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8 Adorable Ways to Install Drum Floor Lamp For Brighter Bedroom

Some people may choose to apply hanging floor, but drum floor lamp looked more appealing. It deals …

Some people may choose to apply hanging floor, but drum floor lamp looked more appealing. It deals with the bigger lamp, wonderful shape, and easy to move anywhere. However, it needs to careful to not make the room too busy when we install that drum floor lamp at our bedroom.

Calvin Street Style

Calvin Street Style


There are four kinds of lamps that make this room brighter every night. One that hangs on the ceiling comes from modern lighting design. Then, two lamps that hanged on the wall looked more as lantern.  Two lamps on the side table and the last, drum floor lamp functions as reading nook lighting.

Knauf Koenig Bedroom Decoration

A bedroom with many lamps looked more glamour at night. With contemporary furniture, this bedroom appears modern and touching. The drum floor lamp with cube shape adds wonderful lighting without makes the room look busy.

Wimbeldon Family House

This large bedroom uses neutral color tone that will anyone wants to stay at long time. Bold color always indicates mature and classic atmosphere. The drum floor lamp with dark color tone also improves this room to appear mysterious but touching.

Mid-century Modern Guest House

What comes in your mind seeing this bedroom decoration? Actually it feels like a hotel room. The perfect choice of color tone between rug, curtain, bed-cover, chair, and drum floor are cohesive and comfy.

Manhattan Bedroom Style

The role of drum floor lamp at this bedroom is to show rustic tone but also modern. Two lamps in each side of the bed tell about modern lighting. Further, the windows also add natural light at day with simple decor.

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Downtown Montreal Loft Design

Even you live in small apartment; you still apply this bedroom with simple drum floor lamp accent. The designer places the floor lamp at the nook, near the window. Then, this bedroom also uses simple lamp at its side table to add more light.

Bedroom With Pretty Drum Floor Lamp

Bigger and brighter bedroom is not only a dream. With many windows, this room gets more natural light at day. Then, the drum floor lamp can be anywhere but near window is the best. At night, it will give light replaces window’s role.

Bedroom With Log

Classic tone bedroom usually made from wood log. Like this bedroom decoration that use wood for almost whole part; the walls, floor, or even bed. Then, Look at the traditional drum floor lamp for more rustic bedroom design.

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