How to Design a Room with Pampas Grass

No need to feel dizzy to design a room nowadays. Designers tend to use simple element to upgrade their home decoration. One of the simple ideas to improve room style easily is that using pampas grass. This surprising trend will become the most favorite ideas this year and applicable for any house character.

Pampas for Table Space

Pampas For Table Space

To fill empty space of a table, pampas grass may look better.  Instead of using flower, pampas grass give you a new look towards your living room decoration. Wood table, bookshelf, even fire place at this room catch our mind to a vintage atmosphere.

Fire Place Mantel

Fire Place Mantel

Living room is place where you can more time to relax your mind. A beautiful living room decoration will keep you cozy any time. Here, pampas grasses appear as a new trend décor to upgrade fire place mantel design to look more sophisticated.

Pampas Grass as DIY Wreath

Pampas Grass As DIY Wreath

Welcome fall doesn’t feel confusing any more. Use pampas grass to décor your door with simple steps. Neither needs more budget nor materials to create this fantastic fall decoration. The color of this grass keeps your house look awesome.

Pampas With Pecans

Pampas With Pecans

Actually, we only need simple idea to upgrade room decoration. Think over of pampas grass that works well with pecans in a jar to create different view. Apply this ideas for your porch or any places you like to be different.

Pampas Grass at Bedroom

Pampas Grass At Bedroom

Imagine when you wake up at morning and see a fresh room with pampas grass that look like smile at you. Bedroom is a place where anything inside is perfectly thought well. Every single piece at bedroom already arranged to make you feel more spirit.

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Oversized Vases

Oversized Vases

Give more elegant refuge for your living room with the role of oversized vase. What should be plant there? No idea? Here it is, pampas grass that will dramatically change your living room design just in easy steps.

Millennial Pink Shine

Millennial Pink Shine

Boho chic-look is still become adorable room design along the year. It looks natural and fresh that will blow your mind any time. The role of warm browns and fluffy pillows perfectly catch your eyes. Then, pampas grass in a simple vase completes this room decoration.

Scandinavian Room

Scandinavian Room

Neutral colors always look chic for every room decoration. Here, this living room is design in white that look so elegant. Soft browns and beige bring this room into dusty tone that seems sophisticated with pampas grass on the table.

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