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8 Budget-Friendly Hidden Storage Ideas for Small Room

There are some people who need more storage but worrying the budget. It becomes harder when they do…

There are some people who need more storage but worrying the budget. It becomes harder when they don’t have large room as well. Moreover, a clutter room will be so much annoying. So, here we have eight budget-friendly hidden storage ideas that can you try.

Hidden Sponge Cabinet

Hidden Sponge Cabinet


Kitchen needs more space to save utensils. However, that will be a problem when the kitchen is located in small location. Here, hidden pull-out panel below the kitchen sink will so much help to hide sponge and other accessories.

Extended Shoe Space

Keeping shoes or other things on a drawer will keep tidiness. Rather than buying a cabinet, using stairs as drawers will be a great idea. Each stairs can be functioned as drawer. This is not only for going up but also as hidden storage.

Hidden Entertainment

When small apartment doesn’t have more space, this hidden bookcase may help to keep any books or other accessories. Put on the TV at the center of this cabinet and let other functions as shelves. Whenever the owner wants to see the TV drama, this cabinet can be closed to avoid messy.

Family Station

Family station help anything organized well even in small room. One side of the station has hidden storage to keep books, magazines, and other stuffs. Here, no need to buy a shelf or cabinet.

Canned Food Organizer

With a simple palette and wall paper, you can create canned food organizer. Create some shelves on it to keep jar, beverage, and others dry foods. The design is made to function as borderline as well. This is a smart project that need to copy soon!

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Behind the Mirror

This is a genius way to create storage by using small part behind the mirror. Save all your beauty essentials on it. It saves the space and budget as well. However, you need to have basic carpentry skills to create it.

Creative Utensil Storage

Hiding utensils is a must to keep the kitchen for clutter. Moreover, those can easily lose any where if not in a proper storage. This creative utensil storage use middle part under table that usually empty. So, no more space needed.

Container Bed

Have higher bed help you to use it as storage as well. Save all wardrobes under the bed is brilliant. Even, you can keep your accessories at one of the drawers under it. It works well even in a super small apartment.

Mid Century Pastels

A side table with storage may be surprising you. However, it will not be just a dream. Even, you can make it by yourself as this weekend project. With pastel color, this table is eye-catching to be put at any rooms of your house.

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