Cooking space should be design carefully to get happy cooking time. How you choose color will impact kitchen design that also affect your mood later on. In this case, pink color will gain you to have better feeling to cook any meals for your family.

Lighting creates tremendous effect for a room decoration. For girl bedroom, we need to choose cute lamp for more attractive decoration. Make your pretty princess happier by giving her stylish table lamp. Even, adults love these lamps style as well. Take a look further below for more inspiring table lamps;

Bedroom lighting choice will affect room decoration. For girl nursery room, you can use pink chandelier. It doesn’t only add her bedroom lighting but also makes it look more inviting. Pink is most of women’s favorite color. Choose pink chandelier will be a great decision to make her happy. Check out these pink chandeliers that can be chosen as your little girl’s lighting;

Every parent wants to give the best design for their girl’s room. Though most of them tend to ask princess room decoration, but a bedroom can be more than it. Parent will think more how to make beautiful bedroom design but also functional. Like these following girl’s bedroom designs that are not only beautiful but also functional;

Questioning on where you should go to celebrate Valentine Day with your partner? Why don’t have a dinner with your own home. It looked more special and intimate than go to a restaurant. You can decorate your dining room with red flower, candles, and other romantic items.

For you who love pink, applying this color for room may need more consideration. You will not build a Barbie house right? Before directly uses pink to color your house, it will better to think over the color to combine with it. Wrong color combination will make the room looks annoying. However, you can match pink with the colors below;