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8 Simplest Natural Ways To Get Your Room Smell Amazing

Wonderful room is not always being organized perfectly, but also smells good. There are millions of…

Wonderful room is not always being organized perfectly, but also smells good. There are millions of air freshener variants that can be bought from the store. However, create homemade natural smell will make your home smell amazing. Like these homemade air freshener ideas below;

Green Tea Cucumber Room Spray



The smells of green tea remind us about the nature. We will remember the green tree, fresh air, fresh water, and the sounds of nature that make us feel in peace. The smell of your room will be much fresher than before.

Cinnamon And Honey Beeswax Candles

Cinnamon is not only used for seasoning, but also can be for giving fragrance to your room. Create cinnamon and honey beeswax candles may look better for you. It also helps you to get clear air. Melt some cinnamon firstly and make it candle with a glass.

Lilac Room Spray

If you like lilac fragrance, better for you to make homemade lilac room spray. It doesn’t need long time to get lilac fragrance as you can smell at the luxurious hotel. You just have to prepare little bit of water, vodka and lilac fragrance oil. Then put on a bottle and spread out the fragrance for entire room.

Fruit Rind Air Freshener

Citrus actually give us more than we need. Not only for juice or just fruit, another brilliant way ask us to use it as room fragrance. First of all, you need to fill the citrus with odor-absorbing sea salt. Moreover, you can add some herbs too for more amazing smell.

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Lemon And Rosemary Stove-Top Potpourri

If you want to try other variant of smell for your room, lemon and rosemary stove-top potpourri may look best. It doesn’t require many step. Just place ingredients like lemons, sprigs rosemary, and vanilla into pot and fill with water. This can be used for three days.

Rosemary and Lavender Carpet Powder

Mix all the ingredients merely baking soda, dried rosemary, and lavender oil and spread it out on the carpet. After that, let it for 20 minutes. Vacuum it up to make your carpet get fresh fragrance. Then, you will get amazing smell from your carpet.

DIY Reed Diffuser

Homemade reed diffuser can change your room smell more astonishing. You have to prepare almond oil, lavender oil, rattan reeds, and a glass of container with small opening. Then, let the smell spread out entire room.

Spring Simmering Pot

Spring simmering pot may become one of the best homemade fragrance room series. At this way, you can create any kind of fragrance such as mint and ginger, mint and grapefruit, or mint with lemon. Further, this can be use as gift-giving as well.

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