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8 Teepees Design Inspirations That Your Kids Will Be Obsessed With

Play indoor can be looked so baring, but with simple trick it will be more fun. If your kids are no…

Play indoor can be looked so baring, but with simple trick it will be more fun. If your kids are not allowed to play outside because of the weather, you can ask them to play just inside your house such as build a camp. Make sure you have already provided a teepee to let them play.

Fairy Lights Teepee

Fairy Lights Teepee


See your kids smile when they play at this fairy lights teepee. With neutral color, whether boys or girls can enjoy express their feeling at this teepee. The lights makes this teepee looks like a fairy room with miracles.

Family-Sized Teepee

If you want to play with your kids outside, this family-sized teepee may help you to do it. Spend your holiday to play with them at spring or summer. Furthermore, this is the best time to get the best quality time with your children, isn’t it?

White with Pink Trim Teepee

Have a tea party may become one of your kids dream. Give them simple teepee but look sweet and chic. If your little girl only plays with her teddy bear, it will be fun. You just need to add small chair and table to complete this party tea

White with Black Stars Tent

Play indoor will be more fun on this white with black star tent. Add lantern as accent to make it looks like the real camp. You are free to complete this tent with pillows and other accessories needed to have wonderful playing.

Star Wars Teepee

When boy want to play indoor, star wars teepee may make them in longer. With star wars picture, they may get imagination about outdoor space. They will think that they are astronaut that want to get more experience.

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Multi Dot Teepee

Multi dots tent is neutral and simple but it looks awesome as indoor play. Whenever your kid wants to play with this tent, you can make it easily. Furthermore, you can add other accents to complete this play and make your kid happier.

Glow In The Dark Tent

It seems like we bring stars right on our house. Dark tent is actually not scarring. It just likes the sky at night with many stars. You and your kids may play together or let them play with their friend inside of your house.

Foldable Teepee

A tent with window is more interesting because it looks like the real home. Furthermore, this foldable teepee adds flag to pretend that your kids are in a real camp. Let them play as they camp on the forest.

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