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8 Inspiring Water Fountain Ideas to Improve garden Look

Garden without water fountain seems incomplete. When you see a garden with water fountain affect yo…

Garden without water fountain seems incomplete. When you see a garden with water fountain affect you to feel relax and calm. The sound of water brings you to remember the beauty of nature. At summer, water fountain grab your eyes and make the surrounding feel cooler. Here are some inspiring water fountain ideas to improve your garden look;

Water Tumbling Down

Water Tumbling Down


Wall water fountain consists of bamboo, pipe, and bucket. They work together to make sophisticated water fountain for your outdoor decoration. The last, use galvanized metal containers for holding water.

Treasury of Rocks and Bobbles

Arrange two metal containers vertically, so that water can flow. Add some rocks in some variety colors and a large blue bobble for beautiful feature. This design looks dramatic and pretty for your garden design.

Babbling and Bubbling Brook

Make tiers of terracotta pots as water fountain is brilliant idea. When you want to hide the reservoir, just plants some green plants. The lowest part is the biggest pot, so it looks like a simple tower.

Oasis with Concrete Fountain

Creating water fountain by using concrete fountain is actually not a hard project. However, you need to have extra patient to see the result. Get relax by listening to the sound of water fall from this handmade oasis.

Beautiful Bamboo Trickling Waterfall

One big bamboo which is supported by two narrower lengths of bamboo caused a beautiful bamboo trickling waterfall. Use ceramic pot to hold the water. This water feature design is inspired by Japanese garden style.

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Rustic Window Pane Falling Water Feature

Using rustic window for water feature give you a modern outdoor style. Moreover, it doesn’t need extra budget. The falling water goes through plain glass and creates cool and calm sound. This is a harmony of outdoor design.

Wine Bottle and Glass

Take a look deeper at this beautiful backyard water fountain idea. Wine barrel as the water holder looks awesome. The water flows from wine bottle and hold firstly by some glasses which looks so pretty arranged.

Water Fountain Light

Water fountain with LED light will shine at night. It seems pretty good for improve your garden design. Furthermore, this water fountain will help your garden looks brighter and catchy.

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