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9 Eco-Friendly 3D Sticker Ideas For Interior Walls

Applying 3D sticker for wall decoration comes with a different vibe that looks great. The role of s…

Applying 3D sticker for wall decoration comes with a different vibe that looks great. The role of sticker on the wall is to add visual interest is brilliant, whether it will be a shape of flowers, trees, and many more. Pay attention to choose 3D sticker wall that waterproof and eco-friendly. Just take a look at these ideas for example;

3D Flower Stickers

3D Flower Stickers


Using 3D flower sticker makes your bedroom look sweet and brand new.  Redesigning will not take much time any more. Metallic 3D sticker provided in variety sizes and colors. Just mix and match it with bedroom decoration.

Artistic 3D Wall Sticker

Add a touch of artistic value on the wall by using 3D wallpaper. With this stylish sticker, the room looks more elegant and colorful. It doesn’t matter whether applied at whole or only a part of the wall.

Purple Sides

Purple makes this room as a place for relaxing mind. Just do meditation or yoga at this room and get peace mindful. Add some pillows with similar color will bring this room into an extra cozy atmosphere.

Poppies 3D Sticker

How about this amazing feature of 3D sticker for kitchen design? Incredible, isn’t it? This sticker looks glamour and calm in one circumstance. Here is where you will cook your family favorite meals. Bright and fresh as like as the food you serve.

Feathers of Silver

For those who love feathers, this wallpaper 3D sticker may become the most impressive. It seems like seeing dancing birds fly around the room. This wall decoration reminds us to see how beautiful the sky with all the birds.

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3D Stickers on the Door

Fill the empty part of the door with 3D sticker allows it to looks sophisticated. The pictures of plant stems growing from the grass bring a different style for your door. It looks modern and simple for an urban house style.

Garden Looks

Giving 3D sticker for kids room is a good decision. With garden look picture, your kids feel like playing outside. This beautiful interior comes as the vocal interest of this room.

Living Delights

Dining room with 3D sticker looks more stunning. With modern room style, this sticker appears to make it perfect. Give a suitable lighting for admirable decoration.

Photo Frame 3D Sticker

Photo frame sticker on the wall looks amazing for wall decoration. Just put on your family pictures on the wall at each branch of this tree sticker.

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