, you can do the window treatment by using garland, wreath, other hanging ornaments, or putting vases there. Or, you may change the curtain with a winter/Christmas design. Talking about the vase, you can put some greenery there like a small Christmas tree. For the kitchen island and countertop, you can simply use a tray that is decorated with winter arrangements or some other ornament that can be applied to the table. For detailed references, you can check the following images. Hope you can find the best one for your kitchen.

Evergreen Window Garland from Digsdigs

Candy Cane from Digsdigs

Window Wreath with Bow from Digsdigs

Hanging Branch with Christmas Ball from Digsdigs

Lighted Evergreen Garland from Digsdigs

Snowflake Sticker from Digsdigs

Evergreen Wreath from Digsdigs

Snowy Evergreen Wreath from Digsdigs

Decorative Kitchen Island with Evergreen from Digsdigs

Long Evergreen Garland from Digsdigs

Lighted Window Garland from Digsdigs

Evergreen Chandelier from Digsdigs

Snowy Christmas Tree from Digsdigs

Potted Evergreen Tree from Digsdigs

Potted Mini Spruce from Digsdigs

Evergreen and Berries Arrangement from Digsdigs

Lighted Evergreen Tree from Digsdigs

Mini Evergreen Wreath from Digsdigs

Gingerbread Wreath from Digsdigs

Snowy Christmas Tree Ornament from Digsdigs

White Christmas Tree Centerpiece from Digsdigs

Hanging Gingerbread and Evergreen from Elledecor

Vase Evergreen Arrangement from Elledecor

Evergreen Everywhere from Countryliving

Garland Window Treatment from Countryliving

Red and White Themed from Countryliving

Evergreen Wreath and Garland from Curatedinterior

Snowy Back Chair Wreath from Curatedinterior

Curved Window Wreath from Curatedinterior

Decorative Pendant Light with Evergreen from Curatedinterior

Faux Evergreen Chandelier from Decoist

Snowy Decorative Pendant Light from Decoist

Pine Cone and Evergreen Display from Decoist

Decorative Kitchen Island with Evergreen from Decoist

Hanging Wreath from Decoist

Redberries Wreath from Decoist

Evergreen Arrangement at the Corner from Decoist

Heart Shaped Gingerbread from Familyholiday

Lighted Winter Kitchen Decor from Familyholiday

Snowy Wreath and Christmas Ball Garland from Familyholiday

Pine Cone and Evergreen Display from Familyholiday

Evergreen Arrangement from Familyholiday

Round Evergreen and Ball Wreath from Familyholiday

Tiered Tray with Christmas Tree from Sheknows

Evergreen Wreath from Sheknows

Evergreen Ceiling Decor from Trendir

Mini Christmas Tree from Trendir

Snowy Evergreen Centerpiece from Trendir

Evergreen on the Cabinet from Trendir

Evergreen Window Treatment from lovegrowswild

Faux Evergreen Window Garland from thepioneerwoman

DIY Cabinet Wreaths from thepioneerwoman

Lighted Christmas Tree from Decoist

Mini Christmas Tree Ornament from Decoist

Decorative Christmas Tree from Decoist

Hanging Wreath from Decoist

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