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9 Crystal and Stones Decorating Ideas for a Touch of Glamour Design

Using natural stone and a touch of crystal for house give a glamour decoration. It comes with spar…

Using natural stone and a touch of crystal for house give a glamour decoration.  It comes with sparkling and eye-catching feature that directly give statement. Crystal always comes a vocal point of room decoration. You need to see some examples of decorating a room with crystal and stones to create luxury home design.

Geode Lights and Lavender Crystal

Geode Lights And Lavender Crystal


Lavender crystal texture adds something wonderful to Bohemian room style. It comes with the unique design that no needs to improve any more. The accent of geode lights brings another beauty of crystal that will make room more amazing.

Gold Chandelier with White Stone

Whenever you want to make your room looks elegant, this gold chandelier may be the best option for you. Take a look at the rounded gold which shiny and some white stone crystal that give your more sparkling. That is so wonderful.

Raw Amethyst Frames Reflection

See the reflection of you at the mirror surrounded by beautiful crystal stone that hang on the wall. Feel free to choose the design and stone color to have another variant. This mirror may be the vocal point of your room decoration.

Gray Marbleized Stone Book Ends

Keep your book on the right place by using gray marbleized stone. This is a simple way using crystal to help you avoid clutter. When you want to save the book, neither need more space nor budget to buy storage.

Low Lamp Light on the Rocks

What a beautiful lamp is that! Having this lamp on the table is just like a gift. It can be used for having romantic atmosphere to your bedroom. Moreover, create luxurious look for your living room as well. Have it soon!

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Glowing Quartz in the Fireplace

Imagine how this dreamy fire pits decoration on your living room! This is amazing and brings you to a medieval era. The crystal obelisk comes with its feature of making a room to be more elegance and brighter.

Plants Nesting in Geodes

When you want to plant a cactus or succulents, this Gorgeous Amethyst Cluster Planters will be the best idea to make your indoor plants looks amazing. Just take a look at the picture how the crystal nesting show its beauty.

Netted Hanging Stones of Color

Applying hanging stone on the wall will become a gorgeous accent. The netted hanging stones also work pretty when it used for an ornament of the door. When you give this hanging stones for your lamp that will make the design more attractive.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Light

Himalayan crystal salt lamp will make your night feel so cozy and calm. The light form this lamp will not attack your eyes. It is good for you who want to take a more quality night for sleeping.  Have this great Himalayan crystal for your bedroom is a brilliant idea.

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