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8 Boho Room Decoration Ideas for a Free-Spirit House Design

Let your house looks unique by applying Bohemian room decoration. It deals with free-spirit soul th…

Let your house looks unique by applying Bohemian room decoration. It deals with free-spirit soul that will trigger your soul be more attractive. You have to be able to mix and match some colors and pattern without causing clutter.

Boho room decoration is about nature, spirit, and unique. Start from macrame, crystal, or even wood design will show the beauty of life. Here, you can copy these boho decoration ideas for your lovely house;

Feminine Touch

Bohemian room decoration doesn’t mean you cannot get feminine look. With the butterflies frame on the wall add a natural beauty which looks calm. The use of neutral color make this room feels soft and comfortable.

Color Variety

Colorful room for Bohemians style also comes with cheerful room. When you want to show up the color of your room, using the shades may look best. It goes to a variety color without making it messy and or clutter.

Macrame Curtain

Decorating a room with boho style looks wonderful with macrame curtain for your window or door. Just buy it the nearest store or if you have leisure time this weekend, you can make it. Using this macrame will keep your room tidiness as well.

Accessory Chic

When you want to add boho style for your living room, this accessory chic chandelier comes to help you. This antique chandelier is imported from French and Belgium. So, you need to spend more budget to get this extraordinary chandelier.

Built-Up Corners

Give more touch for your corner!  At the aim of creating boho room decoration, you need to add layer furniture pieces, texture and accessory. When you want to have boho style, you have to avoid minimalist decoration.

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Spanish Accents

Add free-spirit for your living room with Spanish accent to improve the design. Add a touch of colorful pillows with different pattern to full of your room. Make it more impressive by hanging a crystal lamp for brighter room.

Faux Fur

Pay attention to the rugs, throw pillows, blankets or footstools which give you another look of Bohemians room design. It comes with faux fur which gives you a different pattern to create more free-spirit of life.

Cozy Up

This boho bedroom design asks you to show the hanging beams in the air. This room decor deals with the warmth and cozy bedroom atmosphere for you to sleep. Taking rest at this room will give you more spirit after waking up at morning.

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