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8 Inexpensive Private Sauna Hot Tub Ideas To Relax Your Body

Having private sauna may become one of your dreams. You can enjoy the warmth anytime you want. Relaxing your body at sauna may improve your health and boost your mood. Don’t think too far, it’s just a place for simple bathing and body relaxing.

The Cedar Barrel Sauna

The Cedar Barrel Sauna


Building your own sauna with good cedar wood doesn’t really require any special insulation. Cedar wood noted as the best material to build a sauna. Just make sure you already predict the right measurement and compactness to build it.

DIY Spa Sauna

When you have large outdoor area, creating this DIY Spa Sauna will not hard. However, if you an urban dweller or live in apartment, may be this is not fit to you. Here, you need more pallet wood and wood log to have this amazing spa sauna.

Wintertime Sauna DIY

To get extra warmth at winter, build wintertime sauna may become the best idea. However, you need to prepare the material just like big tin, lots of sliced logs, some cedar sheets and an electric heater made specifically for saunas.

Your Bathroom Sauna

This sauna may fit to you who live in an apartment. You don’t have to use outdoor to create this bathroom sauna. Here, you need to have an amply insulated infrared sauna. At last, it saves your cost a lot.

Sauna With A Fireplace

Bring fireplace inside your bathroom will make it becomes your private sauna. At this traditional sauna, you will enjoy the warmth that will make your body healthier. However, consider to have several safety checks.

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Sauna In A Shipping Container

This sauna box made from the best material and high-tech accessories. You will see solar powered and firebrand stove included. Here, you need to prepare large outdoor area. Then, enjoy the winter time by getting more warmth with this sauna box

A Hot Tub Plus Sauna DIY

Get inspired with this hot tub plus sauna DIY design that will make you enjoy every time at this place. Get more warmth with little cost. Steaming sauna will give your body the best therapy to feel fresh and healthier.

A Sauna Box For You To Build

Feel free to make it by you or ask a designer to create this outdoor sauna box. Just make sure that you have enough budgets to buy the material as well. Then, consider for the area too, because this sauna box need larger space at your backyard.

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