10 Best DIY Mason Jar Lamp Ideas to Make Your House Brighter

By | February 7, 2019
10 Best DIY Mason Jar Lamp Ideas To Make Your House Brighter

Mason Jar should be ready on your ware house. This is one of the materials that used most to make DIY. It can be repurposed as pots, storage, and lamps. When you want to add something unique for your house, this Mason jar will help you. Just schedule the time to make DIY Mason jar lamps this weekend. Here are the best ten Mason jar lamp ideas to copy;

Cute Mini Glitter Lamps

Mason jar lamps with glitter look glamour for your house. Moreover, the glitter may come with various colors that will cause different light color as well. Put it on the table and see how brilliant this lantern.

Mason Jar Log Lamp

Let your bedroom be different by this Mason jar log lamp on the table. Fill the Mason jar with some log to create natural view. Instead of buying the lamp, make it at this weekend will be the best idea.

Twine And Cloth Mason Jar

Wrapping Mason jar with knitted fabric and twine will create an awesome light. This lamp is good to be used for sleeping to have high quality rest at night.

Industrial Themed Hanging Mason Jar

Industrial themed will always timeless. It is a good reason to create hanging Mason jar lamps. With wooden board on the ceiling, the design gives you a vintage style.

Mason Jar Citronella Candle

Having Citronella candle brings your room fresh and cozy. Choose your favorite fragrance for a bathroom or bedroom, as you like. Create it more beautiful by adding some accents of fabric or ribbon.

Rustic Wood Panel with Hanging Lamps

Applying wooden panel with hanging lamps improve your room to be elegant. Use small pebble for fulfilling the Mason jar. Feel free to choose the color of candle but green will natural and fresh.

Triple Bulb Industrial Themed

Overhead lamps for porch can brighter your outside and garden. The Mason jar used to cover the bulb inside and function to make your surrounding brighter. Using these lamps for indoor is not a mistake.

Rock Bottom Side Wall Lamp

Mason jars also can be created into sidewall lamps for indoor and or outdoor lightings. Just add a plain wood on the wall and hang the Mason that already filled with pebbles. It’s a great design for neutral room color.

String Lights Table Jar

See this amazing string lights. Put these lamps on one of your table to make the room feel calm and peace. This lighting seems perfect for cold to make a room warmer.

Painted Leaf Candle Holder

Try this creative design for those who love art. Feel free to apply any colors you like, better to choose bright one. Leaf pattern looks like a window to see how wonderful the candle on the Mason jar is. Add some pebbles on it will make it pretty .


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