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9 Unique Flowers That Bloom to Improve Garden Look

Get ready to give a new touch for your garden with unique flowers. What unique flowers means? They …

Get ready to give a new touch for your garden with unique flowers. What unique flowers means? They are flower with unusual duty or shape. Just like growing up unusual tall, having super big petals, or doing something different just like catching insects.

Himalayan Poppy

Himalayan Poppy


This flower can grow up till 36 inches. Just see beautiful blue petals with little bit yellow at center. However, you have to be more careful. Himalayan Poppy needs a condition which is neither too hot nor too cold for growing well.

Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of paradise flower comes with unique shape. The flower shows you how beautiful it grows up with bicolor. Furthermore, it can defense on hot or humid condition. Give it rich soil and enough sun rise and you will see it will reach 5 feet tall.

Secret Lust Coneflower

Coneflower can grow up till 3 feet with beautiful shape and color. In addition, this flower changes its color along the process of growing. So, you will see how coneflower gives more interesting experience that amazing.

Crown Imperial

Wait for spring bulb flower to see its multiple orange petals and six white color dots. Don’t hold against its natural shape. Let it shows its uniqueness that will attract you. Moreover, you can see this flower grows till 5 feet.


Sundew provided in many species. Usually, you will see some insects trapped on it. This flower seems like dropping some nectar on its tiny stalks. Then, some insects come to get it. However, they only see illusion.

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Northern Pitcher Plants

What about this unique flower for your garden? This is a fascinating flower ever! Pitcher modifies its leaves become petal. Hereafter, this flower will give you a touch of natural beauty that attractive and eye-grabbing.

Red Hot Poker Plant

Attract people eyes by its cylindrical shape, red hot poker plants will change your garden look. They can grow up till 4 feet tall. Moreover, the color variation of red, pink, or violet gives more interest value for this unique flower.

Silk Tree

Silk tree comes from tropical area. This flower can grow up to 35 feet. Though it doesn’t give hard fragrance, but the colors are eye-catching. Grow silk tree with full of sunlight for better result.

Amethyst in Snow

Bi-color flower always looks attractive. The color comes in white and purple that show harmony. Amethyst in Snow tells you that dark and bright will give amazing color combination result. It is more than cool, right?

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