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8 House Types That Affordable For Every One To Buy or Rent

Everybody needs a house to live. However, not all people have enough budgets to buy, build, or rent…

Everybody needs a house to live. However, not all people have enough budgets to buy, build, or rent a house. Nowadays, we need more money to have a house. We have to consider to the amount of family member as well. Think more what you need before buying or rent a house.

Then, when you only have limited budget, you can see these house types that affordable for anyone to rent or buy;


There are two type of condominium, high-rise building or a separate building. Each owner of condominium holds title to the resident. Most of condominium is often focus on a community. There you will find a pool, gym, clubhouse or common areas, and other amenities.


Apartment is rental unit, not purchased. So, as long as you pay the rent, you can live at this. You cannot make major change at apartment. However, you still can find communities like pools, party room, tennis court, and so on.


Co-op usually is cheaper than condominium or apartment. Co-op members are shareholders in the building, so they don’t own even a single specific unit technically. The building is like condominium or apartment.

Townhome Style House

Town home usually build in two or three floor. The shape is like row houses with different colors. Furthermore, it may consist of different fence as well. However, this house building commonly share sidewall each others. It is a good choice for first-time homebuyers. Yet, you must consider the location of the townhome and contact the best real estate agents of that area; for more information click here.

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English Cottage

English cottage usually looked with stucco, stone, wood, and or brick as the material. It has simple shape and small. There are some casement windows that appear to get more light for house. This house styles is great for anyone who loves private area.


The term of cabin means a small house with modest structure. However, you are free to install any modern furniture inside of this simple house style. Usually, this house is in rural area with the building made from wood.


Chalet commonly appears as a house building made from wood with a substantial. This simple house located at hillsides. So, it has big windows and sloping roof. You will also find open floor plan with high ceilings design.

Tiny House

As its name, this house is so small. Most of them has wheel as well. Moreover, you can create this house without architect. However, you must have at least basic carpentry skill. Luckily, this house only needs little maintenance as well.

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